HTC Diamond DIAM500 User Manual

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Before you tap Finish when setting up your POP3 or IMAP4 email account, you can tap theReviewalldownload settings link at the bottom of the screen to choose download options, message format, and other settings.





Automatic Send/Receive

You can select a time interval for connecting to the Internet automatically


to send and receive messages.



Download messages

Set the number of days of messages that you want to be downloaded to


your device.



Send/receive when I click

By default, messages are immediately delivered when you tap Send. If you


prefer to save outgoing messages to the Outbox folder first, clear the


check box. (In this case, you will need to manually send messages by


tapping Menu>Send/Receive).



Use automatic send/receive

This allows your device to data roam when there is a set time interval for

schedule when roaming

connecting to the Internet automatically. Since this may result in higher


connection costs, you may want to leave the check box cleared.



When deleting messages

Choose whether to delete messages from the mail server when you delete


them on your device.



Message format

Select HTML or Plain Text.



Message download limit

Select the email download size. If you have a large volume of email, use a


lower size or select to download headers only.




When you are using an email domain name that is hosted by a different email provider (for example, your email address may be but hosts the email account and provides email services), select the CustomDomain option in the Email Setup Wizard to set up your email accoun.


Add a new email account. See “Adding an Email Account” for instructions.


Enter your email address and password for your email account. Ensure that the Savepassword check box


is selected and then tap Next.

3.Clear the Trytogete-mailsettingsautomaticallyfromtheInternetand then tap Next.

4.In Youre-mailprovider, select Customdomainand then tap Next.

5.Enter the domain of your email provider and then tap Next.

6.The Email Setup Wizard then tries to find the email provider settings on your device or from the Internet. If the settings are found, it shows a successful message. Tap Next.

7.Enter Yournameand the Accountdisplaynameand then tap Next.

Note If the Email Setup Wizard was unsuccessful in finding the settings, you will be prompted to enter email server settings on the succeeding screens. See“Specifying Email Server Settings” on page 152 for details.

8.In the AutomaticSend/Receive list, choose how frequent you want email messages to be automatically sent and downloaded on your device.

Note TapReview all download settings to select download options, set the email format as HTML or plain text, and more. For more information, see “Customizing Download and Format Settings” on page 153.

9. Tap Finish.


Section 3B. Internet


Creating a New Email Message


1.On the TouchFLO 3D Home screen, slide to the Mail tab.

2.Select the email account you want to use on the right side of the screen.

Tip To choose from other email accounts that are not displayed on theMail tab, touchMenu > Accounts > Accounts and then select an email account from the Account Selection screen.

3. Touch theNewMail icon () to create a new email message.


1.On the TouchFLO 3D Home screen, slide to the People tab.

2.Swipe your finger on the screen to flip through the photos of your favorite contacts.

3.When the photo of the desired contact is displayed, touch the displayed photo and then touch

Send e-mail.

For more information about working with favorite contacts, see “People” on page 40.


You can also touch Start > Contacts, select a contact name, and then touchSend e-mail.



Composing and Sending an EmailMessage

After creating a new email message, follow the steps below to enter your message and then send it.

1.To add recipients, enter their email addresses, separating them with a semicolon. You can also tap To if you want to add email addresses stored in Contacts.

2.Enter a subject and compose your message.





To choose from preset messages, tap Menu > My Text and tap a desired message. To check the spelling, tap






Menu > Spell Check.







3. TapSend.









For more information about entering text and symbols, see “Entering Text” on page 54.




• To set the message priority, tap Menu > Message Options.




If you are working offline, email messages are moved to the Outbox folder and will be sent the next time you















1.In the message that you are composing, tap Menu>Insert and tap the item you want to attach:Picture,

VoiceNote, or File.

2.Select the file or picture you want to attach, or record a voice note.

154 Section 3B. Internet

Filtering the Inbox Message List


When the Inbox on your device is full of messages, you can filter your Inbox to display only the messages


that contain a particular sender or subject you are searching for.




Enter the sender name or email subject you want to look for. As you type characters, the message list


narrows down to the sequence of characters you have entered.


For example, entering “B”, and then “E” narrows the list to only the emails that contain sender names and


email subjects that start with “BE.”


