HTC Diamond DIAM500 User Manual

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Refresh. Tap to reload the Web page being viewed.



Addressbar. Enter the URL of a Web site here.



Back. Tap to go back to the previous Web page viewed.



Favorites. Tap to go to the Favorites screen where you can add a favorite, edit favorite Web pages, and



send the favorite URL link via one of the Messaging accounts.




Tabs. Tap to add a new browsing tab or switch to another existing browsing tab.



Home. Tap to go to the Home page.



Menu. Tap to open a menu where you can change Opera Mobile settings, check downloads, view



History, and more.



Closetab. Tap to close the current tab. This is enabled only if you have more than one tab opened.


9ExitFullScreenmode. When browsing the Web, Opera Mobile automatically switches tofull-screenmode. Tap to show the address and Menu bars again.


On the Home screen, slide to the Internet tab and then tap the globe image orBrowser.

— or —

Tap Start>OperaBrowser.


1.On the Opera Mobile screen, tap the address bar.

2.Enter the URL address and tap .

Address bar

Search field


When you tap the address bar, a search field also appears. Quickly search the Web by entering the search item


and tapping





Section 3B. Internet



While browsing Web pages, use finger gestures to pan and zoom on the Web page. To zoom in, tap your finger twice on the screen. To zoom out, tap your finger twice on the screen again.

Tip Touch and hold an empty area on a Web page to open a shortcut menu that lets you go back to the previous page, reload the page, add the page as a Favorite, and more. You can also tap and hold a link or image on a Web page to open a menu with different options.


Change the screen orientation by simply turning your device sideways.


On the menu bar, tap to open the menu.








134 Section 3B. Internet

1Settings. Tap to open the Settings screen where you can set the default home page, change display settings, set privacy settings, and more.


Downloads. Tap to view items being downloaded. You can also resume or stop current downloads.


PageInfo. Tap to view information about the Web page you are browsing.


History. Tap to see web pages that you have viewed.


SavedPages. Tap to manage and view Web pages that you have saved.


Help. Tap to open the Opera Mobile help file.


Exit. Tap to close Opera Mobile completely. Opera Mobile will not run in the background.

Note For more information about using Opera Mobile, go to:

Using Internet Explorer Mobile

InternetExplorer® Mobile is the standard Web browser that is included with Windows Mobile.


Tap Start>Programs>InternetExplorer.


1.Tap Menu>AddressBar to highlight the address bar.

2.Enter the Web address of the desired Web site in the address bar and then tap .


Press the Navigation Control up, down, left, or right to scroll vertically or horizontally on a Web page.

— or —

Drag your finger on the screen to pan around the Web page.


1.Tap and hold the image to open a shortcut menu and then tap SaveImage. A confirmation message is then displayed.

2.To save the image to “\My Documents\My Pictures” on your device, tap Yes.

— or —

To save the image in another location such as the internal storage, tap SaveAs.


Tap Menu to choose from a list of options that will let you change the text size of a Web page, save favorites, and more.

Options available in the browser menu include:

ZoomOut. Fits the whole Web page within the screen, with a selection box shown on the page. To zoom in on a certain part of the Web page, first press the Navigation Control up, down, left, or right to move the box to the desired part of the Web page, and then tapZoomIn.

Home. Sets the current Web page as the default home page.

AddressBar. Highlights the address bar and allows you to enter a Web address.

Favorites. Allows you to access and manage your favorites.


Section 3B. Internet


AddtoFavorites. Marks the current Web site as your favorite.

Forward. Moves forward to a previously viewed Web page.

Refresh. Reloads the current Web page.

View. Allows you to change how a Web page is displayed. You can choose from the following options:

ZoomLevel. Allows you to choose the font size for the text.

OneColumn. Arranges the content into one column that is as wide as the screen. This means that you will rarely have to scroll horizontally.

FittoScreen. Makes items smaller and arranges the content so that you can see most of it without having to scroll horizontally.

Desktop. Keeps the same layout and size as on a desktop computer, which will require both horizontal and vertical scrolling.

FullScreen. Displays the current Web page infull-screenview. To change back to the normal view, tap

and hold on the Web page to open a shortcut menu, and then tap FullScreen.

ShowPictures.Allows you to display or hide images when loading Web pages. If the size of a Web page is large and takes a long time to load, you can clear this option to hide images.

Edit. Allows you to choose whether to cut, copy, or paste a selected text, or to select all text on a Web page.

