Deni MTC-116 User Manual

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Model #MTC-116


Meat Tenderizer with Spice Carousel

Lock and Unlock

Safety Feature

16 Razor Sharp

Stainless Steel Blades




Reduces Cooking and

Spices Not Included

Marinating Time


Two great products that work together! Deni has combined their 16 blade meat tenderizer with a rotating spice carousel.

The Deni Meat Tenderizer is easy to use and improves the taste and texture of any cut of beef, fish, or poultry. The ergonomically designed meat tenderizer surgically cuts through the connective tissue in meat that cause it to be tough. Quality stainless steel blades do not rip or tear the meat.

Just push the tenderizer over the top of the meat and let the razor sharp blades do the work. By tenderizing, food will marinate faster.

The rotating spice rack includes 6 bottles for your favorite rubs, spices, and herbs. It also includes labels and a convenient position for the meat tenderizer.


Spice Carousel:

Rotating spice rack with 6 herb/spice bottles

Includes 36 blank spice bottle labels

Meat Tenderizer:


Protective plastic cover for storage and safety

Less food shrinkage

For use on all cuts and grades of meat

Can be used on whole roasts, chickens, and turkeys

All parts top rack dishwasher safe

New design for tenderizing around bones and those hard to reach areas of whole chickens, game, and roasts

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