Dukane AV-P720U User Manual

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DUKANE AV Products


!High Resolution Color Camera

!12 X Zoom Lens

!Slide Holder

!Camera Head Rotation


!Single bright light-sourcefor both objects and documents

!One switchable AV input for Easy Video Equipment Connection



Project images of 3D objects and documents to the entire room with this affordable, high quality visual presenter. This unit has on-screenmenu and advanced lighting designed for operational comfort. TheAV-P720 uses it’s patent pending LCS (Light Control Screen) technology to eliminate uneven light distribution and suppresses excess light to ensure comfortable, “easy-on-the-eyes”operation. With it’s high picture quality CCD imaging at 470,0000 pixel you can get every detail needed for your presentation.


Optical lens F1.6 to F2.6 • Shooting Area 13-13/16”X10-1/4’• Focal distance zero to infinity • Motorized (user control) Zoom • Iris, auto/manual • NTSC television system • 1/4”interline-transferCCD • 470,000 total pixels •450 TV lines horizontal resolution • More than 400 lines of vertical resolution • Auto/Auto White Set/manual • Neg./Pos. Inversion


Audio Visual Products


Form # 11502-A-01



High Resolution Color Camera

12 x Zoom Lens

Slide Holder

Camera Head Rotation


Single bright light-sourcefor both OHP and Slide Film

One AV Input for Easy Video Equipment Connection












Model AV-P720Features
















Specifications (subject to change without notice)





The visual presenter consists of a color video camera conveniently
















mounted on an arm above a lighted stage. This, plus the ability to





• Lens:

F1.6 to F2.6, f=4.0 mm to 48 mm





switch images or modify the image size, color and perspective,





• Shooting area

350 x 260 mm max.





provide a powerful presentation tool.











This special affordable model has a high-qualitycamera system






29 x 22 mm min.





combined with an on-screenmenu and an advanced lighting






(1-3/16”x 7/8”)





design for optimum viewing.





• Focal distance

0 to 90 mm (3-9/16”)above the





The high resolution color camera provides phenomenal clarity






platform surface (with close-up














and detail to view objects in ways not possible with ordinary






lens) and infinity to 0.9 m (2.9ft)




















(without close-uplens)














A 12 power zoom lens permits display of objects which occupy





• Zoom control

Motorized (user control)













most of the stage and then zooming down to magnify an area less





• Iris

Auto/manual, selectable













than a postage stamp in size. All by the push of a button. An
























autofocus function keeps the image sharp.





• Center light

1 x 6 w (fluorescent)













To view 35mm slides simply place them in the holder located in





Camera head












• Television system






the camera head. No other visualizer has such a simple slide





• Image pickup

1/4” interline-transferCCD





mounting method. A negative film can also be perfectly displayed





• Total pixels







by employing the “Neg/Pos Inversion” feature.





• Synchronization






Use the camera head rotation to view either the stage or the





• Horizontal resolution

450 TV lines (Y signal)





surrounding room. This works great for conferencing where a wall





• Vertical resolution

More than 400 TV lines





chart, white board, or the attendees need to be shown along with





• S/N ratio

More than 46 dB





objects on the presenter stage.





• White balance

Auto White Set or manual





For high magnification viewing the flip in close-up lens permits



















easy use while assuring that the lens is also available and stays





• Contour correction














with the unit.





• Gamma correction














A single arm-mountedLight Control Screen (LCS) provides even





• Neg./Pos. inversion














illumination for a variety of objects placed on the stage. This





• BW/ color selection














internal illumination makes the visualizer independent of ambient





























• Input terminals

(1) Composite video: RCA plug













An auxiliary video input is provided for other AV source material.






(1) RS-232C:D-SUB9-pin









• Output terminals

(1) Composite video: RCA plug





The visualizer camera or the external input signal can be selected






(1) S-video:Mini DIN 4P





using a set of front buttons with visual indicator lights.












A conveniently located RS-232C interface allows, fast, easy





• Provided

Video cable (5m), instruction





connections to a computer. Simply use the appropriate software






manual and power cable





and control all major functions of the presenter remotely.





• Safety

UL, C-ULListed



















• Regulatory

FCC Class A





Audio Visual Products




General Specifications























• Power requirements

AC 100-120VAC,50/60 Hz










• Power consumption

17 W





Dukane Corporation




• Operating temperature

5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)












Audio Visual Products Division




• Humidity

30% to 85%












2900 Dukane Drive




• Dimension:

450 x 585 x 605 mm (open)












St. Charles, IL 60174


















Phone: (630) 584-2300





450 x 230 x 605 mm (closed)













Fax:: (630) 584-5156






















• Weight:

5.9 kg (13.0 lbs.)
















•Shipping Weight

20 lbs












Toll Free: (800) 676-2485or 2486























Form No: 11502-A-01rev.1.0