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Getting Started . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Starting Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Getting Into the Game . . . . . . . 6

The History of Nosgoth . . . . . . 8

Kain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

Raziel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Game Progress . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Telekinesis (TK) . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Kain’s Unique Abilities . . . . . 14

Raziel’s Unique Abilities . . . 16

The Reaver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Health and Feeding . . . . . . . . 20

Status Screen . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Combat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22

Bonus Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Enemies and Strategies . . . . 26

Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27


Call the EIDOS Gameplay Helpline


Up to $1.99/minute

Please be 18 or have parental permission or call 800-295-5870with a major credit card



1.Set up your Xbox video game system by following the instructions in the Xbox Instruction Manual.

2.Press the power button and the status indicator light will light up.

3.Press the eject button and the disc tray will open.

4.Place the Legacy of Kain: Defiancedisc on the disc tray with the label facing up. Close the disc tray.

5.Follow the onscreen instructions and refer to this manual for more information about playing the game.


Insert only Xbox-compatiblediscs into the disc drive.

Never use oddly shaped discs, such as starshaped or heartshaped discs.

Do not leave a disc in the Xbox console for extended periods when not in use.

Do not move the Xbox console while the power is on and a disc is inserted.

Do not apply labels, stickers,

or other foreign objects to discs.



1.Insert the Xbox Controller into any controller port of the Xbox console.

2.Insert peripherals into controller expansion slots as appropriate.

3.Follow the onscreen instructions and refer to this manual for more information about using the Xbox Controller to play this game.

When vibration is On, the Controller will vibrate in response to game events. You can turn vibrationOn/Off in the Options Menu.

(See page 7.)


In this game, you can save your game data and/or replay data onto the Xbox Hard Disk. The Hard Disk must have at least 22 blocks of free space available in order to save games.

Do not reset the game while saving, or your game data could be lost

or corrupted.


This game is presented in Dolby Digital. Connect your Xbox console to a sound system with Dolby Digital technology using a digital optical cable with an Xbox Advanced A/V Pack or Xbox High

Definition A/V Pack. Select Dolby Digital in the Dashboard menu of the Xbox display to experience the excitement of surround sound


This game can be set to display a higher resolution image on TVs that support progressive scan mode (EDTV, HDTV). In order to use the progressive scan mode, you need a TV that can accept this type of input (see your TV operation manual), and an Advanced A/V Pack or Xbox High Definition

A/V Pack.

To activate the progressive scan mode, select Progressive Scan in the Dashboard menu of the Xbox display. Please note that on some TVs, activating the progressive scan mode will set the format of the image to a wide screen (16:9) format (see below).


We support wide (16:9) screen mode. In order to play in wide screen mode, select Wide Screen under Video in the Dashboard menu of the Xbox display.


















Game start: display Title Menu.



In game: Pause/open Pause Menu.


Open/close Status Screen.



Shuffle Status Screens.



Highlight (select) menu item.



Confirm selection.



Cancel selection.









Move character, climb, swim (Raziel only).



Aim Telekinesis sight.



Action: interact with objects/environment, pick up/use



artifacts, push/rotate, grab/drag object.



Dive while swimming (Raziel only).



Tap to fire Telekinesis blast.



Hold to lift enemies off ground, aim with L



and release to throw (see page 13).



Jump up, jump on/off climbable walls.



Running jump (with L).



Slow descent/long jump (Kain; press and hold).



Glide (Raziel; press and hold).

?4/3: Select Reaver enhancement.

1/2: (Raziel only), shift between Spectral/Material planes, pressXto confirm (see page 16).


Hold to aim Telekinesis, release to launch.


Camera (nudge to look around environment).


Click to enter/exit first person mode and look around



SeeCommon Abilities on page 12 for more explanation on character moves.



Lift attack (ground), slam attack (air).


Fatal blow (feed Reaver).


Special attack (with L; see page 24).


Slash attack.


Reaver Spell (hold/release).


Special Attack (with L; see page 24).


Tap to fire Telekinesis blast.


Hold to lift enemies off ground, aim with L


and release to throw (see page 13).


Special Attack (with L; see page 24).


Jump up (double-tapin combat mode.


Dodge (with L; see page 23).


Hold to manually enter combat mode (if desired).


Tap to manually exit combat mode (before


battle ends).


Hold to feed: Kain – drink blood, Raziel – devour


soul (see page 20).

SeeCombat starting on page 22 for full explanations on combat moves.





Options – Adjust thein-gamesettings. (See page 7 for details.)

Bonus Materials – Review and select Bonus Materials you’ve unlocked by your successes

in the game.

Dark Chronicle – Replay storyline cinematics you’ve revealed during your progress through the game.

1.At start-up,the game will scan the Hard Disk forLegacy of Kain:

Defiancesaved game data.

Note: Legacy of Kain: Defianceis an epic game. We recommend

saving your progress frequently and continuing your saved games for the most satisfying game experience.

