Games Microsoft XBOX TOEJAM & EARL III User Manual

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About Photosensitive Seizures

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching video games.

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms including: lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects.

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms—children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures.

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther from the television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-litroom, and not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued.

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.

Other Important Health and Safety Information.

The Xbox Instruction Manual contains important safety and health information that you should read and understand before using this software

Avoid Damage to Your Television

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially frontor rear-projectiontypes, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox games, are played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of game play may “burn in” to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the static image to appear at all times, even when video games are not being played. Similar damage may occur from static images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult your television owner’s manual to determine if video games can be safely played safely on your set. If you are unable to find this information in the owner’s manual, contact your television dealer or the manufacturer to determine if video games can be played safely on your set.

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, rental, pay for play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited.



The Story ...................................................................


The Characters.....................................................




The Main Menu ............................................................................


Basic Movement ...........................................................................


The Map Screen ...........................................................................


The Present Menu ........................................................................


Pause Menu ................................................................................




Structure and Progress.................................................................


Using Presents..............................................................................


Completing Missions ....................................................................


Converting Earthlings....................................................................


Talking to Earthlings .....................................................................


Sneaking Up on Earthlings............................................................




High Fives .....................................................................................


Rhythm Matching .........................................................................


Entering Elevators .........................................................................


Using Mailboxes ...........................................................................


Promotions ...................................................................................


Saving Games...............................................................................


Two Player Games ........................................................................


Collectable Objects ....................................


General Features..............................................


The Worlds...............................................................


The Earthlings.......................................................








1.Set up your Xbox video game system by following the instructions in the Xbox Instruction Manual.

2.Press the power button and the status indicator light will light up.

3.Press the eject button and the disc tray will open.

4.Place the ToeJam & Earl III disc on the disc tray with the label facing up and close the disc tray.

5.Follow on-screeninstructions and refer to this manual for more information about playing ToeJam & Earl III.

Avoiding Damage to Discs or the Disc Drive

To avoid damage to discs or the disc drive

Insert only Xbox-compatiblediscs into the disc drive.

Never use oddly shaped discs, such as star-shapedorheart-shapeddiscs.

Do not leave a disc in the Xbox console for extended periods when not in use.

Do not move the Xbox console while the power is on and a disc is inserted.

Do not apply labels, stickers, or other foreign objects to discs.




1.Connect the Xbox Controller to any controller port on the front of the Xbox console. For multiple players, connect additional controllers to available controller ports.

2.Insert any expansion devices (for example, Xbox Memory Units) into controller expansion slots as appropriate.

3.Follow on-screeninstructions and refer to this manual for more information about using the Xbox Controller to play ToeJam & Earl III.



The Twelve Sacred Albums of Funk have been stolen! It is up to you to travel to Earth as Big Earl, ToeJam and Latisha in order to recover the twelve Albums for Lamont – the Great Funkopotamous – and funkify the situation, returning order to the universe. On your journey you will encounter hordes of the most unfunky Earthlings you’ve ever seen, dozens of cool gift-wrappedweapons andpower-ups,five vast environments, and tons of humorousmini-gamechallenges that will test your skills, your wits, and your Ways of the Funk.



“Why act humble if you got it all.”

ToeJam (TJ) is feared and admired by all other rappers, desired by all the hottest ladies of Funkotron, and looked up to by all as a leader and a role model … in his dreams! The truth is, TJ’s natural abilities are considerable, but they are nothing compared to his self-confidence.It's

about the size of a planet.

ToeJam's biggest dream is to have a girlfriend. Any girlfriend. Which is to say, in TJ’s view of things, he just hasn’t picked one yet.

ToeJam knows, without any doubt, that the best way to win a girl over

is to wear her down with his sharp and irresistible wit, overwhelm her with his

raw, undiluted charm, and impress her with his third leg. What?! He has three legs.

TJ’s latest goal in life is to get Latisha to admit that she is madly in love with him.

Big Earl is TJ’s closest friend. He’s the only one TJ doesn’t bother trying to impress. TJ knows that Big E will always be there to back him up.


Big Earl

“Don’t sweat it, it’s all good.”

Big Earl (Big E) never gives a moment’s thought to how cool he is. He is simply Big E and he don't sweat the small stuff. In fact, Big Earl don’t sweat nothin’… He just takes it as it comes, at his own laid back pace. In his cool, good-naturedway, Big E manages to enjoy just about everything. He has never had a bad thought about anybody in his wholeEarl-life.

