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WATER AND MOISTURE: Appliance should not be used near water (e.g. near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool, etc). Care should be taken so that objects do not fall and liquids are not spilled into the enclosure through openings.

POWER SOURCES: The appliance should be connected to a power supply only of the type described in the operating instructions or as marked on the appliance.

GROUNDING OR POLARIZATION: Precautions should be taken so that the grounding or polarization means of an appliance is not defeated.

POWER CORD PROTECTION: Power supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them, paying particular attention to cords at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the appliance.

SERVICING: The user should not attempt to service the appliance beyond that described in the operating instructions. All other servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel.

FUSING: If your unit is equipped with a fuse receptacle, replace with only same type fuse. Refer to replacement text on the unit for correct fuse type.


1.The warranty card must be mailed within ten days after purchase date to validate this warranty.

2.DigiTech warrants this product, when used solely within the U.S., to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.

3.DigiTech liability under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing defective materials that show evidence of defect, provided the product is returned to DigiTech WITH RETURN AUTHORIZATION, where all parts and labor will be covered up to a period of one year. A Return Authorization number may be obtained from DigiTech by telephone. The company shall not be liable for any consequential damage as a result of the product’s use in any circuit or assembly.

4.Proof-of-purchaseis considered to be the burden of the consumer.

5.DigiTech reserves the right to make changes in design or make additions to or improvements upon this product without incurring any obligation to install the same on products previously manufactured.

6.The foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and DigiTech neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of this product. In no event shall DigiTech or its dealers be liable for special or consequential damages or from any delay in the performance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control.

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Congratulations, and thank you for your purchase of the DigitechXP-200.TheXP-200will provide you with a vast array of modulation effects in one compactheavy-dutypedal chassis design. Within theXP-200,lies deep and rich digital effects including: Chorus, Flanger, Triggered Flanger, Phaser, Triggered Phaser, Vibrato, Tremolo and Auto Panner, along with a Volume controller and a Chromatic tuner. This guide is provided to get you up and going with theXP-200and use it to its full potential.

Front and Rear Panel Controls and Functions










































1. Signal LED - Indicates that signal is entering theXP-200.

2.Clip LED - Indicates that signal is clipping in the XP-200.

3.Status Display - The Status Display window shows the current information including: bypass,current effect program, and Chromatic tuner information. When the XP-200is in program mode (Factory or User), the display will either read:1-61 (Factory) orU1-U6 (User).

*Note - A complete listing all 36 Factory programs is located on the bottom of the XP-200.

4.Program UP/(Hold)DOWN Switch - Lets you select the programs by either pressing once to move up the effect menu, or press and hold to move down the menu.

5.BYPASS/(Hold)TUNER Switch - Puts the unit into Bypass by pressing the footswitch once. To enter Tuner Mode, and hold the footswitch until the display reads: tu indicating that you are in Tuner mode.

6.Expression Pedal - Controls the selected effect (or volume), in real time.

7.Input Level Control - Sets the amount of signal being sent into the unit. The ideal setting for the input control of the XP-200is to set the input level at a point where the Clip LED indicator occasionally lights.

8.Input Jack - 1/4 Instrument cord is inserted here.

9.Left (Mono) Output - This is the main output of the unit. When used alone, signal is summed to a mono output signal.

10.Right Output - This is the right main output of the XP-200,use it alone, or use it in conjunction with the left output to achieve stereo effects.

11.Mode/(Hold)Program - This button is used to engage the User mode for the XP-200.The beauty of the the User mode is that theXP-200will give you the opportunity to store up to 6 of your favorite Factory programs within the same area. This will save you thetoe-tapdancing ritual of accessing programs. To put theXP-200in User mode, simply press the Mode button on the front of the unit.

To store Factory programs in the User program mode, The procedure is as follows: First, select the Program to be stored. Press and hold the <MODE/(HOLD)PROGRAM> button. The display will read: U1. From here, use the <UP/(Hold)DOWN> footswitch to select which user location.

Now just press the <MODE/(HOLD) PROGRAM> button to save. The display will read: SA to confirm, then return to Program mode.

12. AC Line Input - Connect the power adapter here. Use only the included PS 750 power supply.

Tuner Mode

To access the Tuner mode, press and hold the <BYPASS/(Hold)TUNER> footswitch until tu appears in the display. The currently played note is displayed in the left character of the status display window, while the intonation is displayed in the RIGHT character of the window.

When the input note is in tune, the display will read:

When the note is flat, the intonation character will rotate counter clockwise as shown below:

When the note is sharp, the intonation will rotate clockwise as shown below:

The faster the character spins (either clockwise or counter clockwise), the more out of tune the note is.

Bypass Mode

To place the XP-200in Bypass mode, press the <BYPASS/(Hold)TUNER> footswitch. When the XP is in Bypass mode, the Expression pedal is inactive, but programs can still be selected using the <UP/(Hold) DOWN> footswitch while the unit is in bypass. The new program is loaded once Bypass mode is exited. When the XP is in bypass mode, the display will read:

Factory Reset/Pedal Calibrate

To reset the User programs to their factory settings and calibrate the expression pedal, press and hold the <BYPASS/(Hold)TUNER> foot switch and apply power to the unit. Wait until the letters rS appear in the display and release the foot switch. The display will now read:Pd andCA , indicating that you are in Pedal calibrate mode. OncePb appears, rock the pedal back and press the <BYPASS> foot switch. WhenPF appears, rock the pedal forward and press the <BYPASS> foot switch.SA will next appear in the display to confirm the pedal is now calibrated.


A/D Convert - 18bit 128x oversampled D/A Convert - 18bit 128x oversampled Sample Rate - 46.8 kHz

Frequency Response - 20Hz ~ 20 kHz S/N - Greater than 90dB

1/4" Input Jack (1), Output Jacks (2) Externally powered (PS750)


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All (with a Class II power adapter that conforms to the requirements of


EN60065, EN60742, or equivalent).

conforms to the following product specifications:


EN 60065 (1993)


IEC63 (1985 with Amendments 1,2,3)


EN 55013: (1990)


EN 55020: (1991)

Supplementary Information:

The product herewith complies with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC as amended by directive 93/68/EEC.


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