Hotpoint-Ariston HBBE82 User Manual

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Instructions for Installation and Use


Ceramic Induction Hob

Note: Ensure that the hob unit is securely fixed to the worktop before use.

To the User

You must read the instructions prior to using the appliance and then retain them for future reference.


Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3

Safety Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-5

Induction Cooking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

Choice of Utensils . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7-9

Hob Unit Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Using Your Hob . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11-16

Something Wrong ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17

Care and Cleaning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18

Installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19-21

Hotpoint Guarantee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22

After Sales Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

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Your new appliance is guaranteed* and will give lasting service. This guarantee is only applicable if the appliance has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions detailed in this booklet.

To help make best use of your cooking equipment, please read this booklet carefully.

The appliance is designed specifically for domestic use and responsibility will not be accepted for use in any other installation.

*The guarantee is subject to the provisions that the appliance:

(a)Has been used solely in accordance with the Users Instruction Book.

(b)Has been properly connected to a suitable supply voltage as stated on the rating plate attached to this equipment.

(c)Has not been subjected to misuse or accident or been modified or repaired by any person other than the authorised employee or agent.

(d)Has been correctly installed.

Disposal of your product

To minimise the risk of injury to children please dispose of your product carefully and safely. Remove all doors and lids (where fitted). Remove the mains cable (where fitted) by cutting off flush with the appliance and always ensure that no plug is left in a condition where it could be connected to the electricity supply.

To help the environment Local Authority instructions should be followed for the disposal of you product.

This appliance conforms to the following EEC Directives:

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Low Voltage Equipment








Safety Information

When used properly your appliance is completely safe but as with any electrical product there are certain precautions that must be observed.



Remove all packing from the appliance before switching on for the first time.

Take time to understand the controls prior to using the appliance.

Always turn controls off when not in use.

Always place pans centrally over the hotplate making sure handles are kept away from the edge of the hob and cannot become heated by other hotplate/pans.

Always take care to avoid heat/steam burns when operating the controls.

Always turn off the electricity supply at the wall switch and allow the appliance to cool before cleaning.

Always keep the appliance clean as a build up of grease or fat from cooking can cause a fire.

Always follow the basic principles of food handling and hygiene to prevent the possibility of bacterial growth.

Always keep ventilation slots clear of obstructions.

Always refer servicing to a qualified appliance service engineer.

Always turn off the appliance at the wall switch. Should any glass panel crack or shatter, DO NOT USE THE APPLIANCE until repaired.


Safety Information


Never leave children unsupervised where a cooking appliance is installed as all surfaces will be hot during and even after its use.

Never allow anyone to sit or stand on any part of the appliance.

Never store items above the appliance that children may attempt to reach.

Never leave anything on the hob surface when unattended and not in use.

Never heat up unopened food containers as pressure can build up causing the container to burst.

Never allow sharp edged instruments to come into contact with the hob glass.

Never store chemicals/food stuffs, pressurised container in or on the appliance, or in cabinets immediately above or next to the appliance.

Never place flammable or plastic items on or near the hob.

Never fill a deep fat frying pan more than 1/3 full of oil. DO NOT use a lid. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED WHILE COOKING.

Never use the appliance as a room heater.

Never dry any items on the hob.

Never install the appliance next to curtains or other soft furnishings.

Safety Advice In Case Of A Chip-PanFire

In the event of a chip pan fire or any other pan fire.


2.COVER THE PAN WITH A FIRE BLANKET OR DAMP CLOTH, this will smother the flames and extinguish the fire.

3.LEAVE THE PAN TO COOL FOR AT LEAST 60 MINUTES BEFORE MOVING IT. Injuries are often caused by picking up a hot pan and rushing outside with it.


as the force of the extinguisher is likely to tip the pan over.

Never use water to extinguish oil or fat fires.


Induction Cooking

Unlike conventional heating zones, an induction heating zone does not heat the glass surface. The cooking vessel itself is the heating element. Heat is produced directly in the pan, provided it is made of ferromagnetic material, ie. iron or steel.

Your induction hob offers a number of advantages:


The heating zones on the hob are powered separately, meaning that you can use them all at the same time, at their maximum rated output, if required.

The fast temperature rise and low thermal inertia of induction heating zones allows for great flexibility in adjusting the heat. Induction heating zones are suitable for cooking all kinds of dishes, from the highest settings to the lowest of simmers for delicate foods such as sauces and chocolate.

