Horizon Fitness 100 User Manual

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the following and tools


1 Rear

1 Handlebar

1 Seat

1 Seat

1 Console

1 Console

2 Mobile

1 Console

2 AA

2 Pedals

2 Wheel

1 Tension

1 Hardware

H a r d w a r e (Actual Size)

A) 45mm Bolt

Quantity: 2

B) 90mm Bolt

Quantity: 2

C) 15mm Bolt

Quantity: 4

G) 20mm Bolt

Quantity: 2

D) 12mm screw

Quantity: 2


H) Acorn Nut

E) 18mm Arc Washer

Quantity: 2

Quantity: 2


F) 14mm Washer


Quantity: 2

J) 20mm Arc Washer



Quantity: 4

NOTE: It is recommended that you apply grease to the threads of each bolt as you assemble your Exercise Bike, to prevent loosening and noise. Also, during each assembly step, ensure that ALL nuts and bolts are in place and partially threaded in before completely tightening any

ONE bolt.


Attach the Front Foot Wheels

a.Insert the wheel sleeves on each side of the front wheel tube.

b.Align the holes in the wheel sleeves with the holes in the wheel tube. Insert two 12mm screws (D) and secure with the screwdriver.

c.Attach the mobile wheels to the wheel sleeves. Insert two 14mm washers (F) and two 20mm bolts

(G) and secure with a screwdriver.


Attach the Rear Foot Tube and Pads

a. Align the holes of the rear foot tube with the holes in the base frame.

b. Insert two 90mm bolts (B), two 20mm arc washers (J) and acorn nut (H) secure with a 5mm allen wrench.

c. Slide the rear foot pads to each end of the rear foot tube.


Attaching the Console Mast

a. Unfold the console cable and tension knob cable, which is folded into the console mast base

b. Slide the console mast boot onto the bottom of the console mast.

c. Slide the tension knob cable the console cable through the con

sole mast. (Note: The tension knob cable will only pull as far as the rec tangular opening in the console mast. The console cable will need to be pulled through the end of console mast.) To assist in pulling the console cable and tension knob cable through the console mast, there should be a guide wire attached to the top of the console mast.

d. Insert the console mast into the base, secure both sides of the mast with four 15mm bolts (C) using the 5mm allen wrench. Slide the console mast boot into place.






4 STEP 5

Knob bolt (H)

knob. level 15. to the cable

and firmly assembly

order to tension knob Make sure is seated

properly into the "key hole".

d.Insert the tension knob into the rectangular opening on the console mast (Figure C, Step 5).

e.Secure the tension knob with the 20mm bolt (H) by using a screw driver (Figure D, Step 6).



Figure A



Figure B


Figure C


Figure D

Attaching the Handlebars

a.Align the holes in the handlebars with the holes in the console mast.

b.Insert two 45mm bolts (A) and two washers (E) and secure with a 5mm allen wrench.


Attaching the Console

a.Open the battery cover on the back of the console, insert two AA batteries into the console and replace the battery cover.

b.Connect the cables from the con

sole to the console cables running through the console mast, making sure that both ends snap together tight.

c. Attach the console to the console mast plate with the 15mm screws

(I). Secure using a screwdriver. Note: Screws (I) are located on the back side of the console.


Attach the Seat

a.Remove the three nuts (J) and washers (K) from the bottom of the


b.Attach the seat to the seat post with the three nuts (J) and washers (K), securing with the flat wrench.

c.Loosen the pop pin by turning it one or two revolutions, then pull the pop pin mechanism to the outward position.

d.With the pop pin in the outward position, slide the seat post into

the base.

e.Release the pop pin and tighten to the proper position.


Attach the Pedals

a.Thread the right pedal into the right side pedal crank arm. Note: The pedals are labeled on the end of the threaded shaft for reference.

b.Tighten the pedal with the flat wrench.

c.Repeat this process on the left side.

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