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It is the first USB system designed to adapt to the way you work. Its innovative, patented modular design gives you the ability to create and customize your own USB environment. It comes standard as a 7 port hub and is the best 7 port USB hub available because it has the most the unique vertical modular design requiring a minimum of your precious desktop space. As a 7-porthub, it allows you to connect up to seven USB keyboards, mice, joysticks, printers, scanners, modems, or other USB devices to a single USB port on your Mac® or PC.

But best of all, the BusStationis modular! The base is a 4 port hub and comes with three removable modules, each having one USB port. You can add and subtract components from a complete selection of modules that cover virtually every possible configuration. This makes the Belkin patented modular design uniquely "customizable". If you have the need to expand and add ports, simply slide the USB port module off the BusStationand you have room to snap in one of the many available Belkin USB modules, including SCSI ports, Ethernet ports, serial ports and more. Configure it to fit your own computing needs, build your own multifunction hub - because it’s USB, you don’t even have to shut down your computer.



7 port hub (standard configuration). Connect up to 7 devices to a single USB port on your computer.

Modular – 4 port hub base with three removable modules each having one USB port.

Customizable. Add and subtract components from a complete selection of modules.

Gives you the ability to configure your own multifunction hub or docking station to fit your own computing needs.

Works with the Belkin complete selection of modules that cover virtually every possible configuration.

Compatible with Windows® 95 rev. B, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000 and Mac® OS 8.1 or higher.

Plug-and-Playinstallation – drivers are built into Windows® and Mac® OS.

Includes 4.0 Amp power supply to provide true 500ma per-portdownstream current.

Per-portovercurrent protection prevents damage to your computer and device.

Fully compliant with current USB specifications.

LEDs indicate power and port status.

Supports all high-speedandlow-speedUSB devices.

Lifetime Warranty.


Belkin BusStation

Figure 1

• LEDs to

• 3 Removable





Front View

• Downstream


• DC 5V 4A

• Root port

power jack


Back View


Belkin BusStation


Macintosh® or Windows® computer with USB capabilities

Windows® 95 Rev. B, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Mac® OS 8.1 or higher


Belkin BusStation

USB Device Cable

5 Volt 4 Amp power adapter

User Guide


1.Attach the power adapter to the power jack

of the BusStationand an electrical outlet. (See Figure 2).

2.Connect the USB-Bconnector of the USB Device Cable into the Root Port of the BusStation. (See Figure 3).

3.Connect the USB-Aconnector of the USB Device Cable into one downstream port of the computer or one downstream port of another hub. (See Figure 4).

4.Your computer will instantly recognize that you connected a USB device.

5.You can now begin connecting your USB devices to the BusStation, such as keyboards, mice, etc. into any downstream port of the BusStation.


Installation (cont’d.)

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Adding Modules to the BusStation

By adding modules to the BusStation, you can have your owncustom-configuredmulti-functionUSB hub or docking station. You can add and subtract components from a complete selection of modules that cover virtually every possible configuration. Need Ethernet? Snap an Ethernet module in. Need more USB ports? Add a 4 Port USB hub. Choose from a variety ofstand-aloneUSB modules including SCSI ports, Ethernet ports, serial ports and more. Configure it to fit your own computing needs - because it’s USB, it’s truePlug-and-Play!

Unique stacking design of the BusStationand modules

Add modules to the BusStationfrom bottom to top.

Remove modules from the BusStationfrom top to bottom.

The bottom 4 port USB module of the BusStationcannot be removed.


Instructions for Adding Modules

Removing the sleeve from the Belkin USB Module:

1.Hold the module in both hands. Pull one side of the sleeve outward. (See Figure 5).

2.The sleeve should slide off easily.

Figure 5


Instruction for Adding Modules (cont’d.)

When attaching additional modules to the BusStation, there is no need to power down your computer, or unplug the BusStation.

Note on Power Consumption

USB specifies that each port can only draw a maximum of 500mA of electrical current. If a device draws more than that amount, the Bus Station's built-in"Overcurrent Protection" will shut off that port, and prevent damage to the device and the Bus Station.

When you first purchase the BusStation, it is essentially a 7 port hub. At 500mA for each port, that's a total of 3.5A current. The included power supply provides 4.0A, which is more than enough.

Replacing the one-portmodules with othernon-hubmodules poses no power issues. However, if you decide to add a4-porthub module, you must provide that4-porthub with additional power. When you purchase a4-porthub module, it will include a 2.1A power supply necessary for each port to provide 500mA of current. Simply plug the supplied adapter into the rear of the4-porthub module, and you're done! If you do not connect the 2.1A power adapter to the4-porthub module, each port on that4-porthub can only supply 100mA of current.

Usually, only low-powerdevices such as mice and keyboards will run at 100mA. More complex devices such as scanners, modems, and additional hubs require the full 500mA of current.


Note: Modules should only be added starting from the 4 Port Hub base of the module working your way up.

1.Remove the sleeve from the USB module following the instructions in Figure 5.

2.Place the module you wish to add in the first empty slot directly above the 4 Port hub.

3.Do not force the module into the BusStation.

As you slide the module into the BusStationit should securely lock onto the guide track of the one below it.

4.Gently slide the module into the BusStationbay until you hear a solid click. (See Figure 6)

5.The modules should fit evenly on top of one another.

6.Follow the installation instructions of the USB module you attached to the BusStation.

7.Your computer will instantly recognize that you connected a USB device.

Figure 6

Modules should ONLY be ADDED from BOTTOM to TOP


Removing Modules

Instructions for removing modules from the BusStation

Note: Modules should be removed from top to bottom. Do not remove the middle modules first, doing so will cause severe damage to your equipment and/or the BusStation.

1.Hold the BusStationaway from you so that the connectors are facing you. (See Figure 7).

2.Using both of your thumbs, push the BusStationmodule out of the BusStationbay. (See Figure 7)

3.The module should slide out smoothly.

Figure 7

Modules should ONLY be removed from TOP TO BOTTOM


Technical Specifications

• Upstream Ports


• Unit Weight

14.5 oz

• Downstream Ports


• Dimension (L x W x H)

33/4 x 41/4 x 5

• Removable modules


• Power Supply

DC 5V 4A


(1) Power,




(7) Downstream

• CD









DC +5V


• Belkin Warranty



500mA (max)




• Operation Temperature




• Stock Temperature




• Humidity

0%~80% RH







• Enclosure

ABS Plastic







Available modules

USB 4 Port Hub

• USB 4 Port Hub with colored sleeves

USB Serial Adapter

USB Serial Adapter with colored sleeves

USB Ethernet Adapter

USB SCSI Adapter

Belkin USB modules are continuously being developed. Visit our website for additional modules.

The possibilities are endless...

■ Seven port

■ Two serial and

■ Sixteen

■ One serial and

■ One Ethernet,

■ One Ethernet,

hub (standard

eight USB

USB ports

twelve USB

one serial and

two serial and





five USB ports

four USB








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