Ease of use

The spacing of the heating zones, their different power levels and the timers make the hob very easy to use. A power indicator displays the setting of each heating zone.


After cooking, the surface of the hob can be dangerously hot, as the cooking vessel and its contents heat the glass. For your safety, each heating zone has a residual heat indicator that remains lit until its temperature has fallen below 60˚C, even after the hob is turned off. This is indicated by ‘H’ adjacent to the heating zone selection key.


Choice of Utensils

Every Electric Hob deserves the right choice of utensils. We recommend for optimum performance the use of good quality utensils.


Be concave (bowed in)

Be convex (bowed out)

Be rimmed

Be deeply ridged

But should be essentially Flat



● Use good quality flat-based

● Use gauze, metal pan diffusers,

cookware on all electric heat

asbestos mats and stands e.g.


Wok stands – they can cause



● Ensure pans have clean, dry


bases before use. Use pans with

● Use utensils with skirts or rims

cast iron, enamelled steel or

e.g. buckets and some kettles.

special stainless steel bases,


suitable for induction hobs.

● Use badly dented or distorted


pans, or pans with irregular,

● Ensure pans match size of

rough bases which could

heating area, this will ensure

scratch the surface.

considerable savings on energy


and shorter cooking times.

● Leave an element switched on


when not cooking.

● Remember good quality pans


retain heat well, so generally

● Cook food directly on the

only a low or medium heat is





● Drag or slide utensils across

● Ensure pan handles are

the hob surface.

positioned safely and away from


heat sources.

● Place large preserving pans or


fish kettles across two

● Lift pans, do not drag.


● Use pan lids except when frying.

● Place plastic vessels or utensils


on a hot hob.

● Deal with spillages immediately


but with care.

● Use the hob as an area for










Always place pans centrally on the hotplate


Choice of Utensils

Because induction takes place only when a metal cooking vessel closes the magnetic field, the generation of heat stops immediately when the cooking vessel is taken off the heating zone. You must use cooking vessels that are compatible with induction (ie. made from ferromagnetic materials).

Cast iron, enamelled steel and special stainless steel for induction are compatible. Copper, ceramic, earthenware, glass, aluminium andnon-magneticstainless steelare NOT compatible with induction.

You can test your pots and pans with a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, it is made of ferromagnetic material and can be used on an induction hob.

We recommend pots with very flat, heavy bottoms. DO NOT use cooking vessels with rough bottoms which can scratch the glass.

For maximum efficiency, the diameter of the cooking vessel should be as close as possible to that of the heating zone (outlined on the glass). Using well-adaptedcooking vessels saves energy and shortens cooking times.

Detection of Cooking Vessels

Each induction heating zone is equipped with a cooking vessel detector.

Heat is generated ONLY when a cooking vessel of a suitable material and size is placed on the heating zone.

When the power indicator flashes, this can mean:

-the cooking vessel is made of incompatible, non-ferromagneticmaterial.

-the cooking vessel is too small.

-the cooking vessel has been removed.

Choose cooking vessels that match the diameter of the heating zones. Small pots should be used with the small heating zones etc.


Choice of Utensils


This table is a general guide to the types of pan suitable for different types of hobs and cookers. Remember pans should be good quality, with smooth, flat bases. For any further information refer to manufacturers’ instructions.

Saucepan Types






Stainless steel with single layer copper base


Stainless steel with sandwich bases of


aluminium and stainless or aluminium and copper.


Enamelled steel


Enamelled Aluminium


Enamelled based cast iron

With Care

Cast Iron




Toughened glass or ceramic / glass / pottery

Not Recommended

Mild steel, Ferro-magneticor stainless with


a magnetic sandwich base




Hob Spillage Notes

1.Always clean up any spillage immediately with a clean cloth or a paper towel to avoid unnecessary damage to the hob. Extreme care should be taken to avoid steam burns and hot surfaces when cleaning spillage from the hob.

2.When cooking food that contains sugar (most food) or syrup, use a utensil which is large enough to prevent boil over or spillage. Sugar spillage will permanently damage the hob and therefore should be cleaned off with care immediately. If sugar spillage has occurred, remove it as long as it is still hot with a metal safety

razor scraper. This will avoid any damage.


3. Always ensure that the base of the utensil is dry before placing on the hob.

Extreme caution should be used when cleaning the hot hob !


Hob Units - Features

4 Induction heating zones



Rear Left

1200W heating zone



(600W if the front left



heating zone is boosted



to 3000W).