Tools. Additional options you will find in this submenu include:

History. Displays a list of Web sites that you previously accessed and allows you to quickly return to a visited Web site.

SendLink. Allows you to send the current Web address in a text message, Sprint Picture Mail, or email message.

Properties. Displays information about the current Web page such as file size.

Options. Allows you to change various browser settings such as the default home page, to clear the browser’s history or cookie files, and more.

136 Section 3B. Internet

Using Windows Live


WindowsLive™ gives you a full Internet experience on your device. Windows Live™ helps you to find


information, pursue your interests, and get in touch with friends and family on the Internet easier.


Windows Live™ offers the following key features:


LiveMessenger, the next generation of MSN Messenger Mobile.

LiveSearchBar, which lets you search for information on the Web.


LiveMail, the next generation of Hotmail.


LiveContacts, your address book for storing Live Mail, Live Messenger, and Hotmail contacts.


Setting Up Windows Live™


The first time you use Windows Live™, sign in using your Windows Live™ ID, which is your Windows Live™ Mail or Hotmail address, and password.


1.Tap Start>Programs>WindowsLiveand then tap SignintoWindowsLive.

2.Tap the links to read the Windows Live™ Term of Use and the Microsoft Privacy Statement. After reviewing them, tap Accept.

3.Enter your Windows Live™ Mail or Hotmail address and password, ensure that the Savepasswordcheck box is selected, and then tapNext.

4.Tap Next.

5.Choose what information you want to sync online with your device.

If you select StoreWindowsLivecontactsinyourmobilephone’scontactlist, your Windows Live™ contacts will be added to the contact list and to Windows Live™ Messenger on your device.

If you select Synce-mail, your Windows Live™ Mail or Hotmail inbox messages will be downloaded to your device.

6.Tap Next.

7.After synchronization is complete, tap Done.

Section 3B. Internet


The Windows Live Interface

On the Windows Live main screen, you will see a search bar, navigation buttons, and an area where you can show and customize your profile.





1 SearchBar. To search for Web sites, enter search keywords and then tap.

2NavigationButtons. Tap the left or right arrow to switch between Windows Live™ Messenger, Windows Live™ Mail, and Sync status.


DisplayPicture. Tap your display picture to change your display name, picture, or personal message.


Menu. TapMenu to access and change settings.

Windows Live Messenger

With this mobile version of Windows Live™ Messenger, you enjoy many of the same features that you get from the desktop version, which include the following:

Instant messaging via text and voice

Multiple conversations

Inserting emoticons

Contact list with online or offline status

Sending and receiving files (including photos)

Changing the status and display name

Viewing contacts by online status, groups, and more

Sending messages even when a contact is offline

Note Before you can use Windows Live Messenger, your device must be connected to the Internet. To find out how to connect your device to the Internet, see“Ways of Connecting to the Internet” on page 127 .



Tap Start >Programs>Messenger.

– or –

On the Windows Live main screen, tap the left or right arrow until you see Messenger, and then tap it.

138 Section 3B. Internet



Tap Signin on the Messenger screen.



If this is your first time to sign in, a message appears to inform you that your messenger contacts will be



added to the contact list on your device. Tap OK to add them. Signing in may take several minutes,



depending on your connection speed.






















Live Messenger screen after you have signed in


To sign out, tap Menu>Signout.



In the contact list, select a contact, and then tap SendIM to open a message screen.


Enter your text message in the text entry area of the message screen.


To add an emoticon, tap Menu>Addemoticon and then tap an icon from the list.

4.Tap Send.

5.To end a conversation with the current contact, tap Menu>Endconversation.


To send a file, tap Menu > Send. You can choose to send a picture, voice clip or any file.


• To invite one or more contacts to the conversation, tap Menu > Options... > Add participant.


To send a voice message, tap Voice Clip on a message screen then start talking. After you have recorded a



message, tap Send.




Adding Windows Live Contacts

You can add new Windows Live contacts in Windows Live Messenger or in Contacts.


1.Tap Menu>Addnewcontact.

2.Enter the email address of the contact, and then tap OK.


1. On the Home screen, slide to thePeople tab and then tapAllPeople.

2.Tap New, and then tapWindowsLive.

3.In the IM box, enter the email address of the contact, which can be a Windows Live ID or any other email address.

Section 3B. Internet


Tip You can fill in other information about the contact, if desired. This is not necessary if you will communicate with the contact only through Live Messenger or Live Mail.

4.Tap OK.

5.Follow the onscreen instructions to add the new contact to your Windows Live™ contact list.

