EdgeStar TWR282S User Manual

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A note on thermoelectric cooling

ThisEdgeStarwinecoolerusesathermoelectricPeltierunitto provide environmentally-friendly, CFC-free cooling. In addition to energy efficiency, and the previously-mentioned environmental-friendliness, thermoelectric cooling is very quiet,making it ideal for homes and offices.

While thermoelectric cooling offers many benefits, the cooling performance of thermoelectric units tends to strongly correlate to the environment in which the units are located. In other wordsthe cooler the environment, the better the cooling perfromance of the wine cooler.

In light of the above,it is helpful to note that this wine cooler was designed for use in a “room temperature” environment (i.e.,with ambient temperatures in the mid-70’s).



Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Model: TWR282S

Thank you for choosing this quality EdgeStar product. This quick-reference guide is designed to supplement your owner’s manual and help you get your wine cooler up and running as fast as possible. For more detailed information, please check your owner’s manual.

If you would like more help or troubleshooting for common issues,feel free to visit us online at www.edgestar.com

Included accessories

This wine cooler ships with six wire shelves (installed), four adjustablelevelinglegs(installed),ahandle,keys,anda“water box”.For unpacking instructions,see the owner’s manual.

Power and controls

Once your wine cooler is completely unpacked and set up, you can plug it in and begin using it.

Operation of the controls are quite simpleturn the thermostat located at the top right rear of the inside of the unit to control the temperature. Turn the thermostat clockwise to decrease the temperature and counter-clockwise to increase the temperature or turn off the cooling unit.

To turn the light on or off, locate the light switch (inside the unit on the upper right side.This switch toggles the LED light on and off.

Lock and handle

This wine cooler ships with a handle and lock. To install the handle,follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

To use the lock,close the door.Insert a key (included) into the keyhole.Turnthekeyclockwisetolockthedoor.Tounlockthe door, again insert the key into the keyhole. Turn the key counter-clockwise.

Temperature range

This wine cooler has a temperature range of low 50’s to mid 60’s (F) under ideal conditions (see Notes on thermoelectric cooling for more info). As detailed above, you can set your desired temperature using the controls.

For your reference,many wine experts suggest that 55°F is an ideal temperature for storage of most varieties of wine.

However, the ideal drinking temperatures for most wines differ. We suggest you do a little research to determine at what temperatures you most enjoy your favorite wines, but we suggest temperatures in the low 50’s for white wines and “room”temperatures (or slightly cooler) for red wines.

Please note that this appliance is a wine coolernot a refrigerator.If you feel that the wine cooler is not cold enough,we suggest making sure the unit is on its lowest setting, giving the unit at least 24 hours to cool,and making sure the unit is not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat.


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