Gateway 450rgh User Manual

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Gateway 450RGH Notebook

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Processor and Core Logic

Processor options

One Intel® Pentium® -M CPU


To determine your notebook’s processor speed, click Start,


My Computer, then click View System Information. The processor


speed is listed.

Processor packaging

Intel socketable micro-FCPGA2

Level 2 cache

1 MB with Advanced Transfer Cache Architecture

Core logic

Intel® 855PM chipset

Processor side bus speed

400 MHz front side bus





800 MHz front side bus


Phoenix BIOS


512 KB Flash ROM


SMBIOS 2.3 support


Advanced Configuration and Power Interface 1.0b and 2.0 (ACPI



1.0b and 2.0) support


Wired for Management 2.0 (WfM 2.0)

System memory



Memory type


Memory expansion options

Two 200-pin industrial standard DDR-SODIMM sockets


Accepts two PC-2700 SDRAM memory modules


2 GB maximum system memory


No on-board memory

To determine your notebook’s memory, click Start, My Computer, then click View System Information. The memory is listed.



Graphics controller

ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 (M10)


3D rendering acceleration

Video memory

64 MB or 128 MB

LCD display panel

15.0-inch active matrix (TFT) LCD color display


Maximum panel resolution: 1400 × 1050 or 1600 × 1200


Maximum color depth: 32-bit (16.7 million colors)

LCD supported video modes


LCD maximum refresh rate

60 Hz


Brightness level selectable through FN keys (up, down)


Icon to display 8 levels of brightness


Auto dim on battery


Auto bright on AC power

External video

Supports dual display and extended desktop


Integrated TV encoder

External CRT resolutions

Supports standard IBM VGA compatible modes


Maximum resolution: 2048 × 1536 × 32-bit colors

External CRT maximum refresh rate

200 Hz

TV out (composite video) jack

Supports NTSC/PAL connection to standard TV monitors with RCA



TV out (S-Video) jack

Supports NTSC/PAL connection to standard TV monitors with


S-Video jack on optional port replicator

IEEE 1394

One 4-pin connector




Supports video and audio capture


Software included for motion and still-frame capture




Audio chipset

Sigmatel® Soft Audio AC97 rev 2.3 codec (STAC9752)

Sound support

PCI interface audio


Multi-stream Direct Sound and Direct Sound 3D acceleration


SoundBlaster Pro, MIDI, Windows Sound System compatible,





S/PDIF output for PCM or AC-3 content via Toslink jack on optional



port replicator


PCI Power Management Interface (PPMI) 1.1 compliant


NOTE: This notebook does not have an internal microphone.


Digital DVD audio

Provides full 5.1 channel Dolby Digital output (AC-3) from DVD


decoder through Toslink optical S/PDIF jack on optional port



Volume controls

Volume control keys on keyboard


Software control provided through Windows

Internal speakers

Stereo speakers built into front of notebook


1.5 W maximum output

Audio jacks

Stereo headphone output


Stereo line input


Monophonic microphone input




Modem features

Integrated V.92/56K data/fax modem


Uses the RJ-11 jack on the back of the notebook


Supports Wake on ring from S3 power mode

10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interface

Integrated 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-T (802.3,



802.3u, and 802.3ab) Ethernet interface


Uses the RJ-45 jack on the back of the notebook


Supports Wake on LAN from S3 (suspend to RAM), S4



(Hibernate), and S5 (off) power modes. (S4 and S5 supported only



when DC power is connected.)

Wireless Ethernet interface features

Intel® PRO/Wireless IEEE 802.11b network card embedded in the

(Factory installed option)







Intel® PRO/Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g network card embedded in



the notebook





Broadcom BCM94306 IEEE802.11g network card embedded in



the notebook





Broadcom BCM94309 IEEE802.11a/g network card embedded in



the notebook


Antenna: Uses factory-installed internal antenna assembly


Operating channels: 11 selectable channels


Security: 128 and 64 bit WEP encryption


Operating Frequency


2.4 GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (IEEE 802.11b and



IEEE 802.11g)


5.0 GHz (IEEE 802.11a)


Maximum Data Rate


54 Mbps (IEEE802.11g and IEEE 802.11a)


11 Mbps (IEEE802.11b)


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