AOpen AX4SGUL User Manual

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AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


About “User Upgrade Optional” and “Manufaaccttuurree UUppggrraaddee OOppttiioonnaall

When you read this online manual and start to assemble your computer system, you may notice that some of the functions are marked as “User Upgrade Optional” or “Manufacture Upgrade Optional”. Although all of AOpen’s motherboards have included many amazing and powerful features, sometimes not every user is familiar with these powerful features. As a result of this we define features that can be upgraded by users as “User Upgrade Optional”. You can upgrade these functions by purchasing additional devices. As for functions that cannot be upgraded by users, we define them as “Manufacture Upgrade Optional”. If need be, you can contact our local distributors or resellers to purchase “Manufacture Upgrade Optional” components, and again you are also welcome to visit our official website at for detail information.



ily Motherboards



Breaking through traditional outlook of motherboard, AOpen now brings you a new fresh look of motherboard! – EzColor!

Fancy? You may think so, but actually it is a practical and useful feature for amateur or even power-users.Coming in specific color for specific connector and module, components on motherboard are now born with their respective colors. Users may now easily recognize what jumper or cable should match with specific jumper or cable by COLOR, without having the trouble of holding user guide in one hand and connecting jumpers with the other hand.

And what makes this feature so great is that, even the easy-to-get-confusedfront panel connector is differentiated now with different light colors!

Sky Blue:AGP Slot

Flame Red:

Both 4-pinand12-pinATX connector

Sand: PCI Slot

Electric Blue:

Memory Module

AOpen i865 Family Motherboards




Claret: Serial ATA connector







Power Switch


ACPI & Power LED




Navy Blue: IDE 1 Connector

Black: IDE 2 Connector

Note: Colors setting varies on different motherboards; the color setting here applies only to AOpen i865 Family Motherboards.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


JP14 Clear CMOS Data

You can clear CMOS to restore system default setting. To clear the CMOS, follow the procedure below.

1.Turn off the system and unplug the AC power.

2.Remove ATX power cable from connector PWR2.

3.Locate JP14 and short pins 2-3for a few seconds.

4.Return JP14 to its normal setting by shorting pin1 & pin2.

5.Connect ATX power cable back to connector PWR2.


Pin 1




Clear CMOS



Tip: When should I Clear CMOS?

1.Boot fails because of overclocking…

2.Forget password…



AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


CPU Installation

This motherboard supports Intel® Pentium 4 Socket 478 series CPU (Northwood). Be careful of CPU orientation when you plug it into CPU socket.

1.Pull up the CPU socket lever and up to 90-degreeangle.

2.Locate Pin 1 in the socket and look for mark on the CPU upper interface. Match Pin 1 and cut edge, then insert the CPU into the socket.

CPU socket





CPU pin 1 and


cut edge





CPU cut edge





Note: Those pictures are for example only; they may not look the same with the motherboard you purchased.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


3. Press down the CPU socket lever and finish CPU installation.

CPU cut edge

Note: If you do not match the CPU socket Pin 1 and CPU cut edge well, you may damage the CPU.

Note: This socket supportsMicro-FC-PGA2package CPU, which is the latest CPU package developed by Intel. Other forms of CPU package are impossible to be fitted in.

Note: This picture is for example only; it may not look the same with the motherboard you purchased.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


CPU Fan Installation

This motherboard comes with a retention module attached on the CPU socket when shipped, we strongly recommend you to install AOpen special designed CPU Fan as shown below on the retention module for better heat dissipation. Please install the CPU Fan

correctly as the following pictures shown.

1. Gently put the CPU Fan down on the retention module with clips aligning correctly to the four corners.

2.Pressing down the four clips with force one by one on the retention module.


Note: The picture above may look different from the product you purchased.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


CPU Jumper-lessDesign

CPU VID signal and SMbus clock generator provide CPU voltageauto-detectionand allows the user to set the CPU frequency through the BIOS setup, therefore no jumpers or switches are used. The disadvantages of the Pentium basedjumper-lessdesigns are eliminated. There will be no worry of wrong CPU voltage detection.










Clock Generator





Socket 478







Pentium 4







CPU Freq. Ratio



CPU VID signal


CPU voltage









Power Regulator

(Automatically generates CPU voltage)


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


CPU Over-currentProtection

The Over Current Protection is a popular implementation on ATX 3.3V/5V/12V switching power supply. However, the new generation CPU uses different voltage with a regulator to transfer 12V to CPU voltage (for example, 1.475V), and thus makes 5V over current protection useless. This motherboard is with switching regulator onboard supporting CPU over-currentprotection; in conjunction with 3.3V/5V/12V power supply provide the full lineover-currentprotection.

5V (Protected by power supply)

3.3V (Protected by power supply)

ATX Switching Power Supply

12V (Protected by power supply)






Onboard Power Regulator

CPU Core Voltage








Note: Although we have implemented protection circuit try to prevent any human operating mistake, there is still certain risk that CPU, memory, HDD,add-oncards installed on this motherboard may be damaged because of component failure, human operating error or unknown nature reason.AOpen cannot guaranty the protection circuit will always work perfectly.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


Battery-lessand Long Life Design

This Motherboard implements a Flash ROM and a special circuit that provide you no batter power consumption of current CPU and CMOS Setup configurations. The RTC (real time clock) can also keep running as long as the power cord is plugged. If you lose your CMOS data by accident, you can just reload the CMOS configurations from Flash ROM and the system will recover as usual.

ATX Stand-byPower

Auto Switch


(Real Time Clock) 00:00:00

Flash ROM



Auto switch to ATX standby power as long as AC power line is plugged. This smart design increases battery life if you still plug battery on motherboard.

Backup by EEPROM