Hubbell LX908 User Manual

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Hubbell Industrial Controls


Remote Fire Pump Alarm Panel

November 1997



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Model LX908 Remote Alarm Panel

The purpose of the alarm panel is to monitor up to eight remote normally closed contacts, and give both an audible and visual alarm if one or more of the remote contacts open. The remote alarm contact must be a dry contact or damage to the main board will occur.

When the first remote contact opens, indicating an alarm condition, the alarm horn will sound and the respective alarm light will come on. The horn can be silenced by pressing the silence pushbutton. The alarm light will remain lit until the alarm condition is corrected.

If a second alarm condition occurs, the next respective light will come on and the horn will sound again.

This sequence of operation would continue for each of the eight alarms. In each case the audible alarm can be silenced and the light remains lit until the alarm condition is corrected, and the remote alarm contact returns to its normally closed state.

An alarm test pushbutton is provided to verify all of the alarm circuits are functioning. Depress and hold the test pushbutton for three seconds, at this time all of the functioning alarm lights should be lit.

A green LED is provided to indicate if the 120 volts supervisory power is available.

The LX908 alarm panel can be provided with a NICAD battery backup as an option. The 120 volt supply will act as a battery charger. If the battery is supplying the power, a red Led will be lit.

All unused alarms must be jumpered to the alarm common as shown on the field connection drawing.

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