2.On the Title Menu, press >to begin. Options that now become available are:

Continue Game – Available if data is alreadyauto-savedon the Xbox Hard Disk from a previous game during

the current play session.

Start a New Game – Start the game from the beginning.

Load Game – Resume a game you manually saved. On the menu that appears, highlight

a saved game and press A. You will return to the game at the last checkpoint you reached prior to saving. (For information on saving, see page 7.)


During play, press >to pause the game and display the Pause Menu. From here you can save your game progress and modify game options.



You can save your game onto the Xbox Hard Disk at any time during play. Press >to pause, and selectSave from the Pause Menu. HighlightCreate a New File or an existing save slot and pressA. All your progress to your current point will be saved. Your location at your last checkpoint is also saved.

If older Legacy of Kain: Defiancegame data exists in the slot you selected, it will be overwritten during the save. Be careful: once data is overwritten, it cannot be recovered.

Legacy of Kain: Defiancerequires 22 blocks of free space to auto-save data and allow one manual save.

Each additional manual save requires 9 blocks of free space.

To resume a saved game, select either Continue Game orLoad Game from the Title Menu/Start Game screen. (See page 6.)

Do not turn off the power while saving. Doing so could damage or destroy the saved data.

Move Lor?1/2to highlight an option, and4/3to adjust the setting. PressAto see a submenu, if available.

Sound and Music – Select game audio during play: Sound, Music,or Sound and Music.

Subtitles – Toggle the subtitle display toEnglish orOff.

Vibration – Turn the controller’s vibration functionOn/Off. When vibration isOn, the controller will vibrate in response to game events.

Brightness – Adjust your TV’s brightness to your comfort level.

Hints – Turnon-screenhints


Go Back – Return to the game.





In the centuries before Kain’s birth, the land was protected by an oligarchy of sorcerers known as the Circle of Nine. These guardians were sworn to serve and protect the Pillars of Nosgoth, the ancient edifice towering over the earth as a manifestation of the mysterious

power that preserved and gave life to the land.

But the Circle was infiltrated by dark forces, and Ariel — the Balance Guardian — was cruelly murdered. Her assassination sent psychic shockwaves throughout the Circle, and in their derangement the remaining sorcerers turned their powers to dark purposes, poisoning the land with their sorcery and abandoning the Pillars to stand like silent, decaying sentries.


Into this dying world Kain was born. The son of an aristocratic Nosgoth family, he lived the privileged life of a nobleman, never realizing his undiscovered destiny — that he was marked from birth as Ariel’s successor, fated to take her place as the Guardian of Balance.

Ignorant of his destiny, the ambitious but directionless Kain roamed the land — during one fateful journey, he was ambushed by brigands and murdered, cruelly impaled

on his assassin’s sword.


Plucked from the brink of oblivion by the Necromancer Mortanius, Kain awakened in the underworld, still transfixed by his enemy’s blade. Tormented by his hunger for vengeance, and heedless of the spiritual cost, Kain recklessly accepted the Necromancer’s offer of revenge — and rose from his tomb to discover that he had been resurrected as a vampire.

Kain quickly tracked down his assassins and exacted his bloody revenge. With his vengeance and hunger sated, he sought only a cure for the vampiric curse that afflicted him. Guided by Mortanius and the specter Ariel — now bound helplessly to the decaying Pillars she once served — Kain hunted down each of the corrupt sorcerers now poisoning Nosgoth. Only with their deaths could the Pillars be healed — and only by restoring Balance would Kain be released from his vampiric curse.

At first reluctant to live the horror of an existence blighted by a thirst for human blood, Kain soon adapted and discovered, within his darkened soul, a growing disaffection

for humankind as he embraced his newfound immortality.

During his journey, Kain discovered and claimed the Soul Reaver, an ancient souldevouring blade, and stumbled across — not so coincidentally — a time-streamingdevice created by Moebius, the Guardian of Time.


Against the counsel of the ancient vampire Vorador, Kain found himself embroiled in human events, caught in a bloody battle between Ottmar’s Army of Hope and the ruthlessly advancing armies of the Nemesis, from the north. As the tide of the battle turned, Kain used his only means of escape — the time-streamingdevice, which swept him nearly fifty years back into Nosgoth’s past.

Hoping to alter the course of Nosgoth’s history, Kain assassinated the young King William the Just, who would become the diabolic tyrant known as the Nemesis. After sating himself on his victim’s blood, Kain returned to the present

— only to discover that his murder of the beloved King had ignited a genocidal war against vampires, led by the time-streamer,Moebius, himself.

Upon his return, Kain witnessed the future that he had wrought — and the final, triumphant act of Moebius’s cold-bloodedmob. Vorador, the last of the era’s vampires, was guillotined and his head held aloft for a cheering, bloodthirsty crowd — leaving Kain the sole surviving vampire in Nosgoth.


