Folger Adam 310-1-1-2-24-LCBMA, 310-1-1-2-24, 310-1-1-2-F-12-LCBMA, 310-1-1-2-F-12, 310-1-1-2-F-24-LCBMA, 310-1-1-2-F-24, 310-1-1-24-LCBMA, 310-1-1-24, 310-1-1-F-12-LCBMA, 310-1-1-F-12, 310-1-1-F-24-LCBMA, 310-1-1-F-24, 310-1-1-PK-12-LCBMA, 310-1-1-PK-12, 310-1-1-PK-24-LCBMA, 310-1-1-PK-24, 310-1-1-PK-F-12-LCBMA, 310-1-1-PK-F-12, 310-1-1-PK-F-24-LCBMA, 310-1-1-PK-F-24, 310-1-2-PK-12, 310-1-2-PK-12D-LCBMA, 310-1-2-PK-24-LCBMA, 310-1-2-PK-24, 310-1-2-PK-F-12, 310-1-2-PK-F-12D-LCBMA, 310-1-2-PK-F-24D-LCBMA, 310-1-3-4-24-LCBMA, 310-1-3-4-24, 310-1-3-4-F-12, 310-1-3-4-F-12D-LCBMA, 310-1-3-4-F-24-LCBMA, 310-1-3-4-F-24, 310-1-3-PK-12-LCBMA, 310-1-3-PK-12, 310-1-3-PK-24-LCBMA, 310-1-3-PK-24, 310-1-3-PK-F-12, 310-1-3-PK-F-12D-LCBMA, 310-1-3-PK-F-24, 310-1-3-PK-F-24D-LCBMA, 310-1-30-PK-12-LCBMA, 310-1-30-PK-12, 310-1-30-PK-24-LCBMA, 310-1-30-PK-24, 310-1-30-PK-F-12D-LCBMA, 310-1-30-PK-F-12D, 310-1-30-PK-F-24, 310-1-30-PK-F-24D-LCBMA, 310-1-PK-24-LCBMA, 310-1-PK-24, 310-1-PK-F-12, 310-1-PK-F-12D-LCBMA, 310-1-PK-F-24-LCBMA, 310-1-PK-F-24, 310-1-S-24-LCBMA, 310-1-S-24, 310-1-S-F-12-LCBMA, 310-1-S-F-24, 310-1-SK-12D-LCBMA, 310-1-SK-F-12D, 310-1-SK-F-24D-LCBMA Specsheet


HES® Folger Adam 310-1(X) Electric Strike Body Only

Works with cylindrical and mortise locksets with 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" throw latchbolts


Strikes Electric

The 310 series is a 3 hour fire-rated, industrial grade

electric strike designed for extreme heavy duty applications.

The all stainless steel construction of this device makes it ideal for strength and corrosion resistance.


Standard Features

Tamper-resistant, heavy duty construction

Constructed entirely of stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance

Static strength 1,500 lbs

Dynamic strength 70 ft-lbs

Endurance rating 1 million cycles

Adjustable keeper allows for door and frame alignment 1/2", 3/4" and 1” keeper depths


Fail secure (standard)

Plug-in connector

SecuriCare five-year, no fault, no questions asked warranty

Optional Features

Fail safe

LCBMA Latchbolt & Locking Cam Monitor with Auxiliary Switch


152 Universal mounting tabs

310-2-3 Strike latch guard (astragal)

2001-1 Wire-in bridge rectifier

2001M Plug-in bridge rectifier

2004M ElectroLynx® adapter

2005M3 SMART Pac® III

2006M Plug-in buzzer

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