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CAUTION - Stylus Use

To avoid fatigue and discomfort when using the stylus, do not grip it tightly or press it hard against the screen. Keep your fingers, hand, wrist and arm relaxed. Long, steady, gentle strokes work just as well as many short, hard strokes.


What’s With the Weather?...........................


Getting Started ...........................................


Welcome to the Reef...................................


The Main Menu..........................................


About That Weird Underwater Weather......




Pausing the Game.....................................


Ariel’s Grotto.............................................


Multiplayer ...............................................




Customer Support.....................................



Something very odd is happening in the waters around Rainbow Reef. Strange wave surges have disrupted life undersea and endangered ships sailing the waters above. Freak currents and weird tides continue to sweep over rock and reef, causing the Rainbow Reef’s denizens all kinds of trouble.

Ariel had been looking forward to spending some time with her pal Flounder, searching old shipwrecks for sunken treasure, and hanging out with her friends around the reef. This funny

weather is sure going to change her plans. In between rescuing her friends, finding the scattered members of the Barnacle

Band, and figuring out what’s causing all the weirdness, there won’t be any time for treasure hunting.

Or… If she hurries, maybe there will be a little time for treasure hunting

in between.

1.Make sure the POWER switch isOFF.

2.Insert the Disney’s

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s

Undersea Adventure Game

Card into the Nintendo DS

Game Card slot.

3.Turn the POWER switchON. Note:Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure Game Card is designed for the Nintendo DSsystem.

4.Please read and accept the Health and Safety screen by touching the bottom screen.

5.If the game does not automatically launch, select the Disney’s The Little Mermaid game icon from the DS launch screen.


















Menu Controls

Getting around the menus is a lot easier than getting around the reef – especially if the Sea Slides are broken!

Touch Screen

Select with the stylus or your finger


Game Controls





+Control Pad Left/Right

Swim Left & Right



+Control Pad Up/Down

Swim Up & Down

A Button

Close Dialog


B Button

Return to Reef Gameplay (single player)



Return to Previous Menu (multiplayer)


X Button

Open Adventure Screen



Pause/Play with Flounder



Open Map (after Sea Slides repaired)



Use the stylus or your finger and the touch screen to select

New Game, Continue Game, Multiplayer, or Options.

New Game Touch this bubble to begin a brand new game. Caution: Saving aNew Game will erase a previously saved game.

Continue Game If you have a previously saved game, select this to start where you left off last time you played.

Multiplayer This bubble opens theMultiplayer Menu where you can join a multiplayer session running on a nearby Nintendo DS or start one of your own for your

friends to join.


SelectCreditstofindoutwho createdDisney’sTheLittleMermaid, orLanguagetochangethegame’s language.Microphoneiswhere yousetmicrophonesensitivity. Tapaflowerandblowintothe

microphonetotest thenewsetting.

Main Game Screens

Most of the action takes place on the touch screen. Use the stylus to tap objects in the water to interact with them. If they are collectible, such as pearls or sand dollars, tap them with your stylus to snatch them up! Keep an eye on the top screen for Counters and sometimes even human treasure hidden among the rocks and kelp above.

Tiger Shells

Look here to see how many Tiger Shells you’ve collected so far. Collect Tiger Shells to unlock Flounder Tricks!


Whenever someone asks you to collect a bunch of things – like sand dollars or pearls – look here to see how many you’ve collected (on the left) and how many you have to collect in total (on the right).




Tap the seaweed icon in the upper left to open Ariel’s inventory. She can carry up to five objects here. To use something stored here, touch it with your stylus and drag it on your touch screen where you’d like it to go.

Sea Stones

Ariel collects Sea Stones throughout the game. Maybe they have something to do with the weather?

touch screen Tricks

Use the +Control Pad to guide Ariel around the reef, and use the stylus and the touch screen to activate or collect objects under the sea. Usually atap with the stylus is

enough. Some objects require other touch screen stylus tricks – tapping, rubbing, swiping. Sometimes you’ll need to blow into the microphone (to clear away some sand, or to blow a bubble), and sometimes you’ll even need to sing. Flounder and Sebastian can usually explain what’s going on and what you need to do. Pay attention to their advice!