Using Pocket Express

With Sprint’s exclusive Pocket Express feature, you can personalize your device’s data services to suit your needs. Pocket Express makes it easier than ever to retrieve the most popular Web information and categories instantly. It uses the ZIP code you provide to customize the content you receive, so you can get the information you want, when you want it.

Pocket Express acts like a computer browser’s customized home page, displaying a variety of top categories such as News, Sports, Weather, Money, Movies and more. This information is updated throughout the day, so you’ll always be up-to-date.

Installing Pocket Express

Pocket Express is not preinstalled on your device. You need to download it first and install it on your device.

1. On the Home screen, slide to thePrograms tab and then tap the Pocket Express icon.

— or —

Tap Start>Programs>GetPocketExpress.

2.Enter your preferred ZIP code and then tap IAgree.

3.A message is then displayed, informing you that the Pocket Express application will be downloaded and installed on your device. Choose whether to install on the Device or\InternalStorage, and then tapInstall to start the installation.

4.On the next message that is displayed, tap OK to reset your device and complete the installation.

140 Section 3B. Internet

Initializing Your Pocket Express Service



On the Home screen, slide to the Programs tab and then tap the Pocket Express icon.



— or —



Tap Start>Programs>PocketExpress.



On the welcome screen, enter the same ZIP code that you specified when installing Pocket Express, and



Initializing your Pocket Express service may take a while. Wait for the initialization process to complete.


then tap IAgree.


Accessing Pocket Express Information


Finding the information you’re looking for with Pocket Express is as easy as navigating a Web browser on


your computer. (The following examples will illustrate how to access News and Movies information).



1. On the Home screen, slide to thePrograms tab and then tap the Pocket Express icon.

— or —

Tap Start>Programs>PocketExpress.

2.The Pocket Express PageOne menu will be displayed. From the Pocket Express PageOne menu screen, tapBreakingNewsPhotos&Opinion (orNews). You will then be presented with a list of news categories.

3.Tap the desired category to display a list of news stories for that category.

4.Tap the story you want to read. The news story you selected is then displayed on the screen.

5.After you have finished reading the news story, you can return to the PageOne menu screen by tapping



1.From the Pocket Express PageOne menu, tap Showtimes&Entertainment (orEntertain).

2.Select a movie. You will be presented with showtimes, the option to buy tickets, and more.

Select other categories such as Weather, Sports, and Money from the Pocket Express main screen and enjoy the feature-richcontents of Pocket Express.

Every category offers you the capability to customize news and information based on your preference.

Section 3B. Internet


Updating Pocket Express Information

The Pocket Express news and information is automatically delivered to your device several times a day. You can also manually retrieve updates.

From a Pocket Express category page (such as News), tap Update. Your device will retrieve updates for the selected category.

Using RSS Hub

RSSHub is an RSS reader that keeps youup-to-datewith the latest news from the Internet. It monitors Internet news channels and downloads the most current news updates and podcasts so you are instantly informed of breaking news and events.

This section provides basics on using RSS Hub. For more information and tips on using RSS Hub, see Help on your device.

Note Make sure you have an active Internet connection before using RSS Hub. To find out how to connect to the Internet, see“Ways of Connecting to the Internet” on page 127.

Subscribing to and Organizing News Channels

You must subscribe to news channels before you can receive RSS feeds.


1. Tap Start>Programs>RSSHub, and then tap Continue.

2. In the New Channel Wizard screen, select theChoosefromalistofknownChannelsoption, and then tapNext. A list of RSS channels is displayed.



Note If the RSS channel you want to subscribe to is not in the list of known channels, tap Back, and then select another option on the New Channel Wizard screen. For more information on these other options, see the Help on your device.

142 Section 3B. Internet

check box.
4. The channel list appears. Tap Refresh to update the channels.
Select the check boxes of the RSS channels you want to subscribe to, and then tap Finish.
Tip Channels are grouped by categories. If you want to select all channels in a category, select the category







1 Categories. Tap to select the channel category to display.

2 ChannelList. Shows the list of available channels.

3 Refresh. Tap to update the channels.

4UpdatedChannels. Channels are displayed in bold after they have been updated. Tap a channel to view the headlines for that channel.

5 HeadlineCount. Shows the number of headlines per channel.

6 Cancel. Tap to cancel the channel update process.


1. In the channel list, tapMenu>Channel>Newto open the New Channel Wizard screen.

2.Select an option, and then follow screen instructions to add new channels. For more information on New Channel Wizard options, see Help on your device.


