Bard 8403-058 User Manual

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Bard Manufacturing Company, Inc.

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Thermostat Bard Part #8403-058

Replacement Instructions


Thermostat Bard part number 8403-058 (Honeywell TH5220D1151) is replacing nine (9) thermostats as part of Honeywell’s obsolescence of mercury bulb thermostats and older platform digital thermostats. (See Page 2.) The TH5220D version of thermostat is a multi-purpose design that can be configured for either heat pump

(2 heat/1 cool) or for heat/cool (up to 2 heat/2 cool). The factory default settings out of the box are as follows:

1.Configured for Heat Pump—Setup Function 1, System Type 5. For Heat/Cool applications it is recommended to simply change to System Type 6, which is 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional and use Y1, Y2 if applicable and W1, W2 if applicable.

2.Changeover (Reversing) Valve— Setup Function 2, Setting 1, which is energized in Heating mode and which matches all Bard air-to-air heat pumps and QW-Series water-to-air heat pumps. For Bard GSVSSeries that have reversing valve energized in cooling mode change this must be reset to Setting 0.

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The thermostats listed below are being replaced with the 8403-058 (TH5220D1151). See the thermostat conversion charts below for any variations in terminal configuration and wiring connections:

Heat Pump Thermostats

Heat/Cool Thermostats


(T874R1129)/8404-009 (Q674L1181)

8403-019 (T874C1760)/8404-012 (Q674A1001)


(T874N1024)/8404-010 (Q674F1261)

8403-021 (T874D1934)/8404-012 (Q674A1001)

8403-042 (T8511G1070)

8403-036 (T874D2114)/8404-012 (Q674A1001)



8403-050 (T8524D1015)




8403-051 (T8501D1046)











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