Big E is just about the only one on Funkotron who can put up with ToeJam on a daily basis. While others might not understand it, Big E actually looks up to ToeJam. Big Earl grew up next door to ToeJam and has been his homeboy since nursery school.

Earl could Rap before he could talk. His first words were, "Yo, What Up?" Between nap times, he and TJ used to put on Rap performances in the alley behind the nursery school. Earl seems innocent, but like Latisha, he's been around

the block.

Big Earl has a mountain of respect for Latisha, and thinks of her as his sister.



“You can talk about it or you can just do it. Just don’t waste my time.”

Latisha has a long history of guys trying to put the moves on her. One thing they all learn is that no one --and that means no one--

messes with Latisha!

In addition to having a sharp mind, Latisha is also blessed with a hot bod and a wicked sense of rhythm. Latisha can bust

out some moves like nobody’s business, and she has that special grace of

someone who never worries about what other people think.

Latisha comes from a very wealthy family. But no one, not even TJ or Earl, is aware of this. It’s Latisha’s secret. Latisha is never quite sure why she hangs with TJ and Big E. Maybe it’s because Big E is about the only guy who never tried to make a move on her. Or, maybe it’s just that she finds being around Big E very comforting. In an odd way, she has even grown to like ToeJam and all of his annoying but harmless attention.

Latisha has a sharp wit, as does ToeJam, and although she’d never admit it, she enjoys being

challenged by him and would miss him if he wasn’t around.



Lamont was born in a manger in a back alley of downtown Funkotron. What was a manger doing in a back alley of Funkotron? This remains a question to this day, but Lamont was born there nonetheless. Although Lamont’s mother says that Lamont was an immaculate conception, neighbors interviewed claim that this is highly unlikely given her active social calendar. The moment Lamont was born, a hush came over the land and a bright star appeared above the manger. Many wise Funkotronians bearing gifts followed the light of the star, but it turned out to be an airplane, and they all ended up at the airport in the next city over. Those who came upon Lamont were afraid to approach him. Some say it is because of his powerful presence and purity. Others say it is because he looked like a freaky little blue worm with huge bug eyes. Whatever the reason, it was clear that he was special.

As Lamont grew up he had an ever increasing sense that destiny was calling to him. “Lamont!” it would say. “Lamont!” Some believe this is why Lamont was always looking over his shoulder and shouting “WHAT!” at unexpected times. Lamont’s first crushing moments came when he discovered that his destiny was not going to lead him to become the top all time basketball player on Funkotron. It was crushing mainly because the basketball landed on him, and he had to be rushed to the hospital. The day that Lamont was released from the hospital, he happened to pass the Mall where they were holding a random drawing for prizes. First Prize was a new jet scooter, and so Lamont scribbled his name on a card and entered the drawing. He didn’t win the jet scooter, but he did win second prize, and this was to be crowned the new Funkopotamous, ruler of Planet Funkotron

and Original Source of all Funk in the Known Universe. Lamont was flabbergasted. He had never won anything in his life. He was presented with roses and his

new Funk crown and given the sacred Funk Album collection, which he would henceforth be responsible for. “Speech! Speech!” everyone cried. Unfortunately, all Lamont could think about

was the jet scooter that he had almost won, so after some tears, he just said... “Thanks.”


In the years that followed, Lamont grew into his role as Funkopotamous. Eventually, he came to believe that he was in fact the source of all Funk in the Known Universe. As it happens, some Funkotronians were skeptical of this, until the day Lamont made his guest appearance on the dance show Soul Bus. Lamont got so seriously down, and busted so many extreme Funk moves, that few Funkotronians could thereafter deny Lamont's rightful place as Funkopotamous.

The Anti Funk

This character is a complete mystery --even to his own family. If you want to learn more about theAnti-Funk,you will have to make it to the end of the game. Good luck.


The Main Menu

One and Two Player Games

You can choose a one player, or a two player game.

Story Mode Versus Random Mode

Once you reach a certain point in the Story Mode, you will unlock the Random World Game. After this, you can play again and again for endless replay value.


Load Game

You can choose to load a previously saved game.


Download Content

If your Xbox console is connected to the Internet, and you have established an Xbox™ Live account, you can select Download Content and can go online to check for cool new levels or playable characters. If there are new levels or characters to download, you will be taken to the Xbox™Live Download Manager. Once you have finished downloading, any new playable characters will appear when

you start a new one or two player game from the Main Menu, or when you visit the Character Switch Platform in one of the Zones. If you download new levels, you should go visit Ahnold in one of the Zones to gain access.