Rear Right

1800W heating zone, with



optional booster to 3000W.


Front Left

1800W heating zone, with



optional booster to 3000W.


Front Right

1200W heating zone (600W



if the rear right heating



zone is boosted to 3000W).

Total power capacity:

7.2kW 230V

4 residual heat indicators

Even after the hob is turned off, the heat indicator ‘H’ stays on. This indicates that the corresponding heating zone is still hot (temperature exceeding 60˚C). However care should continue to be taken as the hob may still be hot to touch, even when the residual heat indicator is extinguished.

4 timers

Which can be used to programme each of the four heating zones independently for a maximum duration of 99 minutes.

An electronic control panel with touch sensitive keys

It is very clear which key controls which heating zone, as they mirror the heating zone layout.








































Timer control key



Timer display area



























































































































Power indicator and


Four keys, for selecting a
















residual heat indicator for



heating zone.

































each heating zone


































































































Booster key















































































Power control



Power control


































































































On / Off




























Lock control















































































Lock indicator





























































Using Your Hob

NEVER allow aluminium foil to be in contact with the hob surface when in use.

Setting the Hotplate




Step 1

Place the saucepan centrally on the required heating zone.



Step 2

Switch on the power using the on/off sensor




Step 3

Press the required heating zone selection sensor and using the



select the required heat setting.




Step 4

When you have finished cooking, return the heating zone to 0 by pressing the


key and switch off the power using the on/off sensor



DO NOT allow young children near to the hob when the it is in use as the surfaces get extremely hot!

Guide To Using The Hotplates







Type Of Food





Melting butter, chocolate,etc.










Heating food gently.



2 or 3


Keeping small amounts of water simmering.




Heating sauces containing egg yolk and butter.




Simmering stews, meat, fish vegetables and fruit.




Heating solid and liquid foods.





Keeping water boiling.





Thawing frozen vegetables.





Making 2-3egg omelettes.



6 or 7


Cooking food just above simmering.





Maintaining a rolling boil for preserve making.


8 or 9


Sealing meat and fry fish.





Frying potatoes. Boiling water.

Deep fat frying




Dissolving sugar for preserve making.













Deep Fat Frying Safely

1.Use a deep pan, large enough to completely cover the appropriate heating area.

2.Never fill the pan more than one third full of oil.

3.Never leave oil or fat unattended during the heating or cooking period.

4.Never try to fry too much food at a time, especially frozen food. This lowers the fat temperature too much resulting in greasy food.

5.Always dry food thoroughly before frying, then lower it slowly into the hot oil or fat. Frozen foods in particular will cause the fat to froth and spit if added too quickly.

6.Never heat fat or fry with a lid on the pan.

7.Keep the outside of the pan clean and free of streaks of oil or fat.


Using Your Hob

Using the heating zones:





Press theOn/Off key to switch on the hob.

The power indicators display ‘0’.

Press the heating zone control key of your choice (eg. the rear right heating zone). The corresponding power indicator displays ‘0‘.

Press the

key to display the required power level (from

1 to 9).




Press the

key briefly, to go direct to the maximum

power level (9).

NOTE: To speed up the temperature rise of the rear right and front left heating zones,press the Booster key, the power indicator will display ‘P’. Any power level from 1 - 9 can be used with the booster function which increases the heating zone to 3000W.

The booster function stops automatically after 4 minutes, however the power level will remain at the chosen level.

The maximum power of the rear left and front right heating zones is limited to 600W whilst the rear right and front left heating zones are boosted to 3000W.


Using Your Hob

Using the heating zones:





To switch off the hob at the end of cooking:

Press the

key until the power level returns to ‘0’.

Press the


keys simultaneously to switch off

the hob.






Press the



NOTE: Your hob is equipped with 4 residual heat indicators. The power indicator for each heating zone shows ‘H’ while the temperature of the heating zone exceeds 60˚C after the power is switched off. This helps prevent the risk of burns.


Using Your Hob

Programming a cooking duration:

It is possible to programme the cooking time of a heating zone for a maximum duration of up to 99 minutes. Select the heating zone and desired power level and then proceed as follows:



Press the

key to access

programming function.

The corresponding indicator






Press the key to display

required cooking duration












(maximum 99 minutes).








































Press thekey again to confirm the programming operation.

