Deni 16320 User Manual

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Model #16320


Double Burner

For today’s consumer who likes to entertain, Deni introduces the Double Burner.

Two extra burners with 2 separate temperature dials allows alot of versatility for the cook.

Great for keeping items warm - simmer, boil, fry, sauté - whatever you need.

Easy to use. No propane tank. Just plug in - that’s all.

This appliance is also great for camping, boating, and college dorms. With its easy to use control dials, this appliance will be a great addition to any kitchen.


Brushed stainless steel housing

Heavy duty cast iron heating surfaces - 6 and 7 inch diameters

Double thermostat has separate temperature adjustments for each heating surface

Safety On/Off dials

Use with all flat bottom cookware - metal, glass, ceramic, woks and teakettles

Quick heating, 1800 watts


2 separate temperature dials


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