Blackberry YAHOO Manual

Yahoo! Messenger for BlackBerry Smartphones

Release Notes


New features and enhancements





Application updates

You now receive a notification message when a new version is available. You can also manually check for the latest


version of Yahoo!® Messenger for BlackBerry® devices by doing the following:


On the sign in screen, press the Menu key > Check for Update.




Messages that you type but do not send are no longer deleted when you press the Escape key. The next time that you


open the conversation, you can edit your message and send it to your contact.



Conversation history

You can search for text in the conversation history for a contact.



Shortcut icons

To add a shortcut icon of a contact to the Home screen of your device so that you can quickly start conversations with


the contact, do the following:



On the contact list screen, in a contact group, highlight a contact.



Press the Menu key > Show In Home Screen.


To stop displaying the contact on the Home screen, click Remove From Home Screen.




You can set your status to automatically show when you are on a call. When your call ends, your status automatically


changes back to what you last set it to.

This feature is only available when your device is connected to a 3G network or to a GPRS or EDGE network that has

Wi-Fi® coverage.

About updating your applications

Updating the applications on your BlackBerry® device can offer you the following benefits:

>access to new features

>resolve a technical issue

You can download applications from the BlackBerry App World™ storefront. For more information about the BlackBerry App World storefront, on a computer visit

If you need help using an application, you can find answers in the application by pressing the Menu key and clicking Help on your device.

Blackberry YAHOO Manual

System requirements

>at least 750 KB of application memory

>BlackBerry® Device Software version 4.5 or later

>a wireless service plan that supports instant messaging

Fixed issues

This section lists fixed issues for Yahoo!® Messenger for BlackBerry® devices 2.5.


After reading a new message from a contact, the new message indicator might have remained on your device and the LED indicator might have continued to blink.

If you have a device with BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 or later, you might not have been able to see messages that you typed in the conversation field.

You could not send a .wma file to a contact or receive a .wma file from a contact.


In some cases, after inviting a contact, the contact might have appeared twice in the contact list.

If you took a picture in the Camera application, you might not have been able to send the picture to a contact using the menu.

If you changed the group field when adding a contact, the contact was added to the default group instead.

If you highlighted a contact, "No Name" appeared in menu items such as Email <contact's name> instead of the contact's name.

If you opened the menu on the contact list screen, the My Details option appeared twice.

If you linked a contact with the Contacts application, there was no menu option to remove the link.

If you ignored a contact, the contact might have appeared twice in the ignored group.

Known issues

This section lists known issues for Yahoo!® Messenger for BlackBerry® devices 2.5.


If you have a BlackBerry device with BlackBerry® Device Software 4.7.1 or earlier, you might not be able to see messages that you type in the conversation field. Workaround: You can try starting a new conversation with the contact.

You don't appear as offline to a contact while you are in a conversation with that contact.

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