AOpen AX4SGUL User Manual

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AOpen i865 Family Motherboards



Both STBY LED and BOOT LED are AOpen’s considerate designs that aim at providing you friendly system information. The STBY LED will light up when power is provided to the motherboard. This is a convenient indication for you to check the system power status in many circumstances such as power on/off, stand-bymode and RAM power status during Suspend to RAM mode.

BOOT LED will keep blinking when you power the system on and when your system is under POST (Power-On Self Test). After POST diagnoses everything all right and finishes the booting, the LED will stay on otherwise it will remain flashing to warn you that mistakes have occurred during POST



Warning: Do not install or remove the

DIMM module or others devices when the

STBY LED lights on.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


Resetable Fuse

Traditional motherboard uses fuses to prevent Keyboard and USB port from over-currentor shortage. These fuses are soldered onboard that when it is broken (function to protect motherboard), user cannot replace them and result in malfunction of motherboard.

With expensive Resetable Fuse, the motherboard can be resumed back to normal function even after the fuse had done its protection job.

Resetable Fuse


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


Enlarged Aluminum Heatsink

Cool down CPU and Chipset are important for system reliability. Enlarged aluminum heat sink provides better heat consumption especially when you are trying to over-clockthe CPU.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


Low ESR Capacitor

The quality of low ESR capacitor (Low Equivalent Series Resistance) during high frequency operation is very important for the stability of CPU power. The idea of where to put these capacitors is another know-howthat requires experience and detail calculation.

Not only that, AOpen i865 Family motherboards implements 2200μF capacitors, which is much larger than normal capacitor (1000 & 1500μF) and it provides better stability for CPU power.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


PBE – Performance Boosting Engine (for AX44SSGG aanndd AAXX44SSPPEE sseerriieess))

Configuring Intel 865 chipset, the performance of this motherboard had been uplifted by implementing PBE Technology (Performance Boosting Engine). Acting as similar as PAT in uplifting the system performance, PBE enable users to optimize the accessing speed and quality between the CPU and Memory. Theoretically speaking, CPU must go through some standard paths to access memory. However, with an optimized path created, CPU may access memory through optimized path in a faster way. Therefore, PBE effectively shortened the distance between CPU and memory and thus increasing system performance as a matter of fact. To enable it, all you have to do is to go to BIOS screen, select Advanced Chipset Feature/Performance Boost Engine.

PBE Technology

Optimized Access

Chipsets Memory

Normal Access

Dual Channel

DDR Memory

Enable or Disabled

PBE item : Disabled (Default)

Note: Enabling this feature will make maximum use of your RAM modules. This is not standard specification of Intel 865G/865PE chipset. Uneven quality RAM modules in the market may not able to withstand this kind of extreme usage and cause the instability of your system. You are taking your own risk for taking advantage of this benefit.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


The noise is gone!! ----SilentTek


As the clock of CPU keeps rocketing higher and higher, it inevitably brings higher heat and system temperature in a relative way. The way we deal with this heat problem, however, is to spare no effort to add one fan after another to protect our pampered system, expecting these fans could cool

down our machine as much as they could.

But at the same time, we believe that same users are affected terribly by the irritating noises of these fans while working with their PC. As a matter of fact, we do not have to get our fans running at such a high speed in most cases; on the contrary, we discovered that having your fans running at appropriate time and speed not only reduces the noise, but also consumes the least power the system needs, so as to prevent over-wastingof

energy resource.

Today, AOpen Motherboard is honored to bring you a new overall solution, SilentTek, to make your system quiet. To collocate with hardware circuit, BIOS and the utility under Windows, SilentTek combined “Hardware-StatusMonitoring”, “Overheat Warning” and “Fan Speed Control” withuser-friendlyinterfaces to provide you a perfect balance among noises, system performance and stability.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


The first image you have here is the Voltage Status page. You can find current status of all voltages and set your expected margins of warning level.

In “Temp/Fan/Case” page, you may get aware of the current temperature of CPU and the heat inside chassis. Also, you can check if fans are running properly.

