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About Photosensitive Seizures

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” while watching video games.

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects.

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms-childrenand teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures.

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther from the television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-litroom, and not playing when you are drowsy or fatigued.

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.

Other Important Health and Safety Information The Xbox Instruction Manual contains important health and safety information that you should read and understand before using this software.

Avoid Damage to Your Television

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially frontor rear-projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox games, are played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of gameplay may “burn in” to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the static image to appear at all times, even when video games are not being played. Similar damage may occur from static images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult your television owner’s manual to determine if video games can be played safely on your set. If you are unable to fi nd this information in the owner’s manual, contact your television dealer or the manufacturer to determine if video games can be played safely on your set.

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The Ghoulies . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Any Haven in a Storm?

After walking for hours, Cooper’s map-readingskills are proving less impressive by the minute, the storm is almost upon them, and the latest development reveals Cooper and Amber squinting up at a building that looms suddenly from the darkness…

Perched like a watchful vulture on top of a cliff, Ghoulhaven Hall broods over the shadowy landscape that forms its domain, lit by welltimed melodramatic zig-zagsof lightning.

It’s also noticeably absent from the map.

Cooper shudders. Personally, he’d rather brave the storm than seek shelter in what appears to be the

set of some over-the-top1960s horror fi lm. Amber’s not listening to his concerns, however; she’s

had enough, and manages to drag Cooper as far as the main gates before he insists

on checking the map one last time, trying to work out the quickest route to

real civilization.

Big mistake.

The next time he looks up, the creatures of Ghoulhaven have materialized out of thin air, bundled up the thrashing Amber and whisked her away into the depths of the haunted house! Within seconds, no trace of Amber or her captors remains and Cooper’s world is turned totally upside-down.Stunned, he realizes he has no choice but to attempt a rescue.

What Cooper doesn’t know is that there’s more to Ghoulhaven Hall than meets the eye. A lot more. This fi rst fateful appearance of its inhabitants has given him an inkling that it’s not just your everyday dilapidated old mansion, but until he sets foot inside, he has no idea just how many Ghoulies cram the place from floor to rafters, where they came from, or how they fi t into the master plan of Ghoulhaven’s shadowy owner!



Our hero, an unsuspecting young everyman trying to make the best of his predicament and ultimately rescue Amber from the depths of this hair-raisingHall!


Cooper’s girlfriend, who is not having a good day and isn’t likely to see it improve much until Cooper (hopefully) manages to get her out of Ghoulhaven.


Ghoulhaven Hall’s elderly Butler is one of Cooper’s fi rst contacts within the house, and soon proves himself to be an extremely valuable ally.


The in-houseCook, whose culinary talents may later come in handy— just don’t ask questions about her slightly odd choice of assistant.


Ma Soupswill


Offi cial Groundskeeper of Ghoulhaven Hall, charged with the unenviable task of patrolling and maintaining the gardens and outbuildings.


The long-servingHousekeeper may look a bit rough around the edges, but she’s worth keeping in mind as a source of Ghoulhaven insider knowledge.

Babs Buffbrass

Right-handman to the Baron of the Hall, Krackpot certainly lives up to his name and is a keen scientist with suspiciously close ties to the Ghoulies themselves.

Dr. Krackpot

The owner of Ghoulhaven Hall, and the slightly unhinged mastermind behind Cooper’s entire nerve-janglingordeal. Is a fi nal reckoning with

the Baron inevitable?

Baron Von



Can’t wait to take a Ghoul by the horns? That’s the spirit! Here’s what you need to know in order to plunge straight into the adventure.

After the introductory sequence you’ll see the Save screen, gateway to the main game. There are three separate slots available for you to save your progress, each as vacant as a zombie’s head upon your fi rst visit. Use ? (D-pad)to highlight an empty slot, then pressA to open it. Next, enter a name using? (move cursor),

A (select),l orr (move text cursor), andX (toggle symbols).

Note: If you have a previously saved game, press A to open the slot orX to delete the save fi le. Once the slot is highlighted,Y displays info and stats on your progress.

Finally, you’ll reach the slot’s menu screen with three further options.


Select this to throw yourself straight into the game. In a slot with saved game data you’ll pick up Cooper’s story at its most advanced stage, so if you’d rather start elsewhere, use the Replay Chapter option in the Features menu. Naturally you won’t be able to jump to a Chapter ahead of those cleared of Ghouly infestation.


From here (depending on progress made in the current save slot) you can replay completed Chapters, watch storybook scenes, listen to the soundtrack, view credits, access other game demos, and tinker with in-gameoptions such as the camera mode and controller rumble.

Bonus Challenges

Track down and acquire hard-to-find Bonus Books (see Items and Secrets, pages20-21)to unlock special Bonus Challenges. Successfully complete these to win trophies, which in turn unlock further tantalizing extras. Initially none of these Challenges will be accessible, so get searching!