In the channel list, tap Menu>View, and then select:

Update to display only those channels with unread headlines.

All to display all subscribed channels.


To view all the channels in a particular category, tap AllCategoriesin the upper left area of the channel list, and then, and then tap the category you want to display.

To add a new category, tap Menu>Categories in the channel list to display all categories, and then tap


Section 3B. Internet



To rename or delete a category, tap Menu>Categories in the channel list to display all categories, select a category, and then tapMenu>RenameorMenu>Delete.

If you want to change the channel category, tap and hold the channel in the channel list, and then tap ChangeCategory. Select a new category and then tapok.

Viewing and Organizing Headlines

Tap a channel in the channel list to display the headlines for that channel.












1 Headline. Tap a headline to open the news summary screen.

2 This icon indicates that the headline or news summary contains a keyword.

3 This icon indicates that the headline has already been read.

4 This icon indicates that the headline is new or unread.

5 Channels. Tap to return to the channel list.

6 After download is completed, tap this icon to play back or view the file attachment.

7 Tap this icon to download the audio/video file attachment.

New or unread headlines display in bold and are marked with a blue newspaper icon. Headlines that have been read are marked with a gray newspaper icon.

144 Section 3B. Internet

Viewing the News Summary

Tap a headline in the headline list to display the news summary.








































































































































1 Shows the channel name

2 Displays the headline and read status.

3 Displays the news summary.

4 TapHeadlines to return to the headline list.

5Tap ReadMoreOnline to open the news item in Opera Mobile. See“Navigating the Web” on page 132 for details.

6 Tapto download the audio, video or image file attachment.


In the news summary screen, tap Menu to change the text size, fit the text to the screen (text wrap), or enableClearType for better viewing.


1.When you see an audio or video file attachment in the news summary, do one of the following to download the file:

Tap Menu>Podcasts>StartDownload.

— or —

Tap the Downloadaudio/Downloadvideolink below the audio or video file icon.


To cancel the file download, tap Menu > Podcasts > Cancel Download, or tapCancel downloadbelow the


audio or video file icon.



2. After downloading the file, do one of the following:

Tap Menu>Podcasts>Play or tapPlayaudio/Playvideo below the audio or video file icon to play back the file.

— or —

Tap Menu>Podcast>Save to save a copy of the file to the device main memory or internal storage.

Section 3B. Internet



1.In the news summary screen, tap Menu>SendLinkviaEmail.

2.Messaging opens and displays the Account Picker screen. Tap the email account you want to use to send the headline link. A new email message is then created with the headline link.

3.Specify the email recipients, and then send it.

For more information on how to compose email messages, see “Composing and Sending an Email Message” on page 154.


In the news summary screen, tap Menu>Next orMenu>Previous, or press the Navigation Control right or left.

Tip For more information about the features and configuring RSS Hub, refer to the program help. To open the program help, tapStart > Help while in RSS Hub.

Using Your Device As a Modem

InternetSharing connects your computer to the Internet by using your device’s data connection. You can connect via USB or Bluetooth.

Notes • Sprint requires customers to have a separate Phone As Modem service plan in order to use this device as a modem. More information about Phone As Modem service plans are available, or you can contact Sprint Customer Service to add the Phone as Modem service plan to your account.

Make sure you have subscribed to a Phone As Modem Service plan and have set up a phone dial-upmodem connection on your device. If your device has not been set up with a data connection yet, tapMenu > Connection Settings on the Internet Sharing screen.

To use a Bluetooth connection, make sure your computer has built-inBluetooth capability. If your computer does not have Bluetooth, you can connect and use a Bluetooth adapter or dongle on your computer.

When you launch Internet Sharing, ActiveSync will automatically disconnect.

Setting Up Your Device as a USB Modem

1.On your device, tap Start>Programs>InternetSharing.

2.In the PCConnection list, selectUSB.

3.In the NetworkConnection list, select the name of the connection that your device uses to connect to the Internet.

4.Plug in the USB Sync cable between your device and the computer, and then tap Connect.

Using Your Device as a Bluetooth Modem

For the computer to use the Internet connection of your device, activate Internet Sharing on your device, and then set up a Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) between the computer and your device.

1.On your device, turn on Bluetooth and set it to visible mode by following the steps in “Turning Bluetooth On and Making Your Device Visible” on page 82.

2.Initiate a Bluetooth partnership from your device by following the steps in “Creating a Bluetooth Partnership” on page 83.