As his quest brought him full-circle,Kain confronted the destiny that Mortanius and Ariel had hidden from him — that he was the Balance Guardian, and that only by sacrificing himself could he restore the Pillars. Ariel presented him with a final, climactic decision

— sacrifice himself to heal the land, but ensure the extinction of the vampires; or refuse the sacrifice, and seal the world’s corruption.

Revolted by the machinations of the human sorcerers and alienated from his former humanity, Kain chose the latter path — opting to rule the world in its damnation rather than commit himself to oblivion. This apocalyptic act completed the Pillars’ destruction — the mighty columns toppled as Kain sealed their ruinous fate — and damned Ariel to ceaselessly haunt the dilapidated Pillars she once served. Until the Balance is restored, she can never be released.


Kain concluded with the realization that Vorador was right — that vampirism is not a curse but a blessing . . . that vampires are dark gods whose duty it is to thin the human herd.

With intentional irony, Kain established the ruined Pillars as the symbolic seat of his new empire, and the shattered Balance Pillar as the base of his throne. In an act of calculated

blasphemy, Kain raided the ancient tomb of the Sarafan, a fanatical order of warrior-priestsonce sworn to eradicate the vampires plaguing Nosgoth. From the desiccated corpses of theselong-deadknights, Kain raised his six vampiric “sons” to become the Lieutenants of his fledgling empire.

But the Pillars, Kain ultimately realized, were more than just a human edifice — the health

of the Pillars was tied inextricably into the health of the land. With the Pillars left unrestored, corruption seeped slowly into the land like

a poison, turning his empire into an irredeemable wasteland.


Rather than evolving slowly over time, vampires experience periods of accelerated metamorphosis, entering dormant states from which they emerge transformed.

When Raziel, first among Kain’s Lieutenants, revealed his latest evolution — a pair of bat-likewings — Kain responded with an act of seemingly egotistical sadism. Tearing Raziel’s newly fledged wings from his back, he ordered Raziel to be cast into the Lake of the Dead, where he would burn forever in the

roiling Abyss.

Raziel tumbled endlessly into the murky depths, his flesh dissolving as he burned with white-hotfire. After an eternity of torment, Raziel’s ruined body came to rest — and as the pain receded, he realized that he had not only survived the descent, but had been delivered to the very seat of the Underworld.

Like Kain before him, Raziel was saved from the brink of oblivion by a mysterious benefactor — a preternaturally ancient god dwelling in the depths of the Abyss, who transformed Raziel into a devourer of souls, and released him back into the world to take his revenge.


Raziel, now the Elder God’s fledgling angel of death, resurfaced to discover that centuries had inexplicably passed since his execution. Kain’s empire lay in ruin, and Raziel found himself

assailed by the degenerate offspring of his former brethren, who had long since devolved into monstrous forms.

Undeterred by these revelations, Raziel pursued Kain across Nosgoth’s blasted landscape, galvanized by a hunger for revenge, and a relentless new thirst — not for the blood of humans, but for the vampires' apostate souls.

Kain, however, had other plans for Raziel. Seemingly unsurprised by Raziel’s miraculous return, Kain baited Raziel along the course of his single-mindedvendetta, channeling him into battle with his mutated brethren, and into a fateful confrontation at the Pillars, wherein

Kain raised the Soul Reaver against Raziel.

The ancient blade, believed to be indestructible, shattered when Kain attempted to strike Raziel down. The soul-devouringsentience captive in the blade was thus released, and binding itself to Raziel as awraith-blade,became his symbiotic weapon.

Kain seemed not stunned but strangely satisfied with this shocking outcome, and lured Raziel further into Nosgoth’s northern wastes, leading to their final confrontation in Moebius’s longabandoned Chronoplast chamber.

Driven by the fatalistic visions revealed by Moebius’s devices, Kain activated the timestreaming portal that would propel him and Raziel centuries into Nosgoth’s past. Free will, Kain feared, might only be an illusion — but he knew their fates were intertwined in ways that Raziel had not begun to fathom.


Swept back into Nosgoth’s early history, Raziel began to unearth the secrets of his past …

how his coming was foretold by an ancient race, Nosgoth’s original Vampires, who forged the Reaver for their champion, as the weapon of their salvation.

how he himself slaughtered the Sarafan Lieutenants, and was his own murderer, and how he thus became the catalyst not only of Kain’s future empire, but of his own dark destiny.

and finally, how he was fated to become the ravenous spirit imprisoned in the Soul Reaver blade — that this was, and always had been, the purgatorial cycle of his destiny. The wraithblade, he finally understood, was his own soul, twinned and bound eternally to him.

His motives still a mystery, Kain sought to change history by preventing the blade from consuming Raziel’s soul. But Raziel, nearly obliterated by the Reaver, realized that he could never escape this terrible destiny — Kain had merely postponed it.