Don’t run before you can walk, sir! Some of those later Ghoulies are most fearsome.




Rotate Camera


L Move

Pause Menu Options b Go to Game Stats pageb Go to Map pageB Return to gameX Quit game

Y View Challenge rules (during Challenges only)

> Pause Game/Skip

Storybook Sequence


l+r Auto-


center Camera


Rotate Camera











A Pick Up Weapon/Advance Text


When Holding a


Permanent Weapon


R(Right thumbstick):

R Attack

Push in the direction of your attacker


to swing the weapon, or hold it in


that direction to fi re!




Permanent Weapon





Ammo Gauge


Challenge Door



Challenge Icon

Cooper’s Energy




Weapon Grab



Getting Around in


Just as Cooper is never quite sure what he’ll

fi nd around every twist and turn of Ghoulhaven’s spooky corridors, it might come as a surprise to you that Grabbed by the Ghoulies isn’t structured in the way you might expect.

More specifi cally, your fated route through the Hall isn’t entirely straightforward. Cooper

often receives hints and tips from unexpectedly helpful strangers, prompting nervous retracing of steps in search of secret passages, newlyopened doors, and lesser-knownpathways. Sometimes the advice offered may even seemtoo helpful, but under the circumstances, who can afford to ignore it?

Certain rooms could end up being visited more than once, but don’t expect to face the same situation behind those familiar doors each time. Cooper could pass through a room relatively unhindered once, twice, maybe three times, only to fi nd a whole army of Ghoulies awaiting him on his next visit…


Cooper’s entire trial by fear in Grabbed by the Ghoulies is split into Chapters. Each

Chapter delivers a new main goal, beginning with the rescue of Amber from right under the Ghoulies’ slimy noses. The fact that this occurs at the end of Chapter 1 should give our hero a hint that there may be more to this quest than he was expecting!

Having the story divided into Chapters also makes it easy to return to specifi c areas or restage your favorite battles through the Features menu of the save slot, without having to drag Cooper through the preceding perils and pitfalls over and over again.




Ghoulhaven Hall and its grounds are split into over 50 rooms of various sizes which could be anything from a narrow, gloomy hallway with peeling wallpaper to a wide outdoor farmyard haunted by all kinds of eerily unfamiliar sounds and shadows.

Each Chapter of the game takes place over a number of rooms, some telling a more tangled and far-reachingtale than others. By the time he’s wrapped up his business at Ghoulhaven, Cooper’s likely to know the layout of the place better than Crivens himself!

Battling the Ghoulies

While Cooper might not have willingly chosen to be in this situation, he’s certainly not going to let it get the best of him. Undaunted by numbers, he’ll press the attack against oncoming Ghoulies with a vengeance, trusting in sheer bravado (and occasional blind panic) combined with a repertoire of armed and unarmed combat moves to see him through.

Regardless of whether or not Cooper’s lucky

enough to have picked up a weapon, R (Right thumbstick) is always used to launch his attacks. Movement is controlled separately by

L (Left thumbstick). In combination, the two thumbsticks give Cooper the freedom to aim punches, kicks, and weapons in any direction, not just the one he’s facing. You’ll soon see how essential this is to overcoming the (sometimes terrifying) odds!

The range and variety of unarmed combat moves open to our hero comes as a surprise even to him, and the type of move executed depends upon distance from the target and position in the chain of attacks. See the Weapons section (pages 22-23)for more details on the arsenal of Temporary and Permanent Weapons stored deep within the mansion, and what spectralbottom-kickingadvantages each of the different types has to offer.




A single pulsing red heart is used to represent Cooper’s

energy, shrinking and beating faster as he becomes weaker and more scared. In a further twist to the Ghoulies tale,

initial energy levels upon entering a room are never fi xed and can vary, potentially making encounters and Challenges (see pages 18-19)a lot trickier than they fi rst appear!

Energy is lost by taking hits from the Ghoulies or falling victim to shocks. Should Cooper lose all his Energy, he’ll go into a Faint. This is far from the end of the road, however, and

you’ll see no Game Over screen in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Instead, Cooper returns to the start of the scene or another suitable point, ready to give it another shot.



Although Cooper’s kept permanently on edge by Ghoulhaven’s chilly atmosphere and lurking tenants, it’s the Hall’s capacity for sudden Scares that can have the most shocking effect.

Scares are surprise events such as phones ringing without warning or Ghoulies popping up at windows, and if Cooper fails to avoid the visible Scare Sphere that these create, he’ll lose control and become numb with fright. Not only does this make him almost impossible

to move and too terrifi ed to defend himself (hence the attack function lockout), it also means he will receive double damage if he’s unlucky enough to be surrounded by attacking Ghoulies when it happens!

