Aquatic AI6AIR6060TO, SERENITY 6 AI6AIR6060 User Manual

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Serenity 6

Serenity Air Baths Model # AI6AIR6060 / AI6AIR6060TO (Tub Only)

59 1/4”

59 1/4”

59 1/2”





41 3/4”





83 1/2”

















































































24 1/2”



















20 3/4”

























Note: Serenity tub only models feature a Pre-leveledABS Support Base.

Two Person Bath



14 1/4”

5 1/2”


General Specifications:

Tub Size

59 1/4” x 59 1/4” x 24 1/2”


150 cm x 150 cm x 62 cm

Bathing Well

Lounge 1, 48” long


Lounge 1, 20” wide


Lounge 2, 40” long


Lounge 2, 17” wide


22 3/4” interior depth

Shipping Weight

236 lbs. / 107 kg

Tub Weight Filled

881 lbs. / 400 kg

Tub Only Weight

136 lbs. / 62 kg

Gallons to Overflow

90 gal. / 341 L

Electrical Specifications:


1 HP; 10.5 AMP; 120V


15 AMP; 120V, separate circuit


required protected w/ Class A GFCI

This unit is not recommended for shower installations.


Document # 1143

Standard equipment:

Air Bath System:

-78 Air Jets

-1 HP Variable Speed Air Blower with 20-MinuteTimer

-600 Watt Air Heating System

-Electronic Control Package with wave and pulse Features

-Automatic Purge and Dry Cycle with Water Sensors

Aquatic Quality Features:


-Raised Seats for Air Jet Action on Thighs

-Slip Resistant Floors

-Air Channels Lined with Antimicrobial Coating

-2 Arm Rests

-Extra Deep and Long Bathing Well

-Pre-leveledABS Support Base

-Color Matched Grab Bar

-Durable, easy to clean, Lucite® Cast Acrylic Surface

-available in 8 Standard No-ChargeColors

UL & IAPMO Listed, Factory Tested

Limited Lifetime Warranty

optional equipment:

Comfort Pillow - Oval or Rectangle

Grab Bar

-White, Biscuit, Chrome, Polished Brass, Gold, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze

Lift & Turn Waste and Overflow

-Chrome, Polished Brass, Gold, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze

Cable Drive Waste and Overflow

-Chrome, Polished Brass, Gold, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze or

Color Matched (Bone, White and Biscuit only)

Waterproof Remote Control with infrared sensor and 25’ cord

Factory Installed Rigid ABS Tile Flange

Remote Blower Wiring Kit

Color Matched Curved Acrylic Skirt

Premium colors

All acrylic colors featured by Aquatic match the industry’s leading fixture manufacturers.

Each Serenity Air Bath model is equipped with a 600 watt air heating system to raise the temperature of the air going into the bath. This air temperature will be less than the bathing temperature of the water, but will help to reduce a rapid decrease in water temperature. In addition, the air coming from the air jets will feel cool against the skin, just as a breeze on a warm day cools your body. This system does not heat the water.

The manufacturer accepts a 1/4” variance. There are variations on each tub and specifications are subject to change as we improve upon our product as required. The dimensions needed for site preparation and structure building should be measured from the tub; Aquatic Industries, Inc. assumes no responsibility for preparatory work. 800.555.5324

March 2008