Cunning and relentless, the vampire Kain battles the oppressive agents of Fate that seek to destroy him. For centuries, he has ruthlessly pursued a singular ambition — to take his rightful place

as Balance Guardian, thus returning Nosgoth to vampire rule. And Raziel, he believes, is the key to fulfilling this goal. Armed with the legendary Reaver blade

— the weapon fated to become Raziel’s eternal prison — Kain seeks to reclaim their true destinies from the wreckage of history.

Kain wields the Reaver in its physical form, a blood-drinkingblade forged by Nosgoth’s ancient Vampires as the weapon of their prophesied hero.



Health Gauge

Reaver Gauge

Balance Emblem Menu


TK Meter — Holds energy in its green Runes for performing Telekinesis. Each TK use expends some energy, and overuse depletes the reserves. The meter gradually refills when not in use. You can extend your TK power by finding TK Runes, which increase the meter’s capacity. (SeeTelekinesis (TK) on page 13 for expanded information.)

Health Gauge — Holds Kain’s health. This gauge is a globe of blood, which is depleted when Kain is wounded or as his hunger grows. The gauge is filled by drinking enemies’ blood, and drains even as Kain searches for more victims. You can increase your health capacity by finding Health Talismans, allowing Kain to build up a greater supply of health to meet increasing game dangers. To drink blood, press and holdron a vulnerable enemy. The longer you hold down the trigger, the more blood you’ll drink. (See page 14 for more details.)

Reaver Gauge — Holds the Reaver’s energy charge. With each strike, the Reaver absorbs some of its victim’s energy, adding to gauge amount. When the gauge is full, the Reaver becomes charged and a Reaver Spell is armed. The amount decays over time, so Kain must continually seek out and battle enemies to maintain the Reaver’s energy. PressYnear a stunned or vulnerable enemy to feed the Reaver with the victim’s life energy and fill the gauge. (SeeThe Reaver beginning on page 18 for more information.)

Balance Emblem Menu — Holds the Balance Emblem fragments Kain has discovered. Each shard empowers the Reaver with a different combat effect. Use?to select and activate any available segment of the Balance Emblem. (See page 19 for additional information about the Balance Emblem.)


Once the greatest of Kain’s vampire lieutenants, Raziel is now only a ruined specter of his former glory. Armed with the wraith-bladeof the Soul Reaver, he strives

to unravel the truth behind his enigmatic fate, a destiny apparently foretold in the earliest centuries of Nosgoth’s history. Raziel seeks only to escape the bonds of his one-timebenefactor, now turned adversary — the mysterious Elder God that resurrected him as a reaper of souls — and to somehow avert the terrible destiny appointed for him when the Reaver was forged.

As his weapon, Raziel bears the sword that the Reaver is fated to become — a soul-devouringwraith-blade.

TK Meter

Health Gauge

Reaver Gauge

Reaver Meter


TK Meter — Stores energy in its green Runes for performing Telekinesis. (See pages 10 and 13 for more details.)

Health Gauge — Holds Raziel’s health. This gauge is a coiled spiral, which unwinds as Raziel is damaged or loses energy. The gauge is filled by devouring victims’ souls. While in the Material Realm, Raziel gradually tires and must regularly restore his energy. In the Spectral Realm, his health declines only when he takes damage. Increase your health capacity by finding Health Talismans, which allow Raziel to build up a larger supply of energy to counter increasing dangers. To devour souls, press and holdrwith an enemy in your grasp, or to draw the soul from the body at a distance. If you release the trigger too early, the soul may escape. (See page 17 for more details.)

Reaver Gauge — Holds the Reaver’s energy charge. (See pages 10 and 18 for more details.)

Reaver Menu — Displays various Elemental Reaver empowerments Raziel has gained at Elemental Forges. The colored pips next to the menu show which elemental Reavers Raziel has acquired so far. Press?4/3to select and activate any available enhancement. (See page 19 for more information on Elemental Forges.)

Shift Menu — Press?1/2to display the Shift icons, which Raziel uses to shift between the Material and Spectral Realms. If Raziel is in the Material Realm, he can shift into the spectral plane at any time; if he is in the Spectral Realm, he must be near ahost-creaturein order to shift. (See page 16 for expanded information onrealm-shifting.)





The game’s plot unfolds through chapters, focusing alternately on Kain and Raziel as they pursue their separate quests. Whether their paths converge or veer in opposite directions, their destinies are ultimately intertwined.

While both heroes move through the same worlds (though often on different planes) and share moves in common, each has a unique way of dealing

with puzzles, hazards and enemies, and surviving.


Use Lto move both Kain and Raziel through the worlds. Use their common abilities (on this page) or see pages 1417 for each character’s unique abilities.


Press Ato jump up.

Press Aand moveLfor a running jump.


Jump (A) onto a climbable wall surface to grab on.

Use Lto maneuver up or down.

Either climb to the top, or kick jump (A) off the wall.

Manipulating Objects

Press Xto pick up objects and interact with them. Some objects can be shoved; other rotated; still others can be broken.

You can also grab onto moveable objects and drag them with L.


