Dymo INRatio Printer User Manual

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Meter Display

Recommended Labels:

Dymo White Shipping Labels 2-1/8"x4", 220 labels per roll Dymo part #30323 or #30573 Available at office supply stores 2-1/4"x4" or 2-5/16"x4"

will also work.

Setting Up the Printer

1.Plug the printer cable into the dataport jack in the meter. Plug the other end of the cable (pins) into the printer. NOTE: Your cable will look different than the one shown in the Axiohm User Manual.

Plug the power supply into the printer then a wall jack.

2.Press any button to turn on the meter. The meter will begin a self test.

3.The meter will prompt for a new test strip.

4.Press the MENU button to view the Main Menu.

5.Press the UP/DOWN button to highlight “CHANGE SETUP”. Press the OK button to select.

6.Press the UP/DOWN button to highlight “PRINTER”. Press the OK button to select.

7.The PRINTER options will be displayed.

Press the UP/DOWN button to choose PRINTER.

Press the OK button to select.

8.Press the MENU button to return to the Change Setup Menu.

9.Press the MENU button to return to the Main Menu.

10.If you wish to perform a test at this time, highlight “RUN TEST” in the menu by pressing the UP/DOWN button.

Press the OK button to select.

Printing Current Test Result

1.Make sure the printer is set up properly by following the directions above. After performing a test, the meter will beep and the test results will appear on the display. Press OK, and the meter will ask if you would like to print. Press OK to print.

Printing Previous Test Results From Memory

1.Press the MENU button to view the Main Menu.

2.Press the UP/DOWN button to highlight "PRINT MEMORY". Press the OK button to select.

3.Press the UP/DOWN button to select one of the following, then press OK to select:


Prints most recent test result


Prints last 7 test results


Prints last 15 test results


Prints all test results in memory

Troubleshooting & Error Messages

If the printer is unattached and "PRINT MEMORY" is chosen the meter will display "ERROR PRINTER PROBLEM". Make sure the printer is on, and all cables are connected properly.

When the printer is out of labels the meter will display "ERROR PRINTER OUT OF PAPER". Load a new roll of labels into the printer.

Connecting the Printer to the INRatio Meter

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Loading a Roll of Labels

1.Open the Printer Cover.

2.Remove the Spindle.

3.Load Labels on Spindle.

4.Cut the lead label to create a nice straight edge.

5.Be sure the power cord is connected and the printer is on. The green power light will flash and you will hear the printer motor turning.

6.Feed the first label into the feed slot on the inside of the printer. The motor will grab the first label and draw the labels through the front slot, stopping automatically after the first label.

Shoulder slots



Light On/Off Form

Button Feed

7.If the motor stops while loading, press the Form Feed button to advance the label.

8.Make sure the Spindle is settled into the shoulder slots.

9.Close the Printer Cover

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