NOTE: The timer starts counting down immediately. An audio cooking time and the heating

power to the hob.

sounds at the end of the key to switch off the


Using Your Hob

Multiple programming:

It is possible to programme all four heating zones at the same time. Follow the previous step by step procedure to programme the first heating zone, then proceed as follows:



A heating zone is already programmed, the corresponding

indicator light is on and the

display is activated. It

starts flashing slowly as soon

you start to programme

another heating zone.




Select the second heating

then press the

key to

access the programming

. Pressthe

key to

display the required duration.



Press thekey again to confirm the programming operation.

NOTE: The indicator light that corresponds to the heating zone being programmed flashes slowly and then remains lit once the programming is confirmed. The indicator light that corresponds to the previously programmed heating zone flashes.



5 3

To display the remaining time programmed for a heating zone, select it by pressing the relevant heating zone selection key, its indicator remain on while the other one flashes.

NOTE: The timer starts counting down immediately. An audio cooking time

power to the hob.

sounds at the end of the key to switch off the


Using Your Hob

Safety devices

Locking the controls:

When the hob is on, you can lock the control panel so that the settings cannot be changed inadvertently (by children, during cleaning etc.).



Press thekey to lock the controls.

The indicator light next to it comes on.

To unlock the controls, press thekey.

The indicator light goes off.


Should your hobs electronic components overheat, the hob will turn off automatically and H will come up on the power level display.

The letter will disappear as soon as the temperature drops back down to an acceptable level.

Audio warning signal:

An audio signal sounds if your appliance detects a problem on the control panel:

-an object (pan, cover etc.) placed on the control panel for more than 10 seconds.

-a spill on the control panel.

-prolonged pressure on the control panel.

In such situations, the hob automatically switches off.

Press thekey again to switch on the hob. The controls arecleared* and you can use the hob as usual.

Automatic power cut:

Power Level

Max. duration of



1 - 2

10 hours


5 hours


4 hours

5 - 6

3 hours

7 - 8

2 hours


1 hour



If you forget to turn off one or more heating zones, the power is automatically cut off after a certain time.

* To reset the controls, follow the procedure described previously.


Something Wrong?

Before contacting your Hotpoint Service Centre / Installer, check the following; there may be nothing wrong with your appliance.










Nothing works

Is the main wall switch to the cooker turned on ?

If a control is on, the relevant power level displays will illuminate.






Hotplates are slow to boil

Check that your pans conform with the recommendations

or will not heat



detailed in this book.





Hob switches itself off

Check there is no spillage or obstruction over the controls area.





Controls will not operate

Are the controls locked? Check


indicator light is not on.












Timer not working

Ensure the


key was pressed again AFTER programmed time




required was set.








Smaller heating zones are

Check booster is not activated on the rear right and front left

slow to heat up











If after checking the above points and re-readingthe instruction book you still have problems, contact Service (see KEY CONTACTS back cover).


Care and Cleaning




Cleaning Materials To Avoid

1.Household abrasive powders.

2.Oven chemical cleaners, aerosols and oven pads Caustic cleaners such as these will etch the surface and attack the metal frame.

3.Bath and sink cleaners may mark the surface

The Ceramic Hob

To reduce the amount of cleaning always ensure that the hob and cooking utensils are clean and dry before use. Regular use of cleaner conditioner is recommended for proper care and protection of the hob surface. Apply conditioner before using the hob for the first time. It contains a mild cleaning agent, so that subsequent applications may clean off soil and apply a protective film at the same time. For stubborn stains or heavy soiling use any of the following materials, and finish off with conditioner.

1. Cif, non-scratchscouring cream.

2. Liquid Kitchen Cleanser.

3. Special Powder Cleanser.

Powder Cleanser – Mineral deposits that are present in hard water, and some foods, may cause ‘discolourations’ that appear in the form of grey or brown stains. The stains sometimes appear to be in or under the glass surface. If there are some persistent stains after using any of the other recommended cleaning materials, powder cleanser may be applied, following the manufacturers instructions.Do not use abrasive cleaners or the powder cleanser on the painted metal framework.

Cleaner Conditioner – Regular use of the conditioner will make the surface easier to clean thus ensuring that years of heavy abrasive cleaning do not progressively dull the surface.

If the hob is scratched through accident or misuse, soil that collects will appear as fine brown lines; these are not fully removable but can be made less obvious by the daily use of cleaner conditioner. Cooking performance is in no way affected by scratches on the surface.