Viewing and Replying to Messages


By default, each email received in the inbox on your device contains only the first few kilobytes of the message. When you open an email message, it displays only the headers and part of the message. You must download the whole email to view the complete content.

To download a complete email message, open the email and then do one of the following:

Finger-scrollto the end of the message, and tapGetentiremessageandanyattachments (POP3 email account) or tapGettherestofthismessage (IMAP4 and Outlook email accounts).

— or —

Tap Menu>DownloadMessage.

Notes • The Fetch Mail feature, which is available for POP3 and IMAP4 Internet email accounts, downloads an entire email without the need for you to perform a full synchronization. This limits the download to just the email message that you want and helps save data cost. Fetch Mail is also available for Outlook Email. See “Instant Email Download Using Fetch Mail” on page 160 for details.

Downloading may take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, email file size, and whether file attachments are automatically downloaded.

Section 3B. Internet



POP3emailaccount: File attachments of a POP3 Internet email account are automatically downloaded when you download a complete email.

IMAP4andOutlookemailaccounts: File attachments appear below the subject of an email message. Tapping an attachment opens the attachment if it has been fully downloaded or marks it for download the next time you send and receive email.

You can set automatic downloading of file attachments. See “Customizing Email Settings” on page 156 for details.


1.Open the message and tap Menu>Reply, Menu>ReplyAll, or Menu>Forward.

2.Enter your response, and then tap Send.

Notes • You can receive and view HTML email from any type of email account. The HTML format is retained, without layout shifting or resizing. HTML email support in Outlook Mobile is available only if you are synchronizing your device with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

When replying using an Outlook email account, you can customize ActiveSync to exclude addresses, including your own, from being added to the recipient list. Tap Menu > Options... in ActiveSync, select theE-mail item, tapSettings, and then tapAdvanced. In theMy e-mail addresses box, enter email addresses you want to exclude.

Synchronizing Email

Synchronizing email ensures that new email is downloaded to the device Inbox folder, that in the Outbox folder is sent, and that email deleted from the server is removed from your device. The exact way that you synchronize email depends on the type of email account you have.


1.Connect your device to your computer through USB or Bluetooth. Otherwise, connect through Wi-Fior a data connection if you are synchronizing Outlook email with the Exchange Server. For more information, see“Ways of Connecting to the Internet” on page 127.

2.Synchronization automatically begins, and your device sends and receives Outlook email.


1.Tap Start>Messaging, and then select your Internet email account.

2.Tap Menu>Send/Receive.

Customizing Email Settings


1.Disconnect your device from the computer.

2.Tap Start>Programs>ActiveSync.

3.Tap Menu>Options..., selectE-mail,and then tapSettings.

4.On the E-mailSync Options screen:

Under Messageformat, select HTML or Plain text.

Under Downloadsizelimit, select the desired email size.

5.Close ActiveSync and reconnect your device to the computer.

156 Section 3B. Internet


1.Tap Menu>Options on the Account Selection screen, or tapMenu>Tools>Options... while you’re in a message list.

2.Tap your POP3 or IMAP4 Internet email account.

3.Tap DownloadSizeSettings.

Under Messageformat, select HTML or Plain text.

Under Downloadsizelimit, select the desired email size.

4.Tap Done.


1.Tap Start>Programs>ActiveSync.

2.Tap Menu>Options.

3.Tap E-mail>Settings, and then select Includefileattachments.


1.Tap Menu>Options on the Account Selection screen, or tapMenu>Tools>Options... while you’re in a message list.

2.Tap the name of your IMAP4 email account.

3.Tap DownloadSizeSettings.

4.In Downloadattachments,select a download size or selectAllattachments.

5.Tap Done.


1.Tap Start>Messaging.

2.Tap Menu>Options>Storagetab.

3.Select the Whenavailable,usethisstoragecardtostoreattachmentscheck box

Working With Company Email and Meeting Appointments

To keep up-to-datewith your company email and meeting schedules while you’re out of the office, you can connect your device to the Internet throughWi-Fior your Sprint connection and synchronize with your company’s Exchange Server. This section shows you how to set up an Exchange Server connection on your device so that you can access your Outlook email and synchronize other information such as calendar appointments with your company’s Exchange Server.