With downloadable content and Xbox™ Live, you will find all new playable characters and cool new levels for extended replay value--so sign up now!


You can choose to listen to any one of the Vinyl Albums you've collected.


You can see a diagram of the controls used in the game.

Rating Mode

You can choose between Naughty (T-Rating)and Nice(E-Rating)for the dialog in the game.



Left thumbstick

Lets your character walk or run around


depending on how much pressure is applied.

Right thumbstick

Pressing left and right swings the camera


around. Pressing up and down moves the


camera toward and away from your character.

A button

Makes your character jump.

B button

Displays your Present Menu.

X button

Unleashes your Funk Fu attack.

Y button

Fires a Funkify Note.

White button

Displays the Map.

Black button

Talk to Friendly Earthlings. If they’re not


friendly, press this to taunt them and make


them chase you.

Left trigger

Hold to enter Look Around Mode, where you can


view the action through your character’s eyes.

Right trigger

Swing the camera forward.

START button

Brings up the Pause Menu

BACK button

Cancel an active Present. When no Present is


active, pressing this button will display your


current Point, Buck, Key, Karaoke Microphone,


Funkify Note and Extra Life Bug totals.


Directional Pad Controls your Quick Pick Present. Press Left and Right to cycle between the Presents in your inventory. Press Down to activate the selected Present. You will need to turn on Quick Pick Present in the Player Options menu.


The map, like all good maps,will show you where you are. The map starts off hidden. You will uncover the map, tile by tile, as you travel to those areas. To exit the Map Screen you can press the White button again, or theB button. In a two player game, one player can instantly join the other by pressing theA button.

On the map you can find the location of:

The Elevator


The Vinyl

The Shopkeeper


The Funkotronian Agent

Floating Balloon Presents

Unlock Present Pedestals

Hidden Bridge Portals

Level Doors

The Wiseman

Zone Gates

The Sushi Chef

Gate Battle Platforms

The Gospel Choir


The Present Menu

Here you’ll find all the Presents you’ve collected. Anytime you find yourself in trouble, try pressing your B button to access the Present Menu! Once in there you can press yourA button to use a Present, theX button the get help on a Present, theY button to drop a Present and theB button to quit out of the Present Menu.


Pause Menu

While the game is paused, press Right andLeft on the Left thumbstick to scroll between a variety of useful screens and options.

To Do Checklist

Here you'll find a reminder of all the tasks you should complete on the current Level, such as finding the Elevator, completing the Mission and finding the Vinyl. You can press up and down on the Left thumbstick to scroll through the Levels you have visited.

Player Stats

Here you'll find all your vital stats: your Rank, your Belt Level, and how many Funkify Notes, Bucks, Points, Lives, Keys, Karaoke Microphones and Extra Life Bugs you have collected.

Level Stats

This screen lists all the items that are remaining for you to find: Keys, Karaoke Microphones, Earthlings left to be converted, Funkify Notes, Presents, Balloon Presents, Hidden Bridges and Hidden Objects. You can press up and down on the Left thumbstick to scroll through the Levels you have visited.

Vinyl Albums

Here you’ll find all the Albums you’ve collected so far. At any time in the game you can change the music by selecting an Album and changing tracks. Every album has 3 tracks, each of which last approximately 2 minutes.



Here you’ll be able to Save a Game, Load a Game, adjust your Display Options, Help Options, Player Options or Sound Options, or choose to Quit your current game.

Save Game

You can save your current game at any time.

Load Game

You can choose to load a previously saved game.

Display Options

You can change whether your Player Heath Bar stays on all the time or disappears when it’s not needed, turn on and off Quick Pick Present, and choose whether the screen should always be split in a two player game.

Player Options

You can enable or disable the Vibration Function. You can also set the rating mode for in-gamedialog to either Nasty(T-Rating)or Nice(E-Rating).

Help Options

You can turn on and off some help options. With General Help, Lamont sends in his flying Help Bot in to give you suggestions and pointers. With Level Help, Lamont gives you some hints about the level you are about to play when you first enter.

Sound Options

You can change the volume of sound, music or voices in the game.


You can choose to quit your current game.



Structure and Progress


You’ll need to collect Keys in order to unlock Level Doors. You don’t need to collect all the Keys, but each Level Door requires a certain total, so if you don’t collect enough, you may need to go back into earlier Levels and get more Keys.

Level Doors

Level Doors are found throughout the Five Zones of the World. You will need Keys in order to unlock them and gain access to each of the Levels in each Zone. As you collect more and more Keys, you will be able to access higher Levels.

