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2 MPS Users Manual

User Manual - Mobile Projection System with Interactive Touch Panel Control

Universal Interactive touch panel

The multimedia Mobile Projection System has been equipped with a special IR (infrared) receiver system that detect the command signals from the hand held interactive touch panel control and relays them to the projector, DVD-VCR,camera and other devices. The detector for this system is located in the front panel under the tilting projector plate. The detector receives the IR signals that may be reflected from the screen or other items before the cart.


window on the front of the interactive touch panel control. The interactive touch panel can be operated in the docking station or hand held simply pointed toward the screen. While in the docking station the batteries are being automatically recharged so when removed it is fully charged.

Fig.1. Touch Panel in Docking Station

The system depending on the model may also have a universal interactive touch panel control such as the Philips Pronto. This interactive touch panel come fully programmed for operation of the Mobile System. This means the interactive touch panel has the unique command code for the devices on the cart. The model of the system and the software version is indicated on the "Home" page of the interactive touch panel. The interactive touch panel, shown in Figure 1, comes with a docking station and internal rechargeable batteries.

Operation of the MPS

To turn ON the system simply touch the "On/Off" button on the panel. The next page, Fig 3, will then appear with special buttons to turn ON each device. Touch each of these buttons. It will take about 15 seconds for the projector to respond and start its lamp. If the projector control lights are ON it is in the warm-upprocess. Should something not start, the command can be issued again, however, if it was ON it may be turned Off. The buttons send the same command for ON or OFF. Next go back to the Home page by touching the "Home" button in the lower right.

General operation

The interactive touch panel control and docking station are included inside the cart drawer.

Remove and place them on the top plate with the dark edge side facing toward the screen. The IR signals are emitted through the dark plastic

Please note that a page will disappear after about 45 seconds if no actions are taken. This is to conserve battery life. Touching the panel or pushing any button will activate the panel image. The touch panel will also beep indicating a command has been received.

MPS Users Manual 3

Fig.3. Home and ON/OFF pages.

The projector should now be operating /and an image visible on the room projection screen. It may be necessary to adjust the projector tray angle, focus, and zoom settings.

With an image on the screen the device of interest can be selected by touching the "Home" button. The "Home Page" then appears and the device to view can be selected by touching the "Watch -------"button.. A control page for that device then becomes visible.

Camera Operation

The "Camera" control page is shown in Fig 4. The controls permit operation of the first level camera functions. For the camera there is a second page of controls for the stored images. This page appears when the "Recall images" is touched.

The next page contains the buttons to select the image to be played full screen (by touching

"Play") or deleting the image. This is followed by

Fig.4. Camera Home Page

the "Play" page, which lets you select the previous or next image in the thumbnail array, or you can delete the image.

The relation of the pages is shown in Fig 5 where the sequence of pages is indicated. To return to prior pages use the lower right "Home" touch button.


The controls for these devices appear when the appropriate button is touched. When watching the DVD or VCR and the "Home " button is touched a STOP command is sent to the player.

This hauls the DVD or tape at the present location. It permits you to return to the same location when you again select the device. Fig 6 shows these control pages.

Fig.5. Camera control pages.

4 MPS Users Manual

Fig.6. DVD and VCR pages.

Sound – Volume Control

The touch panel controls for volume are the lower right side plastic buttons marked with "+" and "–"as shown in Figure 7. Push or hold down the volume buttons. The middle button is the mute control. Repeated pushing will change from ON to the OFF mute state. For some projectors this may also blank the image producing a dark screen with no sound present.

Another volume control is located on the shelf in the cart. It can be used to set the overall volume range and the bass level.

Setting Contrast for the Interactive Touch Screen

To modify the contrast look at the buttons located on the left side of the Touch Panel. Hold the "Contrast" button down and at the same time

press the "+" or "-"buttons to adjust the level. The lowest contrast level will make the image almost disappear.

Shutting Off the System

To turn OFF the system go to the "Home" page and touch the "On-Offbutton. This recalls the page with the three"On-Off"buttons for the devices. Touch the desired buttons. For the projector an on screen message will appear indicating that the projector button must be touched a second time to confirm the OFF command. This is done to avoid unintentional shutdown since the projector may require a 2 minute cool down before it can be restarted.

Special Setup – Clock

The interactive control has been fully programmed to operate with the projection system. The only modification may to set the clock for a specific time zone. This is possible by following the "Setting Time and Date" instructions in the remote control "Users Guide."

Care must be taken to avoid other modifications of the program. Should the program become corrupted and errors detected, a replacement program is available. Contact Dukane.

Correcting operation

If a command does not seem to function or if lost in the menu structure, touch the "Home" button at the lower right on the screen. Maybe the IR output from the remote did not reach the receiver. Also, the system may have been busy working on a prior command. This may require a command to be repeated.

The camera must fully complete a task, such as display the entire thumbnail images, before it can receive another command.

Fig.7. Control buttons on panel.

MPS Users Manual 5

No Image from the Projector

VCR - Check that the VCR is not on a blank tape section at the front or rear of the tape.

DVD- Check that you are not on a blank area of the DVD. Press the "Device Menu" button to get the DVD disc menu.

Computer- Check to see that the computer is connected and set to output an image. Usually the "Fn" and the "F5" keys need to be simultaneously pushed to change the computer image output state on a laptop.

Camera- Check to see if camera is on. Turn the camera light OFF – ON to confirm state.

Control of the Projector

The special projector control menu can be accessed using the "Projector Details" button on the "On / Off" or Power page. The pages shown in Fig 8 indicate the operational options. The detailed control of the projector is described in its’ operating manual. The projector’s "on screen" menu permits special setup type adjustments that are not routinely preformed. Use the "Home" button to return to your starting point.

Fig.8. Special Projector controls.

6 MPS Users Manual

Mobile Presentation System wire diagram.


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