Bunn MHG User Manual

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Multi-Hopper Grinder

and Storage System




Model MHG*

(funnel sold separately) (includes 2 hoppers)

Dimensions: 29.1”H x 9.36”W x 17.5”D

(73.9cm Hx 23.8cm W x 44.5cm D)


Multi-Hopper Grinder and Storage System

Convenient, front-loading hoppers allow grinding of a wide variety of coffees.

Hoppers hold up to 6 lbs. (2.72 Kg.) each of regular, decaf or specialty beans.

Stores individual coffee grind weight profiles.

Portion controlled for the right amount of coffee every time, with 3 batch sizes per hopper.

Precision burrs for consistent, commercial quality grind.

Hoppers serve as storage containers when not in the grinder. Locking lid prevents tampering.

Easy-to-clean removable hoppers.

LCD alphanumeric display shows coffee names and diagnostics.

Display racks promote fresh ground coffee program.

Tall model accommodates large brew funnels.

BrewWISE® intelligence means the Smart Hopper™ manages the grinding and brewing process from start to finish.

Smart Hopper tells the grinder what coffee is in it through a microchip in the hopper.

Grinder adjusts the grind time for each batch to deliver just the right grind volumes.

Grinder communicates coffee name to the Smart Funnel during grinding process.

BrewWISE brewer reads the information in the Smart Funnel, adjusts the recipe, and brews a perfect batch of coffee.

Create coffee recipe cards with BrewWise recipe writer (34449.0000) on your PC.

For current specification sheets and other information, go to www.bunn.com.

* International models may vary in appearance.

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