Blodgett CNVX-14 User Manual

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Want the capacity and versatility of both convection and combi? Blodgett Combi and Blodgett Oven offer the industry’s largest selection of Mix and Match Combi's and Convection Ovens to meet your, needs, style of cooking and budget.

The CNVX-14 Convection Ovens are built with the same footprint as the BCX/BX, making the CNVX-14 the perfect companion convection oven to stack with your combi. Available in gas or electric models.

Or you can stack the BCX-14/BX-14 combi on our industry gold standard setting DFG 200, Zephaire, or Zephaire Plus convection ovens.

BCX-14E stacked

BCX-14G stacked

on CNVX-14E

on DFG-200

Mix & Match

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