Deni 16300, Triple Burne 16300 User Manual

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Triple Burner

Model #16300


Please keep these instructions and your original box packaging.




Triple Burner


When using this electrical appliance, safety precautions

Read all of the instructions.

Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.

To protect against risk of electrical shock do not put burner in water, other liquid, or where water may flood the area.

Place the burner securely in the center of the counter or work space on a flat surface.

Close adult supervision must be provided when this appliance is used by or near children. This appliance is not recommended for children.

Unplug from outlet when not in use, before cleaning, and before attempting to move it. Allow to cool before cleaning.

Do not operate with a damaged cord, plug, after the appliance malfunctions, or if it is dropped or damaged in any manner. Return the burner to Keystone Manufacturing Co., Inc., for examination, repair or electrical or mechanical adjustment.

Using attachments not recommended or sold by Keystone Manufacturing Co., Inc, may cause hazards.

Do not use outdoors, household use only.

Do not place food directly on the cooking surface.

Do not clean with metal scrubbing pads. Pieces can

break off the pad and short electrical parts, creating a possibility of an electrical shock.should always be observed, including the following:

Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter. Do not let cord come in contact with hot surfaces, including the stove.

Do not put the power cord under a carpet or blanket. Keep the cord away from walkways.

Do not place near hot gas, electric burners, in an oven, or in a dishwasher.

Never leave burner unattended while it is operating.

Extreme caution must be used when moving an appliance containing hot oil or other hot liquids.

Do not operate the Triple Burner near flammable objects or place beneath a paper towel holder. A fire may occur if the burner is covered or touching flammable materials, including curtains, draperies, or walls when in operation.

Do not use an extension cord with this burner. However, if one is used, it must have a rating equal to or exceeding the rating of this appliance.

The burner should always be in the OFF position before inserting or removing the plug from a wall outlet.

Do not pull on the power cord to disconnect, pull on the head of the plug.

This burner should not be used for other than the intended use.

The Triple Burner has a polarized plug (one blade is

wider than the other). This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way, as a safety feature. Reverse the plug if the plug does not fit fully in the outlet. Contact a qualified electrician if it still does not fit. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature.




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