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Extend your RS-485network beyond 4000feet— andadd up to 31 more devices.



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»Crystal-clearcontroller signal out to 4000 feet (1219.2 m).


»Can be configured for twoor four-wireand halforfull-duplexoperation.

»Connect to your RS-485network viaRJ-45modular connectors orscrew-blockterminals.


BLACK BOX® RS-485Repeaters extend yourRS-485communications beyond the4000-footlimit. Even located 5000 feet from your master device, they’ll take yourRS-485communications signals and shoot them another 4000 feet.

Great for connecting multiple RS-485segments in different buildings or rooms, the repeaters enable you to add more devices to yournetwork—upto 32 more units per repeater.

They support either 2- or 4-wireapplications, in fullorhalf-duplexoperation. Plus, theRS-485 Repeaters come with a4-screwterminal block,RJ-45connectors, and an edge card connector, so they fit right in with anyRS-485wiring scheme.

To protect your lines from ground loops and other electrical problems, order the RS-485 Repeater withOpto-Isolation(IC158A). Ideal for industrial applications, it isolates one segment of your extended network from problems that may arise on another segment.

Inside the opto-isolatedrepeater, optical isolation circuitry converts electrical signals to light and back again to keep signal noise and ground loops from crossing between segments of yourRS-485installation. Electrical noise from your factory floor won’t affect office communications, and the difference in ground potential between buildings won’t damage your sensitive equipment.

Simple to install and configure.

Just set internal jumpers and switches to match the cabling and duplex operation of your application as well as to match repeater

ports for terminated and unterminated operation. Then, connect your devices to the repeater itself, power it up, and power up the rest of your RS-485network.

In half-duplexmode, jumpers determine the turnaround delay for the receiving repeater. Through these jumpers, you can configure the delay to match the length of cables and the number of device drops in your application.

The greater the length of your RS-485line or the larger the number of drops on the your network, the longer the line will remain charged after the transmitter has been disabled.

The RS-485 Repeaters use three different types of delays: a turnaround delay, aturn-ONdelay, and aturn-OFFdelay. Theturn-ONdelay prevents the repeaters from passing along noise. It does this by delaying the transmitter long enough to allow most noise to dissipate before transmitting. Withturn-OFFdelay, the repeaters‘ transmitter is enabled long enough for the input data to propagate though the repeater after the sending device drops a signal.

Both repeater models have three LEDs visible through their front panel that indicate power, carrier detect, and when a transmitter is enabled on the RS-485line.

NOTE: The repeaters do not feature collision detection or hardware flow control.



T e c h S P e c s

Flow Control — Transparent

Leads Supported — Both ports: TDA, TDB, RDA, RDB

Operation — Halfor full-duplex

Speed — Transparent up to 128 kbps

CE Approval — Yes

Connectors — (2) 4-wireterminal blocks, (2)RJ-45

Indicators — Power, Carrier Detect (both ports)

Operating Environment — Temperature: 32 to 110ºF (0 to 45ºC)

Humidity: 0 to 95%, noncondensing

Power — 115 VAC, 60 Hz (230-VAC,50-Hzversion on request)

Size — 1.8"H x 5.5"W x 8.5"D (4.6 x 14 x 21.6 cm)









Repeater with Opto-Isolation


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