Karaoke Microphones

Inside many of the Levels are special Missions you will need to complete in order to earn Karaoke Microphones. These Microphones are needed in order to gain access to the Gate Battle located in each of the Zones.

Gate Battle Platforms

Using Presents

Presents are valuable and important to your quest! Collect Presents, buy Presents, steal Presents — and press the B button to access them through your Present Menu. Remember the Golden Rule: “To Die with many Presents in your inventory is to bring great shame upon the Funkopotamous”.

Completing Missions

Lamont has sent Agents from Funkotron down to Earth to help you on your quest. These Agents will send you on special Missions to Funkify certain Earthlings who are critical to the task at hand. To accomplish a Mission you must first find the Funkotronian agent in the patchwork Human suit. He will give you a package to deliver. Pay close attention to which Earthling you are searching for! You must find this Earthling,


Funkify them, and give them the package. In return, you’ll get a Karaoke Microphone. You will need these to gain access to Gate Battles!

The Funkotronian Agent and the Earthling will both show up on your map as soon as you have located them. If you get stuck, take a look at your To Do Checklist and make sure you haven’t missed a mission in one of the Levels.

Converting Earthlings

Now, you don’t always need to convert every Earthling, but it sure is fun to bring them over to the Ways of the Funk. Plus, by doing so you’ll earn valuable Points. Once converted, Earthlings are friendly. Talk to them to get Bucks, hints and help.

Talking to Earthlings

You can talk to any Earthling any time by facing them and pressing the little Black button (the one next to the little White button) on your controller. Earthlings that have shining Rays over their heads will drop some money for you if you talk to them.

Sneaking Up On Earthlings

Sometimes you will encounter Earthlings who are asleep. If you are careful, you can sneak up on them. A bubble over their head that says "Shhh!" means you'd better tiptoe. A stop sign means you'd better stop and wait for them to fall back asleep. If you can get close enough, shout at them by pressing the Black button to startle them awake. Occasionally, they will drop a Present.


Earthlings love costumes, and as far as they’re concerned, you’re wearing one. You can ring doorbells and Trick-or-Treat.Never mind that it’s not Halloween.

High Fives

If you're playing a two player game, you can face each other and press the Black button to share a High Five and share your Health.

Rhythm Matching

Rhythm Matching is a powerful way of converting Earthlings and earning Points. In fact, it is possibly the most potent “weapon” in the game. In


Rhythm Matching, you will see and hear a sequence of beats that you will need to play along with by pressing the X andY buttons. Nearby Earthlings will stop and dance, and each time you successfully match a sequence of beats, Funkify Notes will shoot out of you toward the Earthlings. The more challenging a sequence, the more Funk it creates and the more Earthlings you’ll convert. As your character goes up in Rank, you’ll be able to shoot out more and more notes, and by the time you reach the upper Ranks you will be able to convert a large group of dancing Earthlings all at the same time. You can tell whether you are close enough to Earthlings by the tiny dots that emanate from your body while Rhythm Matching.

As you get better at Rhythm Matching, the sequences will start to get more and more challenging. If you have trouble, they’ll become simpler.

Rhythm Matching has a few added benefits. You can stand still or walk around while Rhythm Matching. When there are no Earthlings around that need Funkification, matching rhythms will earn you points. Earthlings can’t attack you while you match, so it is a good way to pass through dangerous territory. Any Hidden Present, Hidden Earthling or Hidden Portal will pop out of hiding when they come within range. And, Funkify Notes won’t run away from you while you are matching, so they’re much easier to catch. Feel the Funk, baby!

Perfect this skill and you will definitely have a leg up on your way to achieving the Rank of Funklord!

Entering Elevators

Elevators are always found inside the Levels, and will take you out of the Level and back to the Zone.

Using Mailboxes

You can use Mailboxes to send off for valuable mail order Presents, which arrive instantly by Balloon. The number of Bucks that you currently have is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The cost of each Present for sale is displayed to the right of the Present’s name.


As Lamont says, “Promotions make a big difference — and I mean BIG.” Earn Points to earn Promotions. You can check your Player Stats screen to see how many Points you need to reach the next Rank. Once you’ve earned enough Points, go see the Wiseman in the Carrot Suit. Every time you earn a new Rank you will receive new abilities. These include things like a longer life bar and higher Funk Fu belt levels. Remember that at the


end of the game, before you can face the Anti-Funk,you will need to have achieved at least the rank of Rapmaster! Tip: to earn additional points, be sure to do as many of theMini-Gamesas you can.

