Campbell Hausfeld FHV009, KTV008 User Manual

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Operating Instructions Instructions d’Utilisation Instrucciones de Funcionamiento



See Warranty on page 5 for important information about commercial use of this product.

Operating Instructions

Models KTV008 and FHV009



Please read and save these instructions. Read carefully before attempting to assemble, install, operate or maintain the product described. Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Failure to comply with instructions could result in personal injury and/or property damage! Retain instructions for future reference.

Air Carry Tank



Portable air tanks are high quality, welded steel pressure vessels designed to carry a supply of compressed air for home, farm and automobile uses.


This tank does not

have ASME


certification. Before using, check local and state code requirements.


When unpacking, inspect carefully for any damage that may have occurred during transit. Make sure any loose fittings, bolts, etc., are tightened before putting unit into service.

Safety Guidelines

This manual contains information that is very important to know and understand. This information is provided for SAFETY and to PREVENT EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. To help recognize this information, observe the following symbols.

Danger indicates ! DANGER an imminently

hazardous situation which, if not avoided, WILL result in death or serious injury.

Warning indicates ! WARNING a potentially

hazardous situation which, if not avoided, COULD result in death or serious injury.

Caution indicates a ! CAUTION potentially

hazardous situation which, if not avoided, MAY result in minor or moderate injury.

Notice indicates NOTICE important

information, that if not followed, may cause damage to equipment.

General Safety


The following safety precautions must be observed at all times:

Risk of explosion. ! DANGER Failure to follow

warnings and instructions could cause death or severe injury.

Read all manuals

included with this product carefully. Be MANUAL thoroughly familiar with

the controls and the proper use of the equipment. Follow all instructions.

Only persons well acquainted with these rules of safe operation should be allowed to use the unit.

Never fill the tank ! DANGER above 125 psi.

Personal injury or property damage could occur.

Never fill from

! DANGER bottled gas or any air system which produces over 150 psi.

Do not alter or tamper with the safety relief valve. In the event that the safety relief valve is tampered with, existing warranties shall be voided and Campbell Hausfeld disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss, personal injury or damage.

This tank is stamped with a “DISCARD AFTER” date located on the handle. Discard tank and do NOT use after this date has passed. Replace with new tank.

! DANGER NEVERattempt to repair or modify a tank. Welding, drilling or any other modification will


Breathable Air Warning

This tank is not equipped and should not be used to supply breathing quality air.


In the event the tank is used for the purpose of breathing air application, existing warranties shall be voided, and Campbell Hausfeld disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss, personal injury or damage.

weaken the tank resulting in damage from rupture or explosion. Always replace worn, damaged or cracked tanks.

Release air pressure from air tank by pulling safety relief ring before servicing or replacing parts.


ANSI Z87.1-approved safety glasses during operation to avoid eye injury.

For dry air only. Do not use to store or disperse liquids or flammable gases.

Store inside. Do not store outside or in direct sunlight.

Only use attachments rated at 150 psi minimum.

Check air hoses for weak or worn condition before each use. Make sure all connections are secure.

REMINDER: Keep your dated proof of purchase for warranty purposes! Attach it to this manual or file it for safekeeping.

© 2004 Campbell Hausfeld/Scott Fetzer

For parts, product & service information

IN287000AV 6/04


Operating Instructions

General Safety

Information (Cont.)

Use only genuine ! WARNING Campbell Hausfeld

replacement parts and accessories when servicing unit. Failure to do so could result in death or serious injury.


The air hose is supplied loose to prevent damage during transit. Use 9/16” open end wrench to attach thread-sealed 1/4” NPT male hose end to air outlet on manifold (opposite filler valve). Tighten just to finger tight then turn 2-3 more times.


Pull safety relief valve before filling to be sure the valve moves freely.

1.Take portable tank to a source of clean, dry, compressed air (ie. full service gas station, truck stop etc.

Some modern convenience stations do not have sufficient pressure to fill the tank). The recommended fill pressure is between 85 and 125 psi.

2.Press chuck from air source onto filler valve located on the side of the brass manifold (See Figure 1).

Fill tank to a maximum of 125 psi as indicated on pressure gauge. The safety relief valve is preset to 135 psi to prevent overfilling.

Pressure Gauge Manifold

Air Shutoff

Filler Valve

Safety Relief Valve

Figure 1

Do not rely on

! WARNING safety relief valve to indicate when tank is full.

NOTE: The air shut-off valve (red knob) does not have to be opened to fill the tank.

3.Inflate object by locking universal adapter onto valve stem. Be sure to press universal adapter down over valve stem threads completely. When universal adapter is firmly in place, press locking lever down to lock onto valve stem (see Figure 2).




Valve Stem

Figure 2

NOTE: The universal adapter does not have a valve. The air flow is controlled by the air shutoff valve on the manifold.

4.Open air shut-off valve by turning counterclockwise to allow air to flow into hose.



The tank manifold


gauge does not

indicate the pressure in the object being filled. Use a separate gauge to check the object.