3.Tap Start>Programs>InternetSharing.

4.Select BluetoothPANas the PCConnection.

146 Section 3B. Internet

5.From the NetworkConnection list, select the name of the connection that your device uses to connect to the Internet.

6.Tap Connect.

7.On your computer, set up a Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) with your device:


a.Click Start>ControlPanel>NetworkandInternet>NetworkandSharingCenter.

b.Click Managenetworkconnectionsand then under PersonalAreaNetwork, double-click BluetoothNetwork Connection.

c.In the Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices dialog box, select your device, and then click Connect.


a.Click Start>ControlPanel>NetworkConnections.

b.Under PersonalAreaNetwork, click the BluetoothNetworkConnectionicon.

c.Under NetworkTasks, click ViewBluetoothNetworkDevices.

d.In the Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices dialog box, select your device, and then click Connect.

Note If the Bluetooth adapter or dongle on your computer was installed using athird-partydriver, open the Bluetooth software that came with the Bluetooth adapter or dongle to connect your computer and device via Bluetooth. Refer to the Bluetooth adapter or dongle documentation for more information.

8.On the Internet Sharing screen on your device, check if a connected status message is displayed, which indicates that your computer has been successfully connected to the Internet using your device as a Bluetooth modem.

Ending the Modem Connection

On the Internet Sharing screen, tap Disconnect.

Accessing Sprint Instant Messaging

The Sprint Instant Messaging application provides you with access to popular instant messaging (IM) communities, including AOL® Instant MessengerTM, MSN® Messenger, and Yahoo!® Messenger.

1.To launch Sprint Instant Messaging, tap the Instant Messaging icon on the Programs tab of the Home screen.

— or —

Tap Start>Programs>InstantMessaging.


Section 3B. Internet


2.The first time you launch Sprint Instant Messaging, it will prompt you to download and install the application to your device. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and complete the installation.

3.After installation, launch Sprint Instant Messaging again (see step 1).

4.A message appears, informing you to add a messaging and data plan to your service plan. Tap OK to close the message.

5.Tap a community: AOLInstantMessenger, MSNMessenger, or Yahoo!Messenger.

6.Enter the required sign-ininformation for the selected community, such as user name or password, and then tapSignIn.

Note The information required to sign in will vary depending on the instant messaging community you are accessing.

The instant messaging screen for your selected community will then be displayed, and you can start chatting online with your friends or family.

148 Section 3B. Internet

Using Sprint Picture Mail

Sprint Picture Mail lets you send pictures and videos that you have captured using your device’s built-incamera to wireless phone numbers and email addresses. You can send a picture to up to 10 people at a time using their email addresses or their device phone numbers.


If this is your first time to use Sprint Picture Mail, you need to register your Sprint Picture Mail account and establish a password.

1.Launch the Web browser on your device. (You can use either Opera Mobile or Internet Explorer Mobile.)

2.Go to this Web site:

3. Scroll to the bottom right section of the Sprint Picture Mail Web site and then tapJoinNow.

4.On the right side of the sign-inWeb page, enter your device’s phone number in theSprintPhoneNumber box (without hyphens) and ensure theNo,sendmeapassword option is selected.


5.Tap Submit.

6.Your password will be sent to your device in a text message. On the Home screen, slide to the Messages tab and check if you have received this text message.

Tip Write down your Sprint Picture Mail password and keep your password in a secure place so you will not lose it.

7.Tap Start>Messaging>SprintPictureMail.

8.Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your Sprint Picture Mail password. You will be prompted to confirm your password.

Your device will then connect to the Sprint Picture Mail Web site and confirm your account information. When you receive confirmation that your account has been successfully registered, you may start using this service to send pictures and videos to your friends and family.


1.On the Home screen, slide to the PhotosandVideos tab.

2.Tap the camera icon ( ) if you want to take a picture, or tap the video camera icon to record a video clip. For information about capturing photos and videos with the camera, see“Taking Photos and Videos” on page 87.

3.After taking a photo or recording video, tap the Send icon () at the bottom of the camera screen.

4.On the Send File screen, tap Send.

Section 3B. Internet


5. The Messaging screen is then displayed. TapSprintPictureMail.

6.Tap Menu>New to create a new picture message. Your captured photo or video clip will be automatically attached to the message.

7.Select a recipient from your Contacts list, or manually enter the wireless phone number or email address of the recipient.

8.Select additional options, such as entering a text message and adding a voice recording.

9.When you are ready to send your picture mail, tap Send.