Setting Up an Exchange Server Connection

Before you can synchronize or access information on the Exchange Server, you need to set up an Exchange Server connection on your device. You need to get the following information from your network administrator and enter them on your device:

Exchange Server name (must be Outlook Web Access server name)

Domain name

User name and password that you use at work


Section 3B. Internet


If you have not synchronized your device with your computer, follow these steps to set up an Exchange Server connection.

1.Tap Start>Programs>ActiveSync.

2.Tap Menu>AddServerSource.

3.Enter your E-mailaddress, and ensure that the AttempttodetectExchangeServerSettingsautomaticallycheck box is selected. By selecting the option, the device attempts to download exchange server settings so that you do not need to enter them manually. Tap Next.

4.Enter your Username,Password, andDomain. Exchange Server settings and the password arecase-sensitive,so be sure to enter uppercase and lowercase letters correctly. Select theSavepassword check box if you want to save your password so that you do not need to enter it again.TapNext.

5.After Automatic Configuration finishes, enter the Serveraddress. TapNext.

Note If SSL authentication is required, select theThis Server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection check box.

6. Select the check boxes of the items that you want to sync with the Exchange Server.

Tips • To change synchronization settings of an information item, for example,E-mail,select the check box, and then tapSettings.

If you synchronized email with your computer before, you will not be able to select the E-mail item. You need to cancel theE-mailSetup Wizard first, tapStart > ActiveSync > Menu > Options, and then clear theE-mail check box under the Windows PC group of items.

To change the rules for resolving synchronization conflicts, tap Menu > Advanced.

7.Tap Finish.

Notes To change Exchange Server settings, open ActiveSync on your device, and then tapMenu > Configure Server.

Starting Synchronization

Before you start synchronizing with the Exchange Server, make sure your device has been set up with a Wi-Fior data connection to the Internet so that you can synchronize over the air. For more information about connections, see“Ways of Connecting to the Internet” on page 127.

After you finish setting up an Exchange Server connection, your device automatically starts synchronization.


On the TouchFLO 3D Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then touchSyncData. - or -

Tap Start>Programs>ActiveSyncand then tap Sync.

Note If you connect your device to your office computer via a USB or Bluetooth connection, you can use this connection to the computer to “pass through” to the network and download Outlook email and other information to your device.

158 Section 3B. Internet

Working With Company Email

Your device gives you instant access to your company email and lets you manage your messages easier. Direct Push, Fetch Mail, Remote email search, and email flags are just some of the tools you can use to manage your emails. This section shows you how to use these tools to manage your email.

Note Some messaging features depend on the Microsoft Exchange Server version used in your company. Check with your network administrator for the availability of these features.


DirectPush technology (push email feature) enables you to receive new email messages on your device as soon as they arrive in your Inbox on the Exchange Server. Items such as contacts, calendar, and tasks are also immediately updated onto your device when these items have been changed or new entries have been added on the Exchange Server. To make Direct Push work, you need to have aWi-Fior data connection on your device.

You need to perform a full synchronization between your device and the Exchange Server first before Direct Push can be enabled.

Requirement The Direct Push feature works for your device only if your company is usingMicrosoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) with Exchange ActiveSync or higher version.

You can turn on Direct Push in the Comm Manager or ActiveSync.


1.To open the Comm Manager, slide to the Settings tab on the TouchFLO 3D Home screen and then touch


2.On the Comm Manager screen, touch MicrosoftDirectPush.


1.Tap Start>Programs>ActiveSyncand then tap Menu>Schedule.

2.Select Asitemsarrivein the Peaktimesand Off-peaktimesboxes.

Note When Direct Push is off, you need to manually retrieve your emails.


If you do not want to use Direct Push, you can set a regular schedule for synchronizing Outlook email and information.

1.In ActiveSync on your device, tap Menu>Schedule.

2.Select a shorter time interval in the Peaktimes box for you to be able to receive emails more frequently. (Peak times usually refer to your working hours when email volume is high).

3.Select a longer interval in the Off-peaktimesbox.


