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Surge Protection


Liebert AccuGuide®

High-PerformanceInterconnect Assemblies for

Systems with Parallel Surge Protection Devices

Interconnect made of conventional wire in conduit distributes line power, but reduces the performance of surge suppressors. The patented Liebert AccuGuide interconnect allows you

to get the most from your SPD by significantly reducing clamping voltages.

Liebert AccuGuide interconnect assemblies can maximize performance by transmitting transients generated by lightning and switching with minimal voltage drops. Each Liebert AccuGuide unit is an assembly of patented coaxial cables. (One Liebert AccuGuide coaxial cable is required for each protected mode.) Each cable minimizes inductance (through reduced coaxial aspect ratios), and features an extremely low impedance (2-10)unattainable in conventional interconnect. As a result, the assembly

delivers practically the entire surge to the Surge Protection Device (SPD). Clamping voltages are greatly reduced and system performance is improved.

Liebert AccuGuide is designed to aid any installation. This accessory is especially valuable in cases where the SPD cannot be installed close to the point of protection (greater than five feet). In conventional interconnect,

voltage loss increases with length — in excess of 16V/ft/kA for an ANSI/IEEE, C62.41 combinations wave. In contrast, Liebert AccuGuide losses are under 4.2V/ft/kA for an improvement of 400%.

General Specifications

Voltage (VAC)

0 to 600

Operating frequency (Hz)

0 to 400

Altitude (m)

18,000 feet

Operating temperature (°C)

-40to +90

Operating humidity (%)

0 to 95 (non-condensing)

Flame resistance


DC resistance (mΩ/ft/mode) ≤ 1.3



Safety agency approval

UL Listed Wire Assembly Kit

Patent number


Liebert AccuGuide Coax Construction

Primary &





Outer Braid



Inner Braid

Ordering Information:

Liebert AccuGuide cable assemblies are available

in several standard lengths for any service

configuration with up to seven modes of

protection. The conductor gauge is configured

to accommodate the system.

How To Order

Liebert AccuGuide®

Voltage configuration:

Wye (Y), Delta (D), Split Phase (S)

Modes of protection:

111-Allmodes for Y system

110-lineto line, line to ground

101-lineto neutral, neutral to ground

Liebert AccuGuide lengths:

5 feet 8 feet 10 feet 12 feet 15 feet 20 feet

Pigtail gauge:

No. 6 AWG No. 8 AWG No. 10 AWG

Note: 5 feet of pigtail length will be provided on each side of the Liebert AccuGuide assembly. Please specify pigtail gauge (conduit nipple to SPD connection/conduit nipple to power source connection).

How to construct an AccuGuide


(ACG) model #


1. Liebert AccuGuide


2. Voltage configuration


3. Mode of protection


4. Liebert AccuGuide length: 8 feet


5. Pigtail gauge: No. 8 AWG


Sample model #: ACGY1110808


Required conduit size: 1 ⁄2" to 2"


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