1.Tap Start>Programs>Album. The Album screen then opens and displays pictures and video clips that are found on your device in thumbnail view.

2.Press the Navigation Control up, down, left, or right until the desired picture or video clip is selected.

3.After selecting a picture or video clip, tap Menu>Send.

4.The Messaging screen is then displayed. Tap SprintPictureMail.

5.Tap Menu>New to create a new picture message. Your captured photo or video clip will be automatically attached to the message.

6.Select a recipient from your Contacts list, or manually enter the wireless phone number or email address of the recipient.

7.Select additional options, such as entering a text message and adding a voice recording.

8.When you are ready to send your picture mail, tap Send.

To learn more about Sprint Picture Mail, visit the Sprint Picture Mail Web site at

150 Section 3B. Internet

Email Messaging

Types of Email Accounts

You can set up the following types of email accounts on your device:

Outlook email that you sync with your computer or the Exchange Server.

Email accounts that you have with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or other email provider.

Web-basedemail accounts such as Gmail®, Yahoo!® Mail Plus, AOL®, and others.

Work accounts that you access using a VPN connection.

Setting Up Your Device to Synchronize Outlook Email with the Computer

If you have installed the synchronization software on your computer and created a partnership with your device, and then your device is ready to send and receive Outlook email.

If you have not yet installed the synchronization software nor created a partnership, see “Setting Up Windows Mobile Device Center on Windows Vista” on page 64 or“Setting Up ActiveSync on Windows XP” on page 65 for instructions.

Tip To set up your company email account so that you can access Outlook email messages wirelessly, you must set up your device to synchronize via anover-the-airconnection with your company’s Exchange Server. For more information about synchronizing with your company email server, see“Setting Up an Exchange Server Connection” on page 157.

Adding an Email Account


On the TouchFLO 3D Home screen, slide to the Mail tab and then touchMenu>Accounts>NewAccount.

— or —

Tap Start>Messaging>SetupE-mail.

The Email Setup Wizard then opens and lets you enter your email account settings. See “Email Setup Wizard” for details.

Email Setup Wizard

Windows Mobile’s EmailSetupWizard walks you through the process of setting up your email account. It has an Auto Setup feature that can automatically set up your email account based on the email address and password that you enter, if your email provider settings are preconfigured on your device. If the settings are not found on your device, Auto Setup then attempts to retrieve the settings online for which you may be charged when your device connects to the Internet and downloads them. If it cannot find the email settings online, you need to enter them manually.

Note For more information about setting up your company Outlook email account, see“Setting Up an Exchange Server Connection” on page 157.


Section 3B. Internet



Set up a POP3 or IMAP4 email account on your device if you have an email account from an Internet service provider (ISP) or other email service provider, or a Web-basedaccount such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail Plus, or AOL. You can also add a work account that you access using a VPN server connection as a POP3/IMAP4 account.

1.Add a new email account. See “Adding an Email Account” for instructions.

2.Enter your email address and the password for your email account. Ensure that the Savepassword check box is selected and then tapNext.

3.If email provider settings are found preconfigured on your device, the Email Setup Wizard shows a successful message. Tap Next.

If the settings are not found on your device, select the Trytogete-mailsettingsautomaticallyfromtheInternet check box to find and download email server settings from the Internet and then tapNext.

4.Enter Yournameand the Accountdisplaynameand then tap Next.

Note If the Email Setup Wizard was unsuccessful in finding and downloading settings from the Internet, selectInternet e-mail from theYour email provider list list on the next screen. You will be asked to enter email server settings. See“Specifying Email Server Settings” for details.

5.In the AutomaticSend/Receive list, choose how frequently you want email messages to be automatically sent and downloaded on your device.

Note TapReview all download settings to select download options, set the email format as HTML or plain text, and more. For more information, see “Customizing Download and Format Settings” on page 153.

6. Tap Finish.


If Auto Setup is unsuccessful, contact your ISP or email provider for the Incomingmailserver andOutgoingmail server settings so you can enter them on your device.

Other options that you can select include the following:

Select the Outgoingserverrequiresauthentication check box, if required by your provider.

If the outgoing email server requires a different user name and password for sending email, clear the Use thesameusernameandpasswordforsendinge-mail check box. You will be prompted to enter this information.

Tap AdvancedServerSettings, and then select theRequireSSL check boxes if your email provider uses an SSL connection for more secured email. From theNetworkconnection list, select the data connection that you use for connecting to the Internet.

152 Section 3B. Internet