Super Scary Shocks

Think of these as more dangerous, high-riskScares.

A Super Scary Shock can crop up either

as part of normal play or during a special sequence, and is easily recognizable from the row of buttons that pops up onto the screen. It’s a ghoulish test of reactions in which the buttons displayed must be pressed, in order and as quickly as possible, to help Cooper shake off the paralyzing fear. Taking too long to snap out of it will result in a loss of precious energy. Needless to say, you should beware the Super Scary Shock!


These come in a whole range of ectoplasmic flavors and provide most of Grabbed by the Ghoulies’ franticin-gameaction. Variety is key here, as Challenges can involve achieving something withina time limit, taking out your

frustrations on the background scenery while in search of a hidden key, or simply surviving in the face of overwhelming odds.

Challenges don’t automatically happen every time you visit a room, but you’ll know it when they do. A Challenge begins when an exit door suddenly becomes a Challenge door. The Challenge requirements appear on-screen,and Cooper has no way out until the requirements are fulfi lled. Beat the Challenge and the door opens; suffer a Faint and you’ll have to learn quickly from your experience in time for the next attempt!

Break a rule or exceed the time limit and the Grim Reaper Ghouly appears, a truly alarming foe who can induce Fainting with a single touch. Cooper can persist at a Challenge even with the Grim Reaper hot on his heels, but it certainly won’t be easy.

There are several sets of Challenge criteria, which are combined and shaken up later in the game to create increasingly wild situations.







One Breed

Defeat all Ghoulies of a specifi c breed.





Defeat All

Defeat all Ghoulies, regardless of





Find The

Locate a key hidden within a



background object.


Find The

Pin down and overcome the Ghouly


Ghouly Key

holding the key.



Complete the Challenge without the



use of weapons.



Complete the Challenge using only








Don’t Get

Complete the Challenge without



taking a single blow.





Next One

Don’t defeat Ghoulies of the same



breed in succession.






Vanquish a specifi c number of









Vanquish a specifi c number of



Ghoulies of any breed.






Don’t defeat Ghoulies of a specifi c






Don’t defeat any Ghoulies at all!


Defeat Any




Complete the Challenge using a



limited number of attacks.





No Damage

Don’t damage the scenery or furniture.






Survive for the stated amount of time.





Time Limit

Challenge must be completed within



a time limit. This extra factor can be



added to any of the Challenge types.






In the classic tradition of Sinister Enemy Hideouts everywhere, the main collectibles in Ghoulhaven Hall are weapons that can be picked up and

used to great effect against the local shambling denizens. Cooper’s not complaining about this, but there are other items to be found which could prove even more valuable. Some of these will be supplied at the appropriate time, such as the allimportant map; others lie scattered throughout the Rooms, there for the fi nding by anyone who takes a break fromGhouly-bashingto seek them.

Breakable Scenery

During Cooper’s initial scuffles with the Ghoulies, it’ll quickly become clear that various elements of the background scenery can be picked up or demolished. As soon as you

discover that some surprisingly useful Temporary Weapons can be unearthed this way, there’ll be no stopping you.

However, note that thorough destruction of the Baron’s ill-gottenproperty can yield further bonus items, such as...

Soupswill’s Super Soups

Ma Soupswill is known for the restorative properties of her soups, and Cooper is likely to fi nd more than a few cans littered around the household (Ma’s way of making it available to a wide audience). Just be aware that some batches have had unexpected side effects, and not always welcome ones!

Bonus Books

Bonus Books can be found in every room of the Hall. Some rooms have more than one Book to offer, though only one at a

time: different volumes from the same room must

be picked up on later visits.

Collecting Bonus Books is by no means essential, but the number of Books found will have a direct impact on the range of extras laid open in the Features menu. Even when the game has been completed, you can replay individual Chapters to scour whole areas of Ghoulhaven for Bonus Books with a minimum of backtracking.


A handful of the mansion’s rooms are populated by bound and helpless victims of the Baron, who unfortunately can’t be freed during Cooper’s initial journey. Only in the later stages of his quest will he have the opportunity and the means to come back and save them. Maybe then he’ll fi nd out whether there’s any kind of reward for doing so!



All weapons obtained by Cooper during the course of his unplanned night out can be grouped into one of three categories: Permanent Weapons, Temporary Weapons and Special Temporary Weapons.

Permanent Weapons

These are weapons passed on to Cooper at key stages in the game by other characters. Each is ‘permanent’ in that Cooper automatically makes use of the weapon until

the time comes for it to be unceremoniously whipped from his hands.

Permanent Weapons are generally crucial to success at these key points, either because they can damage an otherwise invulnerable enemy (such as the vampire-unfriendlygarlic blunderbuss), or because they provide another function alongside their value as a weapon (like the candle, which lights Cooper’s way as well as being a hot item to use against mummies).