Throughout their journeys, Kain and Raziel encounter obstacles where their progress is blocked without the aid of some object or artifact. These missing emblems and relics act as keys to trigger events and open paths that are otherwise sealed.

To pick up an artifact, stand near the object and press X.Note: Raziel can only pick up and use artifacts while in the Material Realm (see page 16).

Collected artifacts are automatically inventoried, and can be viewed at any time in the Status Screen (see page 21).

To use an artifact, stand in the desired location, and press X. If the artifact is in the character’s inventory, it will automatically be used.


During your journey, you will pass landmarks serving as checkpoints to your progress. Checkpoints reveal themselves as a glowing symbol appearing on the ground as you cross the checkpoint spot. Checkpoints mark the location you’ll be set back to if your health is depleted, and where you’ll resume the game when you continue it from the Title Menu.

When you resume a saved game, you possess all the progress up to your last saved point. Your location, however, is at the last checkpoint you passed before saving.



Both Kain and Raziel employ Telekinetic force to hurl enemies away or shatter obstacles.

Initially, Kain’s TK powers are much more developed than Raziel’s. From the beginning, Kain can swiftly blast enemies away, or lift them into the air and hurl them in any direction. Early on, he acquires the ability to ignite or douse certain flammable objects using TK.

Raziel’s telekinetic powers are much weaker than Kain’s at first. Though he can fire quick TK bursts to hurl enemies away or shatter obstacles, he cannot lift and throw enemies until later on.


You can manually-aimyour TK to target specific objects and solve puzzles.

Hold down bto display the targeting sight. While holding the button, moveLto position the sight over the target object. Release the button to launch the TK blast.

Use TK to clear obstacles, shatter breakable objects, strike distant switches, and ignite or douse certain flammable objects.


Tap Bto fire a quick blast of TK.

Use the environments to inflict damage. Blast enemies into hurtful or potentially deadly obstacles. Propel enemies into fire, breakable objects and solid terrain obstacles. Throw enemies onto spikes or hurl them from ledges for instant kills.

Hold down Bto lift an enemy, useLto aim, and releaseBto complete the throw.

Each TK use expends some TK energy, shown by green Runes in the TK Meter. TK power regenerates gradually over time, but overuse depletes your energy reserves. You can augment your TK power by finding TK Runes to increase the capacity of the TK Meter. (See page 25 for more information.)








Kain’s ceaseless blood-hungercauses his Health Gauge to drain slowly over time, requiring him to feed frequently to sustain his energy and heal his wounds. When an enemy is vulnerable (either stunned or otherwise incapacitated), Kain can consume

its blood to restore his health.

Hold rnear a vulnerable enemy to bite into the victim or drain its blood from a distance.

The longer the trigger is held, the greater the health benefit.

Kain can dissolve briefly into mist to pass through permeable barriers (such as bars and gates). He also employs his mist form to dodge with supernatural speed in combat.

To breach a gated barrier, use Lto maneuver Kain into the grate. He will automatically employ mist form to pass through.

In some areas, Kain can use his vampiric strength to leap across wide gaps.

Animated markers indicate ledges that Kain can use as jump-offpoints.

While standing on a leap marker, hold down Ato tense for the jump.

Release the button to launch Kain across the gap.


When jumping or falling, Kain can slow his descent to land silently and with greater accuracy.

While in mid-air,hold downA to slow your descent.

Release the button to resume a normal descent.

Kain can fly rapidly between distant locations by transforming into a swarm of bats. He must first concentrate his energy and mentally project himself toward his destination, visible on the horizon. For this reason, he can only employ bat flight from specific sites indicated by animated markers.

While standing on a bat-flightmarker, hold downAto gather Kain’s energy.

Release the button to transform into a flock of bats.

Kain also disperses into bats when his health is depleted, coalescing again at the last checkpoint

he passed.


For vampires, immersion in water is deadly. Kain must be cautious around water obstacles. If he falls in, his health will be immediately depleted, and he will be reset to his last checkpoint.



raziel’s unique abilities


Raziel is a denizen of the Spectral Realm, a shadowy underworld populated by nightmarish creatures and lost souls. To escape the spirit world, he must first find a host creature. Early in the game, he discovers spirit-gasesrising from burial sites, and learns that he can employ the corpses within as conduits to enter the Material Realm.

Once in the physical world, Raziel transforms the host’s flesh into his own image, but his energy is continuously depleted to maintain this physical manifestation. To restore his energy and remain in the Material Realm, Raziel must feed on the souls of his victims. When his energy is exhausted, Raziel loses his physical form and is swept back into the spectral realm,

to his last checkpoint.

By shifting between realms, Raziel can take advantage of the unique properties of each realm.

Raziel must be in the Material Realm to open doors, pick up or use artifacts, move objects, or break barriers. In the spirit world, physical objects are like shadows, and cannot be manipulated.

In the Spectral Realm, Raziel can dematerialize to pass through gated barriers, which are impassable in the physical world.

