Danby DPAC5009 User Manual

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Owner’s Use and Care Guide

Guide d’utilisation et soins de Propriètaire

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Read and follow all

Veuillez lire

safety rules and

attentivement les

operating instructions

consignes de sécurité et

before first use

les directives

of this product.

d'utilisation avant


l'utilisation initiale de


ce produit.


Owner’s Use and Care Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Important Safety Information




Care and Maintenance



Guide d’utilisation et soins de Propriètaire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Consignes de Sécurité Importante




Soins et Entretien



If the unit changes ownership, be sure the manual accompanies this unit. CONSERVER CES INSTRUCTIONS POUR CONSULTATION ULTÉRIEUR: En cas de revente l’appareil, ce manuel doit être inclus avec l’appareil.

Danby Products Ltd, Guelph, Ontario Canada N1H 6Z9

Danby Products Inc, Findlay, Ohio USA 45840

V1.12.09 JF


Thank you for choosing a Danby appliance to provide you and your family with all of the “Home Comfort” requirements of your home, cottage, or office. This Owner’s Use and Care Guide will provide you with valuable information necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your new appliance. If properly maintained, your Danby appliance will give you many years of trouble free operation. Please take a few moments to read the instructions thoroughly and familiarize yourself with all of the operational aspects of this appliance.

Your Danby Portable Air-Conditioner is a multi-functional room air-exchanging, air-processing appliance, designed to offer you the functions of; Air Conditioning, Dehumidifying, and Independent Fan. Each individual mode is featured with “oscillating” air swing capabilities. This unit can be conveniently moved from room to room within your home and set up in just minutes. Imagine the convenience of 4 Season Home Comfort at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

For easy reference, may we suggest you attach a copy of your sales slip/receipt to this page, along with the following information, located on the manufacturers nameplate on the rear panel of the unit.

Model Number:

Serial Number:

Date of Purchase:

This information will be necessary if your unit requires servicing and/or for general inquiries. To contact a Customer Service Representative, call Danby TOLL FREE: 1-800-26- (1-800-263-2629)






1)Check available power supply and resolve any wiring problems BEFORE installation and operation of this unit. All wiring must comply with local and national electrical codes and be installed by a qualified electrician. If you have any questions regarding the following instructions, contact a qualified electrician.

2)This appliance draws 5.8 nameplate amps under Cooling Mode and may be used in any properly wired, general purpose 15 amp household grounded receptacle.

3)For your safety and protection, this unit is grounded through the power cord plug when plugged into a matching wall outlet. If you are not sure whether the wall outlets in your home are properly grounded, please consult a qualified electrician.

WARNING: Improper connection of the grounding plug can result in risk of Fire, Electric Shock, and/or injury to Persons associated with the appliance. Check with a qualified service representative if in doubt that the appliance is proplery grounded.

4)DO NOT USE PLUG ADAPTERS OR EXTENSION CORDS WITH THIS UNIT. If it is necessary to use an extension cord with this unit, use an approved “air conditioner” extension cord only (available at most local hardware stores).

5)To avoid the possibility of personal injury, always disconnect the power supply to the unit before installing and/or servicing.


Suggested Individual Branch Circuit

Nameplate Amps

*AWG Wire Size




AWGAmerican Wire Gauge

*Based on copper wire at 60°C temperature rating.






Receptacle and Fuse Types



Rated Volts








Wall Outlet








Fuse Size










Time Delay Fuse

Plug Type

(or Circuit Breaker)






CAUTION: Do not leave this unit unattended in a space where people or animals cannot react to a failed unit are located. A failed unit can cause extreme overheating or death in such an enclosed, unattended space.


The power cord supplied with this air conditioner contains a device that senses damage to

SUPPLY CORD the power cord. To test if your power cord is working properly, you must do the following:

1)Connect the power supply cord to an electrical outlet.

2)The power supply cord has two buttons located on the head of the plug. One button is marked “TEST”, and the other is marked “RESET”. Press the “TEST” button; you will hear a click as the “RESET” button pops out.

3)Press the “RESET” button; you will hear a click as the button engages.

4)The power supply cord is now energized and supplying electricity to the air conditioner (on some products this is also indicated by a light on the plug head).

NOTE: The power cord supplied with this air conditioner contains a current leakage detection device designed to reduce the risk of fire. In the event the power supply cord is damaged, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced with a new cord from the product manufacturer.

Under no circumstances should this device be used to turn the unit on or off.

The “RESET” button must always be pushed in (engaged) for correct operation.

The power supply cord must be replaced if it fails to reset when the “TEST” button is pushed in.








Your Danby appliance is designed to be highly efficient in energy savings. Follow these


recommendations for greater efficiency.



1)Select a thermostat setting that suits your comfort needs and leave at that chosen setting.

2)The air filter is very efficient in removing airborne particles. Keep the air filter clean at all times.

3)Use drapes, curtains or shades to keep direct sunlight from penetrating and heating room, but do not allow drapes or curtains to obstruct the air flow around the unit.

4)Start your air conditioner before the outdoor air becomes hot and uncomfortable, to avoid an initial period of discomfort while the unit is cooling off the room. Use of the automatic start/stop programmable TIMER feature can be a major asset in this regard if utilized to the fullest extent.

5)When outdoor temperatures are cool enough, turn the air conditioner off and use the FAN MODE. This circulates indoor air, providing some cooling comfort while utilizing less electricity.













































Cool air outlet


Handle Recess




Air filter













































































































Air intake























































Water Drain
















































Air filter































Air intake



















































Air outlet

















































Water Drain outlet


















Power supply cord





























































Danby DPAC5009 User Manual


ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD: To avoid the possibility of personal injury, disconnect power to the unit before installing or servicing.