the Reef

The Reef is a fantastic and beautiful undersea world and Ariel knows every coral nook and sandy cranny of it, from the Shipwreck to Sweet Water Flats and

all the places in between. This domain is where you’ll do most of your swimming, but before you can get started finding treasure and helping Ariel’s friends, you’ll need to re-openthe Sea Slide that makes getting from one end of the reef to the other a snap.



map of the reef & Sea Slide

After Ariel repairs the Sea Slide, she’ll be able to scoot to any part of the reef in no time at all. To use the Sea Slide, press SELECT to open the

map or tap the map icon on the lower left corner of the touch screen. The top screen shows the entire Reef and the touch screen shows three Slide stations. Ariel’s current location is shown on the map, as are missions that are not yet open. Press +Control Pad Left/Right oruse your stylus to scroll through the destinations in the system. Tap the highlighted destination with the stylus, or press theA Button when it’s highlighted, to send Ariel sliding through the chute. In a

few seconds she will arrive at the chosen location. Keep your eye open for

Tiger Shells as you go! Tap them with the stylus to add them to your collection.

Adventure Screen

If you need a reminder about who Ariel is helping now – or what she needs to do to help – tap the X Button to open the Adventure Screen and see a list of active missions. If you need more information about a mission,tap it with the stylus and pay attention to what Sebastian has to say!

Dangerous Waters

Some of the waters undersea are dangerous

– too dangerous for Ariel to swim through freely. In these regions Ariel flits from hideout to hideout, hoping to get through unnoticed.

To cross these areas, use the stylus to select a hiding place. If you’ve chosen a good spot, she’ll dash right over and stay out of sight. Keep a lookout for sharks and other, even more dangerous, sea creatures. If Ariel spends too long out in the open, she’s sure to be noticed.

You can still collect any treasures you may find laying about by tapping them with your stylus.



Even though she has a lot to do, Ariel still makes time for her favorite pastime – hunting for sunken treasure! Look for sparkly reflections in

the water; treasure may be buried nearby. Use your stylus to dig it up. If you really have found some treasure, Flounder will let you know, and you’ll have a chance to clean up what you’ve found.

Polishing Treasure

After you’ve uncovered a

bit of treasure, you’ll need to clean it up before you can add it to Ariel’s collection.

Clear away shells and coral and crabs with the stylus, and blow away sand by blowing into your microphone. With the sand

cleared, tap away the barnacles and polish it up!

Sea Chests and Other Valuables

Sea Chests

You’ll find these wonders hidden throughout the reef. Often they hold the most valuable treasures of all, human artifacts from dry land that allow Ariel to use the Magic Pearl in her Grotto to see into the future. Unlocking a Sea Chest can be tricky. When you find one, tap it with your stylus, then sing into the microphone and hit the notes shown on screen.

Tiger Shells

These look a little like Flounder,

so it’s no wonder Tiger Shells allow you to teach Flounder new acrobatic tricks. Collect a few, then press START to open the Pause Menu to try Flounder’s new trick.

Sea Stones

These are very rare, precious and hard to find, but find them Ariel must. Somehow they have something to do

with what’s causing all the strange weather.



Mission Stars

These star formations aren’t really collectible, but they are almost as valuable to Ariel as human

treasure. Whenever you find one of these, tap it with the stylus to find out who Ariel needs to help and what she needs to do to help!

Pause Menu Choices

Continue Game

Choose this to close the Pause Menu and return to the game.You can also press START to return to the game

at any time.

If you need a break, press START to open the Pause Menu. This is also

where you can try out new Flounder moves.

Flounder’s Tricks

All those Tiger Shells Ariel has been collecting add up to tricks Flounder can perform for you. He starts out knowing how to do three. To call him over to you, tap the “Note” icon and sing the correct note into the DS microphone.

If you blow into the microphone, Flounder will demonstrate how well he can swim in the strongest of currents.

Finally, swipe the stylus across the touch screen to ask him to do his “belly float” trick. Hurry up and collect more shells and teach Flounder some new tricks!




Select Options on the Pause Menu to choose fromBack,Save, andQuit.

Back: Tap the back arrow to return to the previous Bubble Options.

Save: Select this to save your progress so far. You can access your saved game from the Main Menu.

Quit: Tap this when it’s time to quit. You will be given another chance to save before quitting.