Some climbable wall surfaces appear only in either the Spectral or Material Realm, requiring Raziel to shift before he can use them.

The Spectral Realm is a darker, more twisted version of the physical world. In some instances, the distortion of the terrain may open

a path that is not accessible in the Material Realm.

Water in the spirit world has no buoyancy. To swim, Raziel must enter the Material Realm.

Shifting from Spectral to Material

In the Spectral Realm, spirit gases indicate where a corpse is buried, which Raziel can use as a conduit to enter the physical world.

To shift from the Spectral Realm into the material world,

Stand on or near a site where spirit

gases are rising. Press and hold ? 1or2to display the Material Icon (the Reaver symbol). If no host is available, the symbol will not be displayed.

Press Y,X,AorBto confirm your intention. Raziel will project his energy into the buried corpse, rise and transform the flesh into his own image as he enters

the Material Realm.

Shifting from Material to Spectral

Raziel can abandon his physical manifestation at any time and return to the Spectral Realm.

To shift from the Material Realm back to the spirit world:

Press and hold ?1or2to display on the Spectral Icon.

Press Y,X,AorBto confirm your intention and shift into the Spectral Realm.


Raziel sustains his energy not by drinking his victims’ blood, but by consuming their very souls. When an enemy is vulnerable (stunned or otherwise incapacitated), Raziel can draw the soul from its body and devour it to restore his health.

While in the Material Realm, Raziel’s energy constantly decays and must be restored. In the spirit world, his health only declines when he is wounded by spectral enemies.

To devour a soul:

Press and hold rnear a vulnerable enemy to tear the victim’s soul out, or draw it from the body at a distance, until the soul is devoured.

If you release the trigger too early, the soul may escape.


Raziel can no longer fly, but he can use his ruined wings to glide across otherwise-impassablegaps.

Press Ato jump.

While in mid-air,press and holdA again to grab your wings and glide.

Release the button at any time to drop back down to earth.


In the Spectral Realm, Raziel can dematerialize to pass through permeable barriers like gates and fences, which are impenetrable to him in the physical world.

While in the Spectral Realm, use L to maneuver Raziel through the barrier. He will automatically dematerialize and pass through.


In the spirit world, water has no buoyancy, but in the Material Realm, Raziel can swim through flooded areas to reach otherwise inaccessible goals.

To swim at the surface, use Lto orient and propel Raziel.

Press Xto dive beneath the surface.

While underwater, use Lto orient Raziel, and press or holdXorA to propel him through the water.

To exit the water, either swim toward a low ledge, or press Ato jump up from the water’s surface.

Raziel cannot engage in combat, manipulate objects, or use TK while swimming.




Both Kain and Raziel are armed with different incarnations of the same weapon — the legendary Reaver blade. Kain wields the sword in its physical form, a blood-drinkingblade forged by Nosgoth’s ancient Vampires as the weapon of their prophesied hero. Raziel bears the sword that the Reaver is fated to become — a souldevouringwraith-blade.

Each bears the Reaver as his sole weapon, and both Kain and Raziel earn enhancements for the blade over the course of the game, enabling them to employ elemental sorcery in their attacks. Like Raziel, the wraith-bladeis a spectral entity; but Raziel can summon thewraith-bladeinto the Material Realm to wield it in combat.


Like Kain and Raziel, the Reaver has an insatiable appetite for its enemies’ life-force.With each strike, the Reaver absorbs a little of its victim’s energy, and the Reaver Gauge begins to fill. Because the energy in the Reaver Gauge decays over time, Kain and Raziel must maintain an intense assault to build the Reaver

to a full charge.

When an enemy is reduced to a vulnerable state, Kain and Raziel may forego drinking the victim’s blood or devouring its soul, and instead feed the victim’s life energy to the Reaver blade, increasing its power temporarily.

Press Ynear a stunned or vulnerable enemy to finish it with the Reaver, feeding its life energy to the blade.

More elaborate combos and finishing moves will fill the Reaver Gauge more rapidly. (See Combat starting on page 22.)


When the Reaver Gauge is full, the Reaver becomes charged and its combat performance is temporarily augmented. The effect varies based on the current Reaver enhancement. For instance, the Reaver may temporarily deal more damage, or inflict paralyzing or stunning force upon its victims.

When the Reaver Charge ends,


gauge is completely depleted.



These arcane stones enable you to build the Reaver to a charge by striking the stone with multiple attacks.


A second effect occurs when the Reaver Gauge is full. A Reaver Spell is armed, indicated by a glow around the Reaver Gauge. The spell can be triggered at any time.

Hold down Xto gather the spell’s energy.

Release the button to launch the spell.

The effect of the Reaver Spell depends on the current Reaver enhancement.

Some spells inflict damage to all enemies in the area.

Other spells affect Raziel or Kain, enabling them to turn invisible temporarily or unleash an flurry of extra-dimensionalattacks.

Some Reaver Spells are useful for solving puzzles.


