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Read and Follow All Safety Rules

and Operating Instructions Before

First Use of This Product.


Veuillez lire attentivement

les consignes de sécurité et les instructions d'utilisation avant l'utilisation initiale de

ce produit.

Room Air Conditioner


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Danby Products Limited, Guelph, Ontario Canada N1H 6Z9

Danby Products Inc., Findlay, Ohio USA

Version 1C.2.06

Danby dac12077ee, DAC7077EE, DAC8007EE, dac10007ee, DAC12507EE User Manual


Thank you for choosing a Danby Room Air Conditioner to cool your home. This Use and Care Manual provides information necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your new Room Air Conditioner. If properly maintained, your air conditioner will give you many years of trouble free operation. To avoid installation difficulties, read these instructions completely before installing/operating your unit.

NOTE: This unit is NOT designed for through-the-wall installation.

For easy reference, you may want to attach a copy of your sales receipt to this page. Note the following information provided (on the manufacturer’s nameplate located on the unit). This information will be needed when you contact a Customer Service Representative.

Model Number:

Serial Number: ___________________________________________________

Date of Purchase: _________________________________________________

Dealer’s Name and Address: _________________________________________


Refer to the trouble shooting section of this Use and Care Manual if the unit is not operating correctly. If these suggestions do not solve the problem, contact an authorized service representative or

call Danby TOLL FREE: 1-800-26-Danby


Do not leave a room air conditioner unattended in

This symbol denotes a caution or warning a space where people or animals who cannot react to a failed unit are located. A failed unit can

cause extreme overheating and fire in an enclosed, unattended space.



Electrical Specifications

1. All wiring must comply with local and national electrical codes and must be installed by a qualified electrician. If you have any questions regarding the following instructions, contact a qualified electrician.

2. Check available power supply and resolve any wiring problems BEFORE installing and operating this unit.

3. This 115V air conditioner uses 10.1 or less (depending on model) nameplate amps and may be used in any properly wired, general purpose household receptacle. See Table 1 for specifications for individual branch circuit.

4. For your safety and protection, this unit is grounded through the power cord plug when plugged into a matching wall outlet. If

you are not sure whether your wall outlet is properly grounded, please consult a qualified electrician.

5. The wall outlet (3-pin) must match the plug (3- pin) on the service cord supplied with the unit. DO NOT use plug adapters. See Table 2 for receptacle and fuse information. DO NOT USE "REGULAR" EXTENSION CORDS WITH THIS UNIT. If it is necessary to use an extension cord to connect your air conditioner, use an approved "air conditioner" extension cord only. (available at most local hardware stores)

6. The rating plate on the unit contains electrical and other technical data.

Table 1: Suggested Individual Branch Circuit

Nameplate Amps

AWG Wire Size*

4.9 to 10.1


AWGAmerican Wire Gage

* Based on copper wire at 60 °C temperature rating.

Table 2: Receptacle and Fuse Types

Rated Volts









Wall Outlet














Fuse Size



Time Delay Fuse

Plug Type

(or circuit breaker)





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