To set the days and hours that make up your peak and off-peaktimes, tap thepeak times link at the bottom of


the screen.



TV, Music, and Video

Section 3B. Internet



The FetchMail feature downloads an entire email message immediately without the need for you to perform a full Send/Receive action. This limits the download to just the email message that you want and helps to reduce data service charges.

Requirement Fetch Mail works for your device only if your company is usingMicrosoft Exchange Server 2007 or higher.

1.On the TouchFLO 3D Home screen, slide to the Mail tab, select yourOutlook account, and then tapInbox.

2.Open an email message.

3.By default, only the first few words of the message is shown. To download the whole email message,

finger-scrollto the end of the message, and then tapGettherestofthismessage.

4. Wait for the remainder of the message body to download.

Notes • For information about changing email sync options such as setting the download size for email, see “Customizing Email Settings” on page 156.

When you receive an email message that contains a link to a document such as a PDF or Microsoft Office document located on SharePoint or an internal file server, you can tap the link to view the document on your device. You can view the document only if you have a Microsoft Outlook account that synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or later. Exchange Server must also be set up to allow access to SharePoint document libraries or internal file servers.


You can access email that is not available on your device by searching your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox. The search results are downloaded and displayed in a Search Results folder.

Requirement Your company must be using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or higher.

1.Tap Start>Messaging>OutlookE-mail.

2.Tap Menu>Tools>SearchServer.

3.In the Lookfor text box, enter the search keyword.

4.Choose the date range of messages to search from.


In the Lookin list, specify whether to search in theInbox,SentItems, orAllFolders.


Tap Search.




To clear the search results and return to the message list, tap Menu > Clear Results.





Flags serve as a reminder for you to follow up on important issues or requests contained in email messages. Flagging messages, which has been a useful feature on desktop Outlook Email, can also be done in Outlook Mobile on your device. You can flag received email messages on your device.

Requirement Flags are enabled only if emails are synchronized withMicrosoftExchange Server 2007 or higher. Flags are disabled or hidden if email is synchronized with earlier versions of Microsoft Exchange Server.

160 Section 3B. Internet


1.Open Outlook on your device and access the Inbox.

2.Select a message or open a message.

3. TapMenu>FollowUp and select one of the following options:

SetFlag to mark the message with a red flag to indicate that it needs following up.

CompleteFlag to mark the message with a check mark to indicate that the issue or request in the email is already completed.

ClearFlag to remove the flag to unmark the message.

Note Email message reminders are displayed on your device if the messages are flagged with reminders and synchronized from the Exchange Server.


Outlook Mobile allows you to retrieve and change your out-of-officestatus. Just like desktop Outlook Email, Outlook Mobile automatically sends anauto-replymessage when you’re not available.


1. Tap Start>Messaging>OutlookE-mail, and then tap Menu>Tools>OutofOffice.

2.In the Iamcurrentlylist, select OutoftheOffice.

3.Enter your auto-replymessage, and then tapDone.

TV, Music, and Video

Section 3B. Internet


Managing Meeting Requests

When you schedule and send meeting requests from your device, you can invite attendees to your meeting and check their status to know about their availability.

When you receive a meeting request, you can reply by accepting or declining the request. The meeting request also clearly indicates whether there are conflicting or adjacent meetings.

Requirement Your company must be using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or higher.



When you receive a meeting request by email, a notification will be displayed on your device. Open the











Tap Accept to reply and accept the meeting request, or tapMenu>Decline if you cannot attend the























Before responding, you can check your availability during the time of the requested meeting by tapping






View your calendar.





If the time of the meeting conflicts with your other appointments, a “Scheduling Conflict” status appears






on top of the email.











Choose whether to edit your response email before sending it, and then tap OK.





















If you accepted the meeting request, it will automatically be added as an appointment in Calendar on your device.


1.Tap Start>Calendar.

2.Tap a meeting request that you sent and then tap Attendees. The required and optional attendees will be listed.

Icons indicating whether each attendee has accepted or declined the meeting request will also be displayed.

Tips • To see the icon indicators in the attendees list, make sure Calendar is synchronized with the Exchange Server.