You can unearth ancient Vampire enchantments that increase the Reaver’s effectiveness in combat, and may help you solve puzzles or defeat obstacles. These are Balance Emblems and Elemental Forges.


Kain discovers fragments of the Vampires’ Balance Emblem. Each shard of the talisman represents a different principle that enhances the Reaver. Kain’s Balance Emblem appears

on and can be activated from

his on-screendisplay (see page 10).


Within the ancient ruins of the Vampire Citadel, Raziel discovers arcane forges that permanently enhance the Reaver with elemental powers. Raziel’s Elemental Reavers appear on and can be activated from his on-screendisplay (see page 16).






Because they are vampiric creatures, Kain and Raziel’s health drains continuously and must be replenished by the blood and souls of their victims. Note: Though Raziel’s energy does not drain in the Spectral Realm, it decays constantly while he remains in the physical world.

To feed, hold down rwhile near a stunned or vulnerable creature.

As Kain, the longer you hold down the trigger, the more blood Kain will receive.

Kain and Raziel can also forego the health benefit in order to feed the Reaver instead, temporarily augmenting its power in combat.

To feed the Reaver, press Ynear a stunned or vulnerable enemy.



Kain and Raziel have a few means to recover their health without engaging in combat or feeding on enemies.

Blood and Soul Basins can be drained to recover health.

Kain and Raziel can feed from chained captives without risk of injury.

Raziel can also feed on the lost souls of the Spectral Realm to replenish his spirit energy.


Both Raziel and Kain are immortal, and cannot be killed by ordinary means. But if they fail to feed, or are wounded too grievously, they are forced to dematerialize and suffer a setback.

Kain bursts into a swarm of bats, re-formingat his last checkpoint.

Raziel becomes dissolute and is swept back to his last checkpoint in the Spectral Realm.



During gameplay, <to open the Status Screen. Here you can assess each character’s progress and current condition.

Use Lor?to highlight various items and display more information about them.

When an item is highlighted, its larger image and name are displayed in the Main Screen.

The Main Screen displays:

Character’s primary goal.

Character’s immediate task.

Primary Goal

Immediate Task

Current artifacts in the character’s possession.

Reaver Enhancements earned. Kain’s screen displays the fragments of the Balance Emblem he has acquired. Raziel’s screen shows the Elemental Forges he has completed.

The Reaver Meter represents the character’s current combat experience, and his progress toward acquiring the next Special Attack. The colored pips indicate attacks already earned, and the Reaver Meter shows the experience earned toward the next attack. (For more information on Special Attacks,

see page 24.)


Press lto open the Bonus Items subscreen, which shows:

Health Talismans collected so far.

Telekinetic Runes accumulated.

Arcane Tomes collected so far.


Press rto open the Special Attacks subscreen, which shows:

Special Attacks acquired. Highlight any Attack Icon to display it

in the main window, along with instructions for performing it.





The combat system encourages the creative use of the characters’ core attacks — slashes, lifts, slams, TK and dodging — enabling you to choreograph your own combo attacks and develop your own unique combat style.

Kain and Raziel automatically enter combat mode when you press any attack button while enemies are present. While in combat mode, the character draws his weapon and adopts a combat stance while he moves. He remains in combat mode until all nearby enemies have been destroyed, or you manually exit combat mode by pressing l.

You can also manually enter combat mode by holding down l(though this is not required). The character remains in combat mode until you release the trigger.


Kain and Raziel do not lock onto a single enemy during combat. Instead they automatically turn to attack the nearest threat, unless you indicate a different attack direction. To target a specific enemy, maneuver Kain or Raziel in that enemy’s direction.


Single and Combination Attacks

Use Y,XandBto perform single attacks. Create combos by linking different button presses in sequence.

Slashing Attacks

Use Xfor slashing attacks, which you can link in sequence to execute athree-attackcombo on the ground

or in mid-air.

Lift and Slam Attacks

Use Yfor lift attacks from the ground.

Tap Yto lift an enemy into the air.

Hold down the button to lift the enemy and jump up to follow it.

While in mid-air,press

the button again for a powerful downward slam.

Use lift attacks to set enemies up for a TK-blast(B) ormid-airslashing combos (X).


Use Bto launch Telekinetic assaults during combat.

Tap the button to quickly blast away an enemy. You can use Telekinesis as long as energy remains in the TK Meter.

When playing as Kain, hold down the button to lift the enemy off the ground, then release it to throw the enemy. Use Lbefore releasing the button to hurl the enemy into deadly or damaging obstacles, or to pull the enemy toward Kain to set

up a combo attack. Kain will lose his TK hold after a short time if he doesn’t throw the enemy.

You can throw enemies onto spikes, into fire, into breakable objects, over ledges, and into architectural obstacles. Some of these targets will be fatal, others will inflict varying degrees of damage.

Some enemies are invulnerable to TK attacks.


Use Ato evade and maneuver around enemies.

Use Lto set a direction and pressAto dodge.

