Campbell Hausfeld IN730500AV, CHN71500 User Manual

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Pin Nailer


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Close pressure


Attach air hose




regulator, Turn on


to regulator outlet.



compressor and


Adjust regulator

Setup Like a Pro


Allow tank to reach


knob so outlet


maximum pressure.


pressure is between

Easy Setup Guide




60 psi and 100 psi.





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Campbell Hausfeld products.

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60 100 psi psi





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IN730500AV 6/10


Load fasteners. See manual for further information regarding


length and type of fasteners.



































































































































NOTICE: To operate this tool you will need at least a 1 gallon compressor.


Attach coupler on


airhose to nailer inlet.

Press magazine latch button

Load pins with points all the

Close magazine.

and pull magazine open.

way into the groove.


Setup Like a Pro

CHN71500 — Air Powered Pin Nailer

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