Saving Games

Every time you collect a Karaoke Microphone or retrieve one of the Sacred Albums of Funk, your progress will automatically be saved. You can also save your game at any time by going to the Pause Menu and selecting Save Game. You can’t save your game while playing a MiniGame or an Xbox Live Downloaded Level.

Two Player Games

You can start a two player game from the Main Menu, or a second player can join your game at any time by pressing the START button.



You’ll find Presents all over the world left behind by Lamont’s dawg Santa Funk. Get used to checking your Present Menu (by pressing your B button) whenever you’re in trouble.

Locked Presents

On some Levels there will be Presents to “unlock”. When you find these Presents they will be on Pedestals. When you “unlock” a Present this means that it is available for use in the game. If you have any Presents in your Present Menu that are locked, they will have a lock over the


Present icon. If you wish to unlock this Present type, search through the Checklists of all of the Levels you have been though (by pressing the Start button, and then scrolling up or down) to see which Level that Locked Present on a Pedestal is on.

Risky Presents

Some Presents are Risky Presents. Risky Presents have a certain percent chance of backfiring. This probability is different for each player character. When a backfire occurs your Present gets treated as some random bad Present. If you wish to fix

a Risky Present you can use a “Fix Present” Present.

Unidentified and Mystery Presents

Sometimes Presents are Unidentified, and you won’t know what’s inside until you open them. You can ask the Wiseman in the Carrot Suit to tell you what’s inside, for a fee, or you can use an Identify Present Present.

Open Presents

You’ll find some open Presents on the ground. Some Presents you can find are High Tops, Spring Shoes, Laugh Blaster, Funk Rhythms and Icarus Wings, just to name a few.


Money makes the world go ‘round.

Bucks will let you buy all kinds of things. You can pay tolls on some bridges, you can pay off the Wiseman to identify some of your Unidentified Presents for Two Bucks, buy Presents from the Mailbox,

buy Funkify Notes from the Gospel Choir, buy Sushi-To-Go,and if you’re



you’ll find a Shopkeeper. He’s got the best Presents for sale.


Points will help you to increase your Rank, which is essential to converting those pesky Earthlings.

Good Food

Good Food will keep your Health up, which keeps you from dying! Good Food varies from Fresh Pumpkin Pie to Fudge Brownie Sundae. There are different point values for each Food. You can also buy Sushi-To-Go from the Sushi Chef, or catch the Fey Baker for some Cake.

Bad Food

You do not want to eat this stuff if you’re ToeJam or Latisha! You’ll lose points. There’s everything from Stale Toast to Maggot Filled Egg Salad with Vomit Sauce. Mmm, mmm. But hey, if you’re Earl, he’ll eat anything and be happy — all Food is Good Food to Earl.


Keys will get you into sublevels.

You need keys!!


Karaoke Microphones

You need Karaoke Microphones to gain access to Gate Battles. Once you successfully win these Gate Battles, you’ll unlock other Zones

Extra Life Bugs

Every 100 of these little life bugs you collect, you’ll earn an extra life!


Disco Ball

The spinning Disco Ball that floats above the heads of Earthlings lets you tell whether they’re Friendly or Nasty. Red means they’re Nasty, and Mad. Silver means they’re Friendly. Green means they have something to sell you. Shining Rays means they have something to say to you

— so talk with them by pressing your Black button.



Whenever you see a little shimmering purple circle on the ground, walk into it and press the A button. It’ll let you enter a Door, use a Mailbox, talk to an Earthling, or Trick or Treat.


Whenever you see a little shimmering blue circle on the ground with a “Telepad” sign over it, walk into it and press the A button. The Telepad will take you back to the main plateau on the level.


You will find Doors throughout the various Zones. Some Doors require a certain number of Keys to enter, displayed above the Door. Other Doors require a Special Item to gain access.

Mini Game Platforms

You’ll find these Platforms locked away under chains in various parts of the Zones. You’ll need to collect a certain number of Keys, displayed above the Platform, in order to gain access.


Gate Battle


There is one of these special Platforms in each Zone. You will need to collect a certain number of Karaoke Microphones in order to gain access to this special challenge. Defeating the Gate Battle will unlock another Zone.

Zone Gates

In each Zone are Zone Gates that will take you between the various Zones of the world. You will need to win a Gate Battle in order to unlock each of the Zone Gates.


Searchlights appear to show you where to go next. Go into Look Around Mode (by pressing the Left trigger) in order to spot Searchlights in the distance. They will show you the way to new Doors, MiniGame Platforms, Gate Battle Platforms and Zone Gates.