For information about creating a meeting request, see “Sending a Meeting Request” on page 72.

To view an attendee’s contact information, tap the attendee’s name. If the attendee is included in your contacts list, you will see the contact information immediately. If the attendee is not in your contacts list, tap Company Directory to view the contact information.

162 Section 3B. Internet

Finding Contacts in the Company Directory

In addition to having contacts on your device, you can access contact information from your organization’s Company Directory. By having over-the-airaccess to the Company Directory, you can easily send email messages and meeting requests to anyone in your company.

Requirement Access to the Company Directory is available only if your organization is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 SP2 or higher, and you have completed your first synchronization with the Exchange Server.

1.Synchronize with the Exchange Server.

2.Do any of the following:

In Contacts, tap Menu>CompanyDirectory.

In a new email message, tap the To box (or tapMenu>AddRecipient), and then tapCompanyDirectory on the top of the list.

When creating a meeting request and selecting required and optional attendees in Calendar, tap


3.Enter a partial or full contact name and tap Search. In the search results list, tap a contact to select it.

TV, Music, and Video

Notes • You can save a contact from the Company Directory to your device by selecting the contact, and then tapping

Menu > Save to Contacts.

You can search on the following information as long as that information is included in the Company Directory: First name, Last name, Email name, Display name, Email address, or Office location.

Section 3B. Internet


Section 3C

Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video





SprintTV gives you the ability to listen to audio clips and to view video clips right from your device’s display. Watch live TV and catch up on episodes of your favorite shows – anywhere on the Sprint National Network.

SprintMusicStore lets you preview, purchase, download, and listen to over a million songs right on your device. You can even add songs from your own library to round out youron-the-goplaylist.


Your Sprint TV Channel Options

The Sprint TV application offers a wide variety of accessible channels. Subscription options include comprehensive basic packages as well as a full menu of “a la carte” channels. Visit for more information on channels and pricing.

Some of the available categories may include:

Sprint Radio

Sprint Power View

Primetime TV

Music Videos

Sprint TV Live

Music & Radio




News & Weather

Movies & Shorts

Mobile Previews

Tip Available categories and content are subject to change.

Playing a Video or Audio Clip

1. On the TouchFLO 3D Home screen, slide to theSprintTV tab and then tapLaunch.

— or —

Tap Start>Programs>SprintTV.

2.Tap Continue to connect to data services.

3.Select SprintTV, SprintRadio, SprintMovies, or PremiumChannelsto display channel options.

4.Use the Navigation Control and press the Enterkey to select a channel from the Sprint TV listings or to select an available category.

Note The first time you access a channel, you will be prompted to purchase access (unless the channel doesn't have a monthly fee). SelectSubscribe to purchase access, or selectPreview to view a preview of the selected channel.

164 Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video

5.If applicable, select a clip and tap OK to view the program. The clip will automatically load and begin playing.

Tip While you are playing a clip, you can press the Navigation Control up or down to surf to a different channel. A smallpop-upscreen will be displayed that tells you which channel you are watching as well as other channels that you have access to. Use the Navigation Control to scroll through the channels. Once you find a channel that you want to watch or listen to, scroll to it and tapOK (or simply wait approximately three seconds), and the channel will begin loading.

Sprint TV FAQs

1.How long are the clips? Will I know the estimated time it will take to play the clip prior to accessing it?

Once you have selected a channel, you will see a listing of the available clips, with each clip’s length displayed after the clip’s title. In general, a clip’s duration will depend on the story or content being provided, and can be fairly short or as long as a few minutes.

2.Can I access a clip wherever I am, as long as I have my device?

As long as you are on the Sprint National Network, you will have access to the audio and video clips.

3.Are the videos that I’m viewing “live” videos?

It depends on the content provider. Some of the channels available through Sprint TV stream live content. Others provide media on demand with video and audio clips that are refreshed throughout the day, but that are not “live.”

4.After purchasing access to an Available Channel for a monthly fee, do I receive any confirmation? That is, how do I know it has been purchased?

The next time you access the channel, you bypass the Preview/Purchase page and go directly to the available content.

5.If I don’t subscribe to a data services plan from Sprint, will I still be able to view the multimedia clips?