Each Permanent Weapon has a fi xed level of ammo that decreases with use, but mercifully the meter refi lls itself when the weapon is not in action.

While this means that ammo does have to be used sparingly at the risk of Cooper being attacked when the meter hits rock bottom, it also means that he’ll never be unarmed and helpless for more than a few seconds at a time.

Temporary Weapons

These notable features of Ghoulhaven Hall’s

interactive environments can certainly make things easier in a tight spot. From chairs to

cues, vases to bottles and books to burgers, they can be found in a wide array of forms just waiting to be swung or hurled at Cooper’s drooling foes. Of course, all have their limits—eitherin supply or in the number of hits that they

can take before falling apart. When you see the Temporary Weapon Grab Icon, press A to

take hold of the Weapon, R to attack andB to discard (if something better comes along)!

Special Temporary Weapons

Used as above, these are larger parts of the scenery that can’t be picked up but can be manipulated as powerful fi xed weapons, such as billiard tables and couches (watch

for the Temporary Weapon Grab Icon). Again, each of them will only take so much damage before becoming useless. Cooper might want to address these shortcomings with Baron Von Ghoul’s interior decorator the next time he sees him.



The opulent rooms and darkened passageways of Ghoulhaven Hall are home to all manner of Ghouly breeds, each and every one of them bearing an intense objection to Cooper’s presence. Ghoulies can be humanoid, animal

or object, alive or dead, animate or inanimate, but all are dangerous and must be overcome (preferably by hammering them to a pulp) if Cooper wants to rescue Amber and escape to the relative safety of the storm that continues to rage outside.

Due to the vast differences between Ghouly breeds, there are all sorts of ways in which Cooper can fi nd himself injured if his concentration slips. He can be bitten, clawed, punched, burned, electrocuted, cursed and mummifi ed by the hordes of zombies, mummies, skeletons, ninja imps, and items of haunted furniture that infest the corridors.

He’ll also be shown no mercy when it comes to numbers—theGhoulies have no intention of fi ghting fair, and if they can round up 15 or 20 of their kind to bear down on Cooper in a single room, so much the better!



Ah, there you are, sir. It’s just me, Crivens. A few more tidbits have occurred to me that may be of some interest.

You can deliver combinations of blows by holding R in the direction of attack, or single blows by just tappingR.

You may wish to stun the closest Ghoulies before going in to fi nish them off, sir. This will buy you time if you fi nd yourself surrounded.

Don’t be shy to initiate altercations with the environs—“trashthe place,” as I believe you youngsters say.

Always be on the lookout for weapons, as even the most insignifi cant-lookingobject could prove alife-saverin the right situation.

Keep an eye on the Challenge requirements at the top left of the screen, as playing by the Master’s rules is the only way to progress... and to prevent a visit from the Grim Reaper!

Scared out of your wits, sir? In that case I suggest you take a moment to calm down, as the Ghoulies will cheerfully inflict double damage while you’re in this condition.

Remember that you can rotate the camera with

l andr (and center it by pressing both at once), as there are obvious tactical advantages to keeping all your foes in plain sight!

Rare Credits

Game Design

Gregg Mayles

Steve Malpass

Gavin Price

Art & Graphics

Steve Mayles

Ed Bryan

Steven Hurst

Neill Harrison

Darren Nesbitt




Chris Sutherland

Phil Baker

Michael Boulton

Will Bryan

Kieran Connell

Salvatore Fileccia

David Pashute

James Thomas

Mark Wilson

Music & Sound Effects

Grant Kirkhope


Steve Malpass

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Grant Kirkhope

Steve Mayles

David Pashute

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Chris Sutherland

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Quality Assurance

Huw Ward

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Executive Producers

Tim Stamper

Chris Stamper



Program Management

Earnest Yuen


Tom Arnold

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Sean Kellogg

Chris Hind

Sean Jenkin Mike Vargas (Volt)

Cap Stahelin (Volt) David Neel (Volt) Ty Roberts (Volt)

George Townsend (Volt)

Steve Lang (Volt)

User Testing

Eric Schuh


Jim Veevaert Ken Lobb Phil Spencer Ed Fries

User Experience

Keith Cirillo

Dana Ludwig

Jason Groce


Jenni Gant

Dublin Localization Japan Localization Korea Localization Taiwan Localization

Product Marketing

Chuck Frizelle

Print and Packaging Operations

Ernst Janson

Darin Stumme (Volt)



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Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft”) warrants to you, the original purchaser of the Game, that this Game will perform substantially as described in the accompanying manual for a period of 90 days from the date of fi rst

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Returns within 90-dayperiod

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This limited warranty is in place of all other express or statutory warranties, conditions or duties and no others of any nature are made or shall be binding on Microsoft, its retailers or suppliers. Any implied

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For questions regarding this warranty contact your retailer or Microsoft at:

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