This is where Ariel goes when she wants to take a break, or admire her collection of human treasures, or play music with the Barnacle Band. When Ariel swims close to the Grotto, tap the B Button to enter.

Jammin’ with the

Barnacle Band

Sebastian is relaxing all the way down at the bottom of the Grotto. Tap him to

open up a jam session with the band. Choose an instrument, then press START to begin the song.

To play along, follow the notes streaming by on the top screen, and tap orswipe the instrument on the touch screen with your stylus when the

note passes over the bubble. And if you’re playing a saxophone, blow into the microphone at the right time, instead!

To start (or restart) a song, press START.

To end the song and return to the Grotto, tap the EXIT BUBBLE. NOTE:Arielwillonlybeabletoplaythedrumsmadeofclamshellsand

theviolinmadeofjellyfishstringsuntilshefindsmoremembersoftheband. 19

Looking into the Future

Some human treasures allow Ariel to glimpse the future. To find out what lies ahead for her, use the stylus to drag and drop one of these special treasures onto Ariel’s Magic Pearl.

Interior Decorating

Sometimes it gets boring in the Grotto. You can mix things up a little by rearranging the

furnishings! All of the treasures Ariel has collected and stored on the coral shelves can be moved around. And if she has found a paintbrush

during her treasure hunts, she can change the “watercolors” on the walls.


You can use the wireless connection tools on your Nintendo DS to connect to other Nintendo DS players. Make some music with your friends using the Barnacle Band’s instruments or trade treasures you have discovered!

After selecting Multiplayer from the Main Menu, tap Barnacle Band to play Barnacle Band, tapTreasureTrading to Trade Treasures, and press theB Button to Cancel and return to the Main Menu. In order to play in multiplayer mode, each player must ownThe Little Mermaid Ariel’s Undersea Adventure Game Card.

Jammin’ with the Band, Part Two

Getting a jam session going with your friends is easy. From the Multiplayer Menu, tap Barnacle Band to open the Barnacle Band setup screen.


To host the session on your DS, tap Start Game. Invite your friends, and once everybody has joined, press theA Button again to open the Instrument Selection screen. Here, everybody can choose an instrument to play by tapping the instrument bubbles in their Touch Screens. Once that’s done, pressSTART to start the song!


To join a session on another DS, tap Join Game. Choose a game to join from the list on the touch screen (be sure to choose the one your friends are in!), and wait until everybody joins and the Instrument Selection screen opens. Then, choose an instrument by tapping its bubble on your touch screen. Up to 5 people can play Barnacle Band together.


Trading Treasures

Got too many paintbrushes and no bugles? Then trade with your friends to get the treasures you are missing. You can trade with one partner at a time.

From the Multiplayer Menu, tap Treasure Trading to open the Session Setup screen. Tap a “Trader” slot with your stylus. When another player has joined, the Treasure Trading Screen opens (it looks just like Ariel’s

Grotto!). To trade an item, drag it from anywhere in the Grotto (even from other rooms) and drop it on the crystal ball. Once the other player has chosen something to trade,

tap the A Button to accept the trade.

To make another trade, drag another treasure onto the crystal ball.

To reject a trade, tap the

B Button. To close the trading sessions and return to the Multiplayer Menu, tap theX Button. Up to 2 people can trade treasure!

Important Legal Information

Copying of any video game for any Nintendo system is illegal and is strictly prohibited by domestic and international intellectual property laws. “Back-up”or “archival” copies are not authorized and are not necessary to protect your software. Violators will be prosecuted.

This video game is not designed for use with any unauthorized copying device or any unlicensed accessory. Use of any such device will invalidate your Nintendo product warranty. Nintendo (and/or any Nintendo licensee or distributor) is not responsible for any damage

or loss caused by the use of any such device. If use of such device causes your game to stop operating, disconnect the device carefully to avoid damage and resume normal game play. If your game ceases to

operate and you have no device attached to it, please contact the game publisher’s “Technical Support” or “Customer Service” department.

The contents of this notice do not interfere with your statutory rights.

This booklet and other printed materials accompanying this game are protected by domestic and international intellectual property laws.

During wireless game play, if communication seems to be affected by other electronic devices, move to another location or turn off the interfering device. You may need to reset the power on the Nintendo DS and start the game again.