Pans should be lifted rather than dragged across the hob surface. This will avoid metal rubbing off the pan onto the glass. Such marks are easily removed by the powder cleanser, provided they are not subsequently baked on for long periods at high temperatures.

Surround Trim _ Wipe over with a cloth wrung out in warm soapy water only. DO NOT USE ABRASIVES.

Fig. 1

Take care that no hard or pointed objects (e.g. cans) fall onto your

ceramic hob. They may damage it.


If, for some reason, the glass-ceramicshould break or crack, turn the appliance off immediately and disconnect it from the power supply.

Sugar or foodstuffs containing sugar which have spilt onto the glass-ceramicshould be removed whilst warm using aglass-ceramicscraper, Fig.1. Failing to do so may damage the appliance.

PLEASE NOTE:Take care when using the glass scraper. To retract the blade cover use the thumb location.

Grease or oil can catch fire when overheated. For this reason, it is important not to become distracted from the cooking process when preparing food (e.g. chips) using either of these.

WARNING: Do Not keep inflammable materials (e.g. sprays) or utensils which might catch fire beneath the kitchen hob.




All Hotpoint hobs are suitable for installation over any Hotpoint Build-inorBuild-UnderOvens. Your hob should have been checked to ensure that the voltage corresponds with your voltage supply. This is stated on the rating plate, which is situated on the under side of the base panel.The appliance must be connected by a contractor/engineer such as one who is registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC). A suitabledouble-polecontrol unit with a minimum rating of 30A and a minimum contact clearance of 3mm should be used. This should be fitted adjacent to the cooker in accordance with the latest IEE regulations. Where a hob is fitted adjacent to an oven, a 45 amp Double Pole control switch should be used to feed both units via separate suitably rated cables.

The power supply cable should conform to B.S.6004 with a conductor size of 4.0mm2. The control unit should be easily accessible in the event of an emergency. This appliance conforms to B.S.EN55014 regarding suppression of radio and television interference.The hob should be connected to the supply in such a way that it can easily be isolated for cleaning and servicing. The control unit should be positioned to the side of the hob and be readily accessible in case of an emergency.

If the hob is installed above an oven unit, the installer should also refer to the oven installation instructions in case any other mains cable is recommended for the hob. Never install the hob over an oven with a rear exhaust.

Place the hob face down taking care not to damage the controls or hob surface. Access to the mains terminals is gained by removing the rear access cover. The mains cable must pass through the cable clamp adjacent to the terminal block. Sufficient cable should be used to allow the hob to be pulled out for servicing. Replace the screws and tighten (Fig. 4).

Always check that the cable does not come into contact with the hob base. This can be achieved by routing the hob cable and securing it either to the cabinet side or rear wall in such a way that it cannot touch any part of the base. Always ensure that the cable between the hob and main switch is free from twists or kinks throughout its length and not trapped between work surfaces and the hob.


The hob is designed to fit into worktop and base unit(s) with a cutout as shown in Fig. 2 & 3. Avoid any plastics which may warp when subjected to temperatures of around 100˚C. Leave a space of 50mm between the rear of the hob and the back of the worktop, to avoid burning the wall or covering, especially if it is laminated. During installation, take special care when sealing the edges of the hob in order to prevent any leakage into the surrounding cabinetry. Any obstruction such as supports or side panels must be removed to allow 58mm minimum depth below the worktop cutout. Any overhead surface of combustible material must not be closer than 650mm. Adjacent vertical walls or kitchen furniture must not be closer than 100mm to the edge of the cutout. Walls or other kitchen furniture closer than 100mm to the aperture edge should be protected by heat resistant materials (e.g. ceramic tiles). Surfaces to be avoided in close are bare or painted wood, plastic tiles and other wall covering likely to burn or stain. If a cooker hood is to be installed refer to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding fixing heights.

Note: Due to many different types of installation, a mains cable is not supplied with this product. It will be up to the installer to fit correct type and length of cable. If in doubt ask a qualified electrician.




Unpack the hob from the carton.

Lower the hob into the worktop ensuring the mains lead is fed into the base unit and is not trapped under the flanges.

Fix the hob to the worktop (see Fig 2)

Connect the hob to the electrical supply (see INSTALLATION).

Ensure that the hob is functioning correctly prior to use. Instruct the user in the operation of the hob.

IMPORTANT: The ceramic glass hob must be installed on a perfectly flat, level surface. Any warping caused by improper installation can alter the characteristics of the hob as well as its performance.