Secret Levels

In each of the Zones are Secret Levels to which you can gain access. But, you will need Special Items that can only be had by completing certain Missions in the various levels of the game.


Hidden Objects

Sometimes you will see little sparkles on the ground that give away the location of Hidden Objects. Use your Funk Fu (on the X button) to uncover them. Sometimes you’ll get a Present, sometimes an Earthling. When your Rank is high enough, you will hear a sound and feel a rumble when you are near Hidden Objects. This is your Sixth Sense.

Downloadable Content

Go online to Xbox Live and download cool new Playable Characters and Levels! You can use the Character Switch Platform to change characters. Go see Ahnold to gain access to the downloaded levels.

Lamont Help

Lamont may not be there with you in person, but he’s there in spirit and advice. Lamont’s Help Bot is there to guide you and give you useful information from time to time.


There’s tons of secrets hidden throughout the game. For example, try dropping an Extra Bucks Present near a well in the Grassy Zone. You’re in for a surprise. You can learn about new secrets by talking with Earthlings and completing Missions.


Character Switch Platform

Sometimes you feel like an Earl, some times you don’t. You can use the Character Switch Platform,

found in each of the Zones, to switch between ToeJam, Big Earl and Latisha. Remember, each character has individual strengths and weaknesses, so learn to take advantage of all three.



Rolling hills, babbling brooks, small villages and farms. Watch out for the Fat Man with his out of control lawn mower!


Bus stops, basketball courts, graffitiladen buildings and bridges. Watch out for the Insane Dentist — he doesn’t like using Novocain.


Sweeping dunes, oases, mesas and pueblos. Watch out for the Very Unfunky Country Singer out here.



Ice lakes, magnificent aurora borealis skies, and igloos. Watch out for the Yeti — he might just poke you with his sharpened pencil!


Islands, beaches and palm trees galore. You’ll even see flamingos flap overhead. Watch out for the sexy Wahine babe in here — she’ll make you dance!

The Final


If you make it far enough, you will do battle once and for all with the Evil Anti-Funk.


You’ll encounter some of the most unfunky Earthlings you’ve ever imagined on your way to the Anti-Funk.


Feeling skinny yet? This guy will give you access to all of the goodies you’ve downloaded from Xbox Live.

Boogie Man

Boogie Men come out at night. They are invisible when they stand still. X-Rayglasses will help you see them.



She may inadvertently whack you with her pom poms when doing a cheer. There are worse ways to die than this.

Chicken with Mortar

This chicken shoots her own eggs at you.

Construction Worker

Getting jiggled doesn’t hurt you but touching him hurts big time. Try jumping just as he starts to use his jackhammer.

Country Singer

Most Unfunky, his Country Western music fires blasts of Anti-Funkwhich knock your Funkify notes off of you.

Cow Ghost

You can’t see him until he’s near.

His cow spirit will possess you.

Crazed Shopper

She’ll take you out with her shopping cart.

Try to dodge her at the last second.


Falling in love doesn’t hurt you — but it’s hard to walk straight, and you can walk on air.


He followed you back from you-know-where.

He can’t be converted, so don’t try.



These are wannabe Funkotronians. You know the type. If you like to gamble, give them a buck and ask for change.

Fat Man with Mower

This guy is like a bull. Dodge him at the last second.

Fey Baker

Catch him to get some cake worth 50 points of life!

Funkotronian Agent

He's not really an Earthling, but he’s got the supremely clever Earthling disguise on. He will give you secret Missions to complete.

Geek Brothers

These guys use their remote control robot orb. When it hits you it causes one of your Presents to be opened at random.

Gospel Choir

Buy Funkify Notes from the Choir. 3 Bucks gets you 3 Notes. Amen.

Insane Dentist

Sneak up on him and shout if you find him asleep. His drill is really painful.

Mailbox Monster

Mailboxes are often not what they seem.

These guys do lots of damage.


Medusa Baby

In addition to turning you to stone, she causes either 3 or 5 of your Identified Presents to get randomized.


He will steal your Presents. Catch him above ground, or convert him or touch him, to get your Presents back.

Nasty Little Girl

Don’t let anybody see you get killed by little girls. Her kick doesn’t do a lot of damage, but she is persistent and hides a lot.

Ninja Bunny

He uses the ancient Ninja art of bunny disguise.

Keep moving to dodge his kick.


Don’t mess with Pomeranians, man.

These little dogs are seriously scary.

Rich Lady

She doesn’t do much damage, but her little dogs are pretty scary.

