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AOpen i865 Family Motherboards





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AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


Part Number and Serial Number

The Part Number and Serial number are printed on bar code label. You can find this bar code label on the outside packing, or on component side of PCB. For example:

Part No.

Serial No.

P/N: 91.88110.201 is part number, S/N: 91949378KN73is serial number.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


Model name and BIOS version

Model name and BIOS version can be found on upper left corner of first boot screen (POST screen). For example:

AX4SG-UL R1.00 Sep. 1. 2003 AOpen Inc.

Phoenix-AwardPlug and Play BIOS Extension v1.0A

Copyright © 2003, Award Software, Inc.

AX4SG-UL is model name of motherboard;R1.00 is BIOS version.


AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


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AOpen i865 Family Motherboards


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