5.Turn the air shut-off valve clockwise to the closed position before unlocking universal adapter from valve stem to prevent air leaks from the hose. Do not over tighten.



! WARNING moisture must be drained from tank regularly to prevent rusting. Failure to do so will weaken the tank and may result in injury or property damage due to tank bursting or rupture.

Draining Instructions:

1.Release pressure from tank by opening air shutoff valve or pulling ring on safety valve.

2.Fully open drain valve on bottom of tank by turning it counterclockwise.

3.Allow all moisture in tank to drain.

4.Close drain valve by turning it clockwise. Do not overtighten.

Technical Service

For information regarding the operation of the product, please call 1-800-543-6400.

Instrucciones de Funcionamiento

Garantía Limitada

1DURACION: A partir de la fecha de compra por el comprador original tal como se especifica a continuación: Un año

2.QUIEN OTORGA ESTA GARANTIA (EL GARANTE: Campbell Hausfeld / The Scott Fetzer Company 100 Production Drive, Harrison, Ohio 45030 Teléfono: (800) 543-6400

3.QUIEN RECIBE ESTA GARANTIA (EL COMPRADOR): El comprador original (que no sea un revendedor) del producto Campbell Hausfeld.

4.PRODUCTOS CUBIERTOS POR ESTA GARANTIA: Cualquier clavadora, grapadora, herramienta neumática, pistola pulverizadora, inflador o accesorio neumático suministrado o fabricado por el Garante.

5.COBERTURA DE LA GARANTIA: Los defectos substanciales de material y fabricación que ocurran dentro del período de validez de la garantía.


A.Las garantías implícitas, incluyendo aquellas de comercialidad E IDONEIDAD PARA FINES PARTICULARES, ESTAN LIMITADOS A LO ESPECIFICADO EN EL PARRAFO DE DURACION. Si este producto es empleado para uso comercial, industrial o para renta, la garantía será aplicable por noventa (90) días a partir de la fecha de compra. En algunos estados no se permiten limitaciones a la duración de las garantías implícitas, por lo tanto, en tales casos esta limitación no es aplicable.

B.CUALQUIER PERDIDA DAÑO INCIDENTAL, INDIRECTO O CONSECUENTE QUE PUEDA RESULTAR DE UN DEFECTO, FALLA O MALFUNCIONAMIENTO DEL PRODUCTO CAMPBELL HAUSFELD. En algunos estados no se permite la exclusión o limitación de daños incidentales o consecuentes, por lo tanto, en tales casos esta limitación o exclusión no es aplicable

C.Cualquier falla que resulte de un accidente, abuso, negligencia o incumplimiento de las instrucciones de funcionamiento y uso indicadas en el (los) manual(es) que se adjunta(n) al producto. Dichos accidentes, abusos por parte del comprador, o falta de operar el producto siguiendo las instrucciones del manual de instrucciones suministrado también debe incluir la desconexión o modificación de los instrumentos de seguridad. Si dichos instrumentos de seguridad son desconectados, la garantía quedaría cancelada.

D.Los ajustes normales explicados en el(los) manual(es) suministrado(s) con el producto.

E.Artículos o servicios normalmente requeridos para el mantenimiento del producto, tales como: anillos en O, resortes, amortiguadores, defensas, hojas de impulsor, fusibles, baterías, empaques, almohadillas o sellos, boquillas de fluído, agujas, boquillas para rociar arena, lubricantes, mangueras de material, elementos filtrantes, álabes de motores, abrasivos, hojillas, discos para cortar, cinceles, retenes para cinceles, cortadores, collarines, mandriles, mordazas para remachadoras, brocas para desarmadores, almohadillas para lijar, soportes de almohadillas, mecanismo de impacto o cualquier otro artículo desgastable que no se haya enumerado específicamente . Estos artículos sólo estarán cubiertos bajo esta garantía por noventa (90) días a partir de la fecha de compra original. Los artículos subrayados sólo están garantizados por defectos de material o fabricación.

7.RESPONSABILIDADES DEL GARANTE BAJO ESTA GARANTIA: Reparar o reemplazar, como lo decida el Garante, los productos o componentes que estén defectuosos, se hayan dañado o hayan dejado de funcionar adecuadamente, durante el período de validez de la garantía


A.Suministrar prueba fechada de compra y la historia de mantenimiento del producto.

B.Entregar o enviar el producto o componente Campbell Hausfeld al Centro de Servicio autorizado Campbell Hausfeld más cercano. Los gastos de flete, de haberlos, deben ser pagados por el comprador.

C.Seguir las instrucciones sobre operación y mantenimiento del producto, tal como se indica(n) en el (los) manual(es) del propietario

9.CUANDO EFECTUARA EL GARANTE LA REPARACION O REEMPLAZO CUBIERTO BAJO ESTA GARANTIA: La reparación o reemplazo dependerá del flujo normal de trabajo del centro de servicio y de la disponibilidad de repuestos.

Esta garantía limitada es válida sólo en los EE.UU., Canadá y México y otorga derechos legales específicos. Usted también puede tener otros derechos que varían de un Estado a otro. o de un país a otro.


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