Santa’s Elf

Catch him and get a Present.


If you get caught in the water, try using a Present to get away.


He sells top of the line Presents. He will also buy any Present from you for 2 Bucks.


Sushi Guy

He sells Sushi-To-Go.

This Food is worth 30 points of life.


Her flash will hurt you and blind you for a few moments, and do damage to you.


Hula dancing doesn’t hurt you. It’s only a problem when other dangerous Earthlings are around.

Wiseman in a Carrot Suit

The Wiseman will identify any Unidentified Present for 2 Bucks. He will also give you your Promotion when you have enough Points for one.


He is a Master of Disguise. He tries to poke you with a sharpened pencil.


There are tons of Presents in the game of all different shapes and sizes. You will

need to learn to use each of them in order to make your way to the Anti-Funk.


Eats and Bucks


This Present immediately gives you good food. The amount of health it gives you depends on the type of good food, and this is random. If your rank is RapMaster or above, like all food you get double life points.

Extra Life

This Present gives you an extra life. No surprise there.

Orgasmic Food

This Present will fill up your life bar all the way! Use it at just the right time.

Sushi To Go

Aliens love sushi. Sushi is worth 50 points of life. If your rank is Rapmaster or above, like all food you get double life points.

Extra Bucks

This Present gives you three extra Bucks. Four if you're ToeJam.

Instant Points

This Present gives you 300 points.


This Present give you 5 Bucks. Nine if you're ToeJam.

Movement Presents

Spring Shoes

This is a timed Present. Press the A button to bounce higher and higher. To steer yourself, use the left thumbstick.

Double Time Wings

Lasts twice as long as regular Icarus Wings.

Icarus Wings

This Present has a timer. Press A to flap. To glide, stop flapping and press forward on the left thumbstick. To drop down, release the button and thumbstick.

High Tops

This Present has a timer. These make you run faster and jump farther than normal.


Inner Tube

This Present has a timer. Use it to travel faster in water. Press the X button to drop down and pick up items below the surface.

Rocket Skates

This is a timed Present. Press A to accelerate. Earthlings get scared and panic, and if you hit them, they’ll jump off the edge.

Triple Time Wings

Lasts three times as long as normal Icarus Wings.

Affects Earthlings

Chill Out Megaphone

This Present has a timer. Press the A button to use this. Point it at a nearby Earthling to freeze them in place for a few seconds.

Create Earthling

This Present will create an Earthling. It may be a friendly one, or it may be a nasty one. Take your chances.

Funk Fu Blast

Open up one of these and watch the earthlings around you get converted.

Funk Rhythms

This Present has a timer. X andY buttons to match the Rhythm. You are safe while it lasts. Match well to convert Earthlings or get points.

Funkify Notes

This Present contains 3 Funkify Notes. These are ammunition for your Funkify Shot on the Y button.

Laugh Blaster

This Present has a timer. Bring out the heavy guns, and fire unlimited shots at Earthlings by pressing the Y button. If your rank is low, it’s a turret. When your rank is high enough you can drive around and shoot.

Mega Funk Fu Blast

This Present is like a Funk fu Bomb. It sends out a ring of golden Funk Notes and does major Funk damage to all Earthlings around you.



Bad Opera

The Earthlings are terrified of opera. Use this Present by pressing your A button and watch them run away and jump off cliffs.

Boom Box

This make nearby Earthlings dance for a moment so you can run away.

Bubble Shield

This Present has a timer. It’s a defensive shield that will keep you safe for a short while, and help you get past dangerous obstacles.


This creates a balloon dummy of you. Earthlings will think it’s you and keep attacking it instead of you until it pops.

Sleep Fog

This puts all the earthlings to sleep. They will wake up if you make too much noise.

Stupid Hiding

This Present has a timer. Stand still to disguise yourself as a tree. Earthlings will not notice you’re around.

Affects Other Presents

Change Present

This lets you change any Present you select from your Present Menu into another Random Present.

Duplicate Present

This allows you to select a Present from your Present Menu and duplicate it. Your new Present will drop from the sky on a balloon.

Fix Risky Present

This Present will fix one of your Risky Presents into a Non-RiskyPresent, with no surprises.


This allows you to select a Present from your Present Menu and identify it. If a Present has a name next to it, then it is already identified.

Identify All

This will identify all unidentified Presents in your inventory.


Protect Presents

This will protect your Presents for the duration of the level from bad things — like the Medusa Baby and the Mole.


Mystery Present

This is an unidentified Present. Use an Identify Present to find out what it is, or go see the Wiseman.