Yes. For service access charges, please consult your Sprint service plan or

6.What does it mean when the video pauses and I see the word “loading” at the bottom of the screen?

This happens when the phone is loading the data necessary to play the clip. It typically occurs when there is heavy traffic on the network.

7.How can I cancel service if I decide I don’t want it?

To cancel your Sprint TV service, visit and sign on to My Sprint Wireless with your account number and password. From this page, you have the ability to cancel the service or any channels to which you subscribe.

8.Can I surf to a different channel while I am playing a clip?

Yes. While you are playing a clip, you can press the Navigation Control up and down to surf to a different channel. A small pop-upscreen will be displayed that tells you which channel you are watching as well as other channels that you have access to. Use the Navigation Control to scroll through the different channels. Once you find a channel that you want to watch, scroll to it and press (or simply wait approximately three seconds), and the channel will begin loading.

TV, Music, and Video

Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video


Sprint Music Store

The SprintMusicStore enables you to purchase and download digital music files to play on your device.

Accessing the Sprint Music Store

From the SprintMusic tab of the Home screen, you can connect to the Sprint National Network and access the Sprint Music Store. When you enter the store for the first time, you will be prompted to set up your user identification and password.

1. On theSprintMusic tab of the Home screen, touch theSprintMusicStore icon.

2. Follow the onscreen instructions to establish your User ID and password.

Tip Your User ID for the Sprint Music Store is your10-digitwireless phone number. The password may be any4-digitnumber.

3.After you have entered your password, highlight CreateNewAccount and tapOK.

4.Use the Navigation Control to explore the store.

Purchasing and Downloading Music

Now that you’re in the store, you can shop for songs to purchase and download to your device’s internal storage.

1. From the Sprint Music Store opening page, select an option to browse the store:

166 Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video

FeaturedMusic offers a revolving selection of highlighted songs and artists.

Genres allows you to choose from different types of music such as Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, Inspirational songs, and more.

Categories allows you to choose from other types of categories.

Search gives you the option of searching for specific songs or artists. Just use one of the onscreen keypads of your device to enter your search criteria in the available field.

2.Select a song by tapping on the song title. and tap OK. (The song information screen will be displayed.)

3.Tap Preview to play the selected song.

4.When you are ready to purchase the song, tap on the displayed price. This confirms your purchase and begins the download process.

The song will be downloaded to your device’s internal storage (\Internal Storage\Music).

Once the song has been downloaded to your device’s internal storage, you will be able to immediately listen to it, add it to a playlist, or continue shopping.

Playing Music

The SprintMusic tab of the Home screen allows you to play the song that you purchased and downloaded to your device. See“Sprint Music” on page 43 for details.


An incoming call causes the currently played music file to be paused while the phone call is active. Once the current call is ended, you can select to resume any paused applications. (Music will resume playing automatically.)

1.When you receive an incoming call, tap Answer on the Phone screen.

2.When you are done with your call, tap EndCall on the Phone screen or press the End key to end the call. The previously paused application then resumes.

Backing Up Your Downloaded Music Files

When you purchase and download a music file from the Sprint Music Store, you get two versions of the song: one to download and play on your device (file type: AAC+), and another to download from and play on your computer (file type: WMA). The AAC+ files downloaded to your device can only be played on your device and on your account, and once they have been downloaded, they cannot be downloaded again without being repurchased.

Sprint recommends you back up your AAC+ music files to your computer so you can access the files in case your device is lost or damaged, or if you buy a new device.

1.Use your computer to navigate to the Music folder of your device’s internal storage (that is, go to this path: \Internal Storage\Music).

2.Select and copy the music files to a folder on your computer’s hard drive.

Note Although you can store AAC+ files on your computer, they will only be playable on your device and on your account.

TV, Music, and Video

Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video


Streaming Music

In addition to the Sprint Music Store, Sprint offers a variety of musical options through the Sprint Radio category in the Sprint TV menu, including Music Choice, VH1, and many others. Choose from rock, pop, hip-hop,and R&B, and access exclusive video clips, music industry news, performances, and interviews with your favorite artists.

