Blodgett CN14E, BC-CCNE, BC14E User Manual

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Electric Combination-Oven/Steamer with an Electric Convection Oven




6" (152.4mm) adjustable legs

6" (152.4mm) seismic legs

250 volt

Digital controls with cook and hold, Vario Steam®, and 3 programmable product keys (Vario Steam® available for Combi section only)

Side shield for control compartment protection, recommended when installed near another heat or water source

Hot water conversion

Locking control panel

Locking door

Tamper proof screws

Additional stainless steel wire shelves

Core temperature probe with digital readout

Stainless steel back panel

Chicken roasting rack

Extended warranty










Item No.






All data is shown per oven section, unless otherwise indicated.

Refer to operator manual specification chart for listed model name.


Stainless steel top, front and sides

Stainless steel door, right hand hinge only

Tempered viewing window

Door mounted condensate trough


Fully welded stainless steel frame

Fully insulated cooking chamber

Fixed drain bottom center of cavity

Self draining door drip pan


Pull out or slide out control panel for service access

Modular controls allow for field upgrade to digital controls

BC14E only - standard control with four function selection switch for steam, hot air, combined steam/hot air and cool down. Control includes Steam-on- Demand button and up to 9 minute timer.

CNV14E only - control with two function selection switch hot air and cool down. Two speed fan.

Solid state rotary dial thermostat - range 150-500°F (66-260°C)

Synchronous motor driven 120 minute timer

Automatic shut-down at elapsed time with audible buzzer which continues until manually shut off

Door interlock switch shuts off oven when door is opened

Open vented system (both sections)

Waste air quenching. Condenses steam and drains away by-products of the cooking process, eliminates flavor transfer (BC only)

Automatic steam regulation

BC14E only - Self contained, self-flushing steam generator separate from cooking compartment for instant steam recovery when switching modes

BC14E only - External decalcifying access

Cooling fan protects controls

Maximum capacity per section - 14 steam table pans, 7 bake pans


Five (5) stainless steel wire shelves per section

Pressure spray bottle

Hose and spray assembly for interior cleaning

Stacking kit

Steam vent kit

Low profile casters (BCL-6 legs available in lieu of casters)

BC14E only - Water pressure regulator and vented drain assembly per section

BC14E only Deliming bottle with pump assembly.

Start-up inspection service by factory authorized service agent - operational testing and installation inspection

One year parts and labor oven warranty*

*For all international markets, contact your local distributor.


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