Teleport Once

This will teleport you instantly to a random location.

Teleport Timer

This is a timed Present. You can teleport as many times as you want to a random location each time you press the A button.

Teleport to Elevator

This will teleport you instantly to the Elevator.

Teleport to Vinyl

This will teleport you instantly to the Vinyl Album in the level.


This will teleport you instantly to the other player.

Warp to Keys

This will warp you to Keys each time you press the A button.

Warp to Unlock

This will warp you to any Unlock Present Pedestal each time you press the A button.


This is a timed Present that will allow you to see Hidden Presents, Earthlings and Bridges.

Super Present

Black Belt

This is the highest belt of all. You can convert any Earthling with just one swipe of Funk Fu.

Super Funkify Notes

These high power Funkify Notes will last for the duration of the level you open it on. They convert Earthlings with a single shot.


Super Funk Rhythm

This Funk Rhythm will generate massive Funkify Notes that convert Earthlings in one shot! Use it to convert all the Earthlings you can.

Super Rocket Skates

You will have Rocket Skates for the whole level until you cancel it.

Super Spring Shoes

You will have Spring Shoes for the whole level until you cancel it.

Super Wings

You will have Icarus Wings for the whole level until you cancel it.

Super X-RayVision

You will have X-Rayvision for the whole level until you cancel it. You’ll be able to see all Hidden Presents, Earthlings and Bridges.

Bad Present

Burnin’ Up

This Present has a timer and will set your funky booty on fire and make you panic and run.

Evil Rocket Skates

These are like normal Rocket Skates, but with the pedal floored all the time. They can be useful, but watch out!

Here I Am

This is a bad Present. It is on a timer. This Present makes Bad Earthlings appear, and calls all Bad Earthlings in your area.


This is a bad Present. It will randomize 3, 5 or 10 of your identified Presents depending on its strength.

Root Beer

This is a timed Present that gives you some life points, but makes you burp. Watch out, burping will wake up sleeping earthlings.

School Book

This is a timed Present that will put you to sleep like all good school books do.


This will create a Tornado near you.


Map Related

Show Elevator

This will show the location of the Elevator on the map.

Show Map

This will reveal the entire map.

Show Hidden Bridge Portals

This will show the location of all Hidden Bridge Portals on the map.

Show Hidden Bridges

This will show the location of all Hidden Bridges on the map.

Show Hidden Objects

This will show the location of all Hidden Objects on the map.

Show Presents

This will show the location of all the Presents on the map.

Show Vendors

This will show the location of all the Vendor Earthlings on the map.

Show Vinyl

This will show the location of the Vinyl Album on the map.

Present Combos

You can activate powerful Present Combos by opening one Present, then opening another. For example, if you open a Funkify Notes Present while flying with Icarus Wings, you can fire Funkify Notes from the air as long as the wings last. There’s a number of other Present Combos, but you will need to talk with Earthlings in order to learn them.



Developed by ToeJam & Earl Productions

Produced by Visual Concepts

Published by Sega of America


Lead Designer & Creative Director

Greg Johnson

Project Manager

Mark Voorsanger

Lead Programmer

Steve Scholl

Production & Design Assistant

Suruchi Krieglstein

Executive Producer

Scott Patterson, Visual Concepts


Camera, Graphics & Game Engine


Steve Scholl

Artificial Intelligence, Mini-Games

& Boss Battles

Matt Russell

User Interface & Sound

Randy Tudor

Character Controls,Software

Tools & Utilities

Richard Fife


Graphic Special Effects &

Performance Optimizations

Robert Leyland

Random Level Generation

Mark Voorsanger


Lead Environment Artist

Maida Kreis

Lead Animator &

Concept Artist



Rob Skiena

Environment Artist

Hal Smyer

Texture Artist

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Additional Artwork

Lee Ballard

Robin Lujan


Music Composition, Sound FX &

Sound Engineering

Burke Trieschmann

Gospel Singing

Genevieve Goings

Gospel Composition

Greg Johnson

Genevieve Goings




Greg “Big Earl” Brown

Sherrie “Latisha” Jackson

Kirk “ToeJam” McHenry

Other Character Voices

Genevieve Goings

Rob Skiena

Burke Trieschmann

Greg Johnson

Suruchi Krieglstein



Executive Producer

Scott Patterson

Library and Tools


Tim Walter

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QA Manager

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Lead Tester

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Quality Assurance

(In Alphabetical Order)

Eric Andreassen

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Vice President - Entertainment


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Back cover to be supplied