1.From the SprintTVtab of the Home screen, tap Launch>SprintTV>SprintRadio>[selection].

2.Tap Preview to see and hear a preview of your selected channel (if available).

– or –

Tap Subscribe to purchase a monthly subscription to your selected channel.

Once you have purchased access to a music or radio channel, you can select from a variety of stations to listen to your favorite music or get caught up on what’s new in music.


YouTube™ lets you browse, search, and watch video clips from the YouTube server. This section shows you how to use the YouTube application on your device to browse, search, watch, and bookmark videos from YouTube.

Note You need an active connection to use YouTube. If you are using a data connection, your data connection bill may increase significantly due to large file sizes of the videos.

Introducing the YouTube Screen

Tap Start>Programs>YouTube to open the YouTube application.



4 5



168 Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video

1ProgramGuide. Tap to open the Program Guide list. The Program Guide list only appears if you are subscribed to a channel.

2 Channel. Displays the current program channel being viewed.

3 Settings. Tap to set video playback quality.

4 Exit. Tap to close YouTube.

5 LeftandRightArrows. Tap the arrows to filter the list byMostViewed,TopRated, andFeatured.

6 VideoList. Displays the available videos for the selected program channel. Tap a video to watch it.

Tap to view details about the video.

7 Tabs. Tap these tabs to switch between the different YouTube screens:Videos,Bookmarks, andSearch.

Browsing for Videos

The Program Guide list lets you change the program channel so you can browse different types of videos available on the YouTube server. By default, there is only one channel in the Program Guide.


1. On the YouTube screen, tap.

2.On the Search screen, enter the channel you want to add to the Program Guide list.

3.Tap Search. YouTube searches for the channel and then displays the available videos from it.

4.Tap and then tapOK on the confirmation screen. The channel you just subscribed to will now be shown when you tapProgramGuide.


































You can also add a YouTube user as a program channel. To add, tap

in any of the YouTube screens and then


















1.On the Videos screen, tapProgramGuideat the top of the screen.

2.On the Program Guide list, select a channel.

3.The video list refreshes to display the available videos for the newly selected channel.

Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video

Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video



You can only delete program channels that you have added to the Program Guide list.

1.On the Videos screen, tapProgramGuide.

2.Scroll down to the channel you want to delete and then tap .

3.On the confirmation screen, tap Yes.

Watching Videos

In the Videos, Bookmarks, or History screens, tap a video to launch the YouTube Video Player.










SliderBar. Drag to go forward or backward in the video.



Rewind. Tap to go back to the beginning of the video.



Play/Pause. Tap to toggle between playing and pausing the video.


Stop. Tap to stop the video playback.





Resize. Tap to resize the video to fit the screen. Tap again to go back to actual size.


DownloadProgress. Shows how much of the video has been downloaded.

When you tap Stop (

) or finish watching the entire video, you are presented with options on what you

can do next.


























































8 9 10 11

170 Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video

7 Previous. Tap to go back to the previous page of related videos.

8Send. Tap to send the link to the video you just watched to another person using one of the Messaging accounts.

9 AddBookmark. Tap to add the video to your Bookmarks.

10Play. Tap to play back the video again.

11About. Tap to view details about the video you just watched.

12Next. Tap to go to the next page of related videos. If no action is taken, it automatically goes to the next page after 10 seconds.


To adjust the volume, press the Volume Up orDown keys at the left side of the device.




You can also use the Navigation Control to control the video playback.

Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video















Enter Key

Toggle between playing and pausing video playback.





Navigation Control Right

Press and hold to go forward in the video.

(landscape orientation)







Navigation Control Left

Press and hold to go back in the video.

(landscape orientation)







Volume Up or Down

Press to adjust the volume.





Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video



You can save frequently viewed videos to Bookmarks for quick access.



On the YouTube screen, tap

. Tap a video to watch it.


After watching a video, tap .

– or –

On the list of videos, tap on the video you want to add to Bookmarks and then tap Bookmark.


1.On the Bookmarks screen, tapEdit.

2.Tap on the video you want to remove from Bookmarks.

3.On the confirmation screen, tap Yes.

4.Tap Done.

172 Section 3C. Entertainment: TV, Music, and Video