To jump up while in combat mode, press Awhile standing still, ordouble-tapA.


When an enemy has been reduced to a vulnerable state (stunned or otherwise incapacitated), Kain and Raziel can feed to recover their health, or finish the victim with the Reaver to enhance the blade’s combat function.

To drink the victim’s blood or devour its soul, hold down r while near a vulnerable enemy.

To perform a finishing move with the Reaver, press Ynear the victim.


Use the various Reaver enhancements you’ve collected for different combat effects. When the Reaver is fully charged with its victims’ energy, its potency is temporarily boosted.

When the Reaver Gauge is completely full, it glows to indicate that a Reaver Spell has been armed. The spell’s effect is determined by the selected Reaver enhancement, either inflicting damage on multiple enemies or temporarily embellishing the character’s combat attributes

in some way.

To launch a Reaver Spell, hold down and then release X.




Over the course of the game, Kain and Raziel earn experience based on how well they perform in combat. Their progress is tallied by the Reaver Meter on the Status Screen, and is accelerated based on the complexity of the combos performed and how often the Reaver Gauge is built to a full charge.

As Kain and Raziel reach each of the five combat experience levels, they are awarded a new Special Attack. Each attack earned is shown by a colored pip next to the Reaver Meter on the Status Screen.

Press ron the Status Screen to open the subscreen where the Special Attacks are stored, along with descriptions and controls instructions (see page 21).


Pulling off Special Attacks requires timing, skill and practice.

To execute a Special Attack, tap L in the attack direction, and simultaneously press the appropriate attack button — slash (X), slam (Y) or TK (B) — for the desired attack.

There are five types of Special Attacks:

Devastating Strike

A powerful slam attack that bounces the enemy off the ground, setting it up for a follow-upattack.

Tap Lin the attack direction and simultaneously pressY.

Rapid Attack

A vicious flurry of attacks unleashed by rapid button presses.

Tap Lin the attack direction and repeatedly pressX.

Air Strike

A powerful mid-airslam attack that bounces the enemy high off the ground.

While in mid-air,tapLin the attack direction and simultaneously pressY.

Rapid Air Attack

A vicious mid-airflurry of attacks unleashed by rapid button presses.

While in mid-air,tapLin the attack direction and repeatedly pressX.

Telekinetic Stasis

Briefly locks an enemy in mid-airwith TK while still leaving Kain or Raziel free to attack.

Tap Lin the attack direction and simultaneously pressB.




During your journey you can collect Bonus Items that increase your health capacity and TK power. Some items are hidden in arcane containers that must be shattered with the Reaver to release the treasures within. You can collect Health Talismans, Telekinetic Runes and Arcane Tomes.


Each Talisman is broken into three fragments. The character’s health capacity increases one level each time he completes a Talisman by collecting its three fragments. Each character can find a total of 12 shards, for a potential total of four complete health upgrades.

Each Rune enlarges the character’s

TK Meter, increasing his capacity to use Telekinesis. Each character can find

a total of 8 TK Runes.


You can unlock special bonus materials by finding Arcane Tomes hidden throughout the game. When you find

a Tome, approach it to collect it. Each character can find a total of 10 Arcane Tomes.





You may find yourself trapped in combat by physical obstacles or magical forcefields that block your exit. You must destroy all the enemies in the area before the barriers will be lifted.


Some enemies cast offensive or defensive spells on themselves and their comrades. It’s often wise to take out the spell-castersin a group first to prevent them from aiding their allies.

Some spells you will encounter are:

Amplify Damage — Used by the Sarafan and Vampire Hunters to increase the damage caused by their comrades. Indicated by a red glow on the enemy’s weapon.

TK Shield — Used by Vampire Hunters and Revenants to protect themselves from telekinetic assaults. Indicated by a purplishblue glow on the affected enemy.

Regeneration — Used by the Sarafan and Vampire Hunters to heal their comrades during battle. Indicated by a whitish glow around the healed enemy.

Berserk — Used by the Sarafan (and occasionally Revenants) to amplify their battle fury, turning the affected enemy into a ruthless opponent. Indicated by a reddishorange effect on the enemy.

Glyph Shield — Used by the Sarafan, Vampire Hunters and Cenobites as a protective shield that

repels attacks. Indicated by a ring of glowing Runes around the affected enemy. You must destroy the shield before you can damage your opponent.

Fire Shield — Employed by some animated Statues, the shield inflicts massive damage on an attacker who strikes the enemy while it is active. Indicated by a fiery orange forcefield around the enemy.

Summoning — Some enemies can summon other creatures to do their bidding. Summoners’ sorcery fails when they become too wounded.


These spectral foes latch onto Raziel when they attack, siphoning his energy through a spirit-tether.Raziel mustcounter-attackor retreat to escape being completely drained.


These minions of the Elder God strive to ensnare the characters. Kain and Raziel must attack rapidly to escape their grasp. When Raziel is in the material realm, Tentacles will try to drag him back into the spirit world.


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