You may check your system voltage from the indicating bar here.

Of course, you may set your defaulted lowest margin for your fans and SilentTek would also pop up a message box to alarm you when the fan is rotating slower than this specified speed.

You may set the highest margin of your CPU and system temperature as default, and SilentTek would pop up a message box to alert you with alarm when the temperature goes beyond the specified margin.


1. Smart FAN Control: This is the default setting of SilentTek and can be used for any branded computer housing. With a special algorithm developed by AOpen, the fan speed is automatically adjusted by the factors of CPU and ambient temperature. Ease-of-use and trouble free at your service.

AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


The following page is surely the most important part of this utility. You may control the rotation speed of specific fans that you have got the options inside in this page.

CD-ROMRotation Speed Control: by enabling the CD-ROM Rotation Speed Control, you can adjust the rotation speed of your CD-ROM. When you set the speed to high level, the CD-ROM will work at its fastest speed and it will run at basic required speed while you set the value to low speed.

2. Fixed FAN Control: Under this setting, a desired fan speed is set fixed when operating.

3.Multiple Level Control: This is the most versatile setting that allows you to set fan speed in relation to temperature. You may find that this setting fits you best.

4.AOpen Recommend Setting: This setting is designed specifically for AOpen housing. A series of lab tests were conducted under the real world scenario to determine optimum fan speed to reduce noise level within CPU working condition and temperature. Most of the time, the fan would remain still when CPU is not fully utilized.

Note: Due to hundreds different brands of fan on the market, inaccuracy may happen in some cases when you had your rotation speed adjusted. It is still under the criterion and please rest assured that it won’t cause any problem to your system.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards



Have you ever thought how great it would be if you can adjust the frequency setting on your motherboard under Windows environment and be a real master of your system? Everybody knows that the ratio and frequency setting are key factors to influence the system performance; however, it’s absolutely not an easy task for an amateur to adjust the setting value. On most traditional motherboards, you have to get into BIOS screen for the frequency and

reboot the system again and again. But from now on, you don’t surfer the boring stuffs anymore.

With brand-newanduser-friendlyEzClock that AOpen specially designs for his users, you can adjust those important values as you please and think of suitable. Thistailor-madeEzClock allows you to set the voltage and frequency of CPU, VGA, PCI and memory under Windows environment as well as in BIOS setting page; even better, those settings will be displayedreal-time.Having this handy EzClock, you can monitor the system when you’refine-tuningthe performance of your system. It provides you detailed and necessary information. Now let’s take a look how it works on utility, BIOS and POST.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


How You Adjust the Settings in EzClock Utility

In EzClock utility, you can adjust CPU Front Side Bus (FSB), the voltage and frequency of VGA, AGP, PCI and DRAM. Besides, the CPU related information such as CPU voltage, temperature and CPUFAN rotation speed will also be displayed on this utility.

CPU Color Bars:

The color bar will light on and show different colors as values change. On default values, it will show green.

On the left circle area shows Ratio, FSB and frequency information about CPU. When the values are set to factory default, the light on the top and bottom of the circle will show green and it will vary as you change these CPU settings.

CPU Ratio, FSB and frequency displaying area:

You can adjust CPU FSB here by entering preferred value.

On the right part of the panel is the section that you adjust the settings of VGA, AGP, PCI and memory. To adjust the voltage and clock frequency of those installments, you can press “-“or “+” on corresponding items. The color parts represent the situation of values. The higher value you set, the light on the color bar goes to right and turns red. After finishing those value settings, you can press “Apply” button on the upper right hand corner to save changes to CMOS.

VGA, AGP, PCI and DRAM Voltage / Clock Area:

Pressing “_” and “+” buttons, you can adjust70the voltage and clock frequency values of onboard VGA, AGP, PCI and DRAM.

Control buttons:

“_” button allows you to minimize the utility and “X” button to close the utility. Pressing “Apply” button you can save the changes to CMOS.