WARNING: During storage, the glue used for the joints leaves a slight oily residue on the glass. We recommend that you remove this residue before you turn on the hob, using a common cleaning product(non-abrasivepolishing cream). During the first few hours of use, the hob may emit a ‘rubbery’ odour which will soon disappear.

Fig. 2


Worktop thickness preferred 40mm.


If the worktop thickness is less than 40mm, a spacer will be


required between the underside of the worktop and the hob


fixing bracket (spacer not supplied (see Fig.4)

Fig. 3















If the hob is installed over an oven, in order to prevent any overheating of the electronic components of the hob, you must leave a space between the top of the oven and the bottom of the worktop, which measures 560mm wide by 8mm high. WARNING: If the hob is not being installed above an oven unit, then a shelf the same depth and width as the hob MUST be fitted underneath the hob. The distance between the shelf and the lowest part of the hob MUST BE AT LEAST 5mm.

Avoid installing a dishwasher under the hob. If this is unavoidable, make sure you install a watertight separation between the two appliances.



Fig. 4


30mm worktop


40mm worktop





NOTE: DO NOT over tighten the hob clamps as distortion of the hob may occur.

Fig. 5






Hotpoint guarantee

“Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”

We give you a unique ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ promise - valid for 90 days - after you have purchased your Hotpoint appliance. If there is a technical problem simply call Hotpoint Repair service or visit and where necessary, we will arrange for an engineer to call. If the technical problem is not resolved under this guarantee,we will replace your machine or, if you prefer, give you your money back.

All Hotpoint appliances carry a fully inclusive 12 month parts and labour guarantee as well as free replacement parts for the first 5 years (except microwaves, selected integrated appliances and cooker hoods, which have a one year guarantee) provided that they are fitted by a Hotpoint engineer.

Guarantee terms and conditions

Your guarantee is only applicable in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland and is subject to the following provisions that your appliance:

Has been installed and used correctly in accordance with this instruction booklet.

Has been used solely for domestic purposes and is located on domestic premises (ie. not for commercial or trade use).

Has been properly connected to a suitable electrical supply voltage as stated on the appliance rating plate.

Has not been subject to misuse, accident, modified or repaired by anyone other than one of our own service engineers.

For pre purchase information on any other Hotpoint product call: 08701 50 60 70 or visit:


After Sales Service

“No company is better positioned to offer an after sales service on a Hotpoint appliance than us - the manufacturer”

As part of our commitment to you, all Hotpoint appliances have the added benefit of a fully inclusive parts and labour guarantee for the first 12 months. In addition to this you also have the advantage of free replacement parts for the first 5 years when fitted by a Hotpoint engineer. When the 12 months parts and labour guarantee expires we offer the following after sales service options:

Repair Service and Information Help Desk

UK: 08709 066066 Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 200

Note: Our operators will require the Model number and the Serial number of your appliance

Available 364 days a year with a fast, effective and value for money service. We have the largest white goods repair service in the UK with over 1200 of our own fully trained engineers. All repairs include a parts and labour guarantee for 12 months from the date of the repair.

If you require any information or have any questions about your appliance, our operators are on hand with help and advice.

All this ensures that you will receive the best available after sales service possible.

Extended Warranties

UK: 08709 088 088 Republic of Ireland: 1850 502 200

Whether you have just one or a number of Hotpoint appliances in your kitchen, we offer two service cover plans to give you total peace of mind.

Repair Protection Plan - FREE service repairs for a single Hotpoint appliance during the period of cover.

Kitchen Cover - FREE service repairs for all your Hotpoint appliances less than 8 years old.

Genuine Parts and Accessories

UK: 08709 077 077

Republic of Ireland: (01) 842 6836

A wide range of genuine parts and accessories are available from our hotline or through our web site.

Genuine parts and accessories, extended warranties and service repairs are all available on our web-siteat:


Key Contacts

After Sales Service

Over 1200 trained specialists, directly employed by us, ensure that you can have complete confidence in both the appliances and services we offer.

Repair Service and Information Desk

UK: 08709 066 066

(Open 8 to 8 Mon - Fri, 8 to 6 Sat, 10 to 4 Sun & Bank Holidays)

Republic of Ireland: 1850 302 200

Note: Our operators will require the following information:

Model number:

Serial number:

Extended Warranties

UK: 08709 088 088 (Open 8 to 8 Mon - Sun)

Republic of Ireland: 1850 502 200

Genuine Parts and Accessories

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October 2002