Caution: To avoid installation/operation difficulties, read these instructions thoroughly.

Flexible Exhaust Hose (13cm) & Exhaust nozzle connector (2 pcs)... from 17 7/10 (45cm) to 53 1/6” (135cm)

Flexible Exhaust Hose (11cm) & Exhaust nozzle connector (2pcs)...from 15 3/4” (40cm) to 51 1/5” (130cm)

Adjustable window door slider kit (3 pcs)... from 28 1/3”(72cm) to 80” (203cm)

Fixture..... (2 pcs) & Screws..... (8 pcs)

NOTE: The exhaust/window kit must be installed at all times when the unit is operating under AIR CONDITIONING mode. There should be at least 11.8” (30cm) clearance between the unit and any other objects or building structures, and should be installed on a level surface.




Flexible Exhaust Hose







Exhaust Nozzle























Adjustable Window Slider Kit:

28 1/3” (72cm)- 80” (203cm)

Water hose (79”/ 200cm)

Instructions for Assembling the Window KitFig. 2

1)Insert tube adapters through the back of the window panel.

2)Secure each tube adapter with four screws through the front of the window panel.

3)Insert window panel extensions into window panel. Lightly tighten the screws in the window panel to hold the extensions in place.

Fig. 2



Back of window panel

Tube Adapters


Air Conditioning Mode ONLY: Your window kit has been designed to fit most standard “vertical”/ ”horizontal” windows up to a maximum height of 80” (203cm). For vertical window applications, multi lock positions are provided on the edge of each slider section to secure each sliding section together.

1)Select a suitable location, making sure you have access to an electrical outlet.

2)Install the flexible hose to the rear side of the unit. Insert the hose collar on top of the exhaust opening and twist to lock into position.

3)Install the adjustable Window Slider Kit as required (see Fig. 4a & 4b).

4)Install the opposite end of the flexible exhaust hose into the window exhaust adapter.

5)Install the window exhaust adapter into the opening in the slider section, making sure the window slider sections are secure.

6)Plug the unit into a 115V/60Hz grounded electrical outlet.













Fig 3a



Fig 3b
















Horizontal Window




Window Slider





























Min.: 28 1/3




















Max.: 80”














Window Slider Kit:


















Min.: 28 /3” (67.5cm)






Max.: 80” (203cm)



















POWER CONTROL: The power control turns the unit on and off.

MODE CONTROL: The mode control has 4 settings: Cool, Dehumidifiy, Fan, Auto. The settings are adjustabed by the Mode Control button.

COOLING MODE: During the cooling mode, the air is cooled and hot air is exhausted outside through the exhaust tube. Adjust fan speed and temperature to suit your desired comfort level.

Note: The air exchange hoses must vent outside the room when using Cool mode.

DEHUMIDIFY MODE: Air is dehumidified as it passes through the air conditioner, without being in full cooling mode. If room temperatures is higher than 25°C (77°F), fan speed can be adjusted;

otherwise fan speed is fixed to “low”.

FAN MODE: Air is circulated throughout the room with no cooling.

Note: Unit does not need to be vented in Fan mode.

AUTO MODE: In auto mode the unit will switch mode and fan speed automatically based on the ambient temperature.






FAN SPEED CONTROL: The fan speed control has 4 settings: Auto (Cooling only), High, Medium, and Low.


The temperature can be set by means of the and

buttons on the remote control. The temperature can be set between 16°C (61°F ) and 32°C (89°F). Pressing the and buttons will cause the set temperature to remain in the display panel for approximately 5 seconds. The display will then revert back to showing the current room temperature.

Note: It is only possible to set the temperature when in COOLING MODE. The temperature can not be set when in AUTO, DEHUMIDIFYING or FAN mode.

FAHRENHEIT / CELSIUS SELECTOR: Pressing this button will switch the display between degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. Note: Initial setting is °C

TIMER SETTING CONTROL: Press the Timer button on the remote control to set the timer. The ON or OFF logos (depending on timer modes “A” or “B” below) will appear in the display panel, and the clock symbol will flash for approx. 10 seconds; the display panel will show a time of 8 hrs. While the clock symbol is flashing, press the and buttons on the remote control to select the time (in hours between 00 and 24) for either of the timer modes “A” or “B” (see below). The time selected will be shown on the display panel and after approximately 10 seconds, the clock symbol will remain illuminated together with either the ON or OFF logo.

Timer Mode A) Auto Turn Off: With the machine on and running, set the timer to select the number of hours you would like the unit to run until it automatically shuts off. The set time will be shown in the display together with the clock symbol and the OFF logo.

Tiimer Mode B) Auto Turn On: Switch the machine on using the ON / OFF button (either on the machine itself or on the remote control) so that the machine is running and the desired mode is selected. Press the ON/OFF button again to put the machine into stand-by mode. Set the timer to select the number of hours until it is required for the machine to start up automatically. The set time will be shown in the display together with the clock symbol and the ON logo.

TIMER CANCEL CONTROL: If the time has been set as in either “A” or “B” above and it is then decided that the timer is not required, pressing the CANCEL button will turn the timer off.


Auto mode

Cooling mode

Dehumidify mode

Fan only mode

High fan speed

Med. fan speed

Low fan speed

Display set temperature

Display timer setting of auto switch on/off


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