A.O. Smith DHE200 THRU 10, DVE125 THRU 10, 0 User Manual

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GLASS-LINED TANK — Tank interior is coated with glass specially developed for use in water heaters. Tanks rated at 125 psi working pressure; 150 psi or 160 psi working pressure is optional. Vermin proof fiber glass insulation reduces costly heat loss. Constructed to Section IV of ASME code, and UL standards. Tanks have channel skid base. A 4" x 6" handhole is furnished on 500, 600 and 700 gallon models; 11" x 15" manhole is furnished on 800 gallon and larger sizes.

INCOLOY IMMERSION HEATERS Heavy-duty medium watt density elements (three/immersion heater) have incoloy sheathing: provide excellent protection against oxidation and scaling. The input ranges from 15KW to 3000KW (see accompanying chart).


All models are available with the Goldenrod 24K gold plated elements (patent pending). Goldenrod Elements provide longlife and five times the scaling resistance of standard incoloy elements. Goldenrod Elements carry a three-yearwarranty against failure due to scale.

FUSING — Control and power circuit fusing to meet N.E.C.

PILOT SWITCH AND LIGHT — Provided on front of heater; permits manual starting and stopping of heater by interrupting power to control circuit.



MAGNETIC CONTACTOR(S) — Heavy duty UL rated for 100,000 cycles.

LOW WATER CUTOFF — Probe type electric low water cutoff prevents energizing of elements in the event of low water condition.

120 VOLT CONTROL CIRCUIT — 120 volt control circuit is powered by fused transformer.

IMMERSION THERMOSTAT — Immersion temperature control (one per 60KW) is adjustable to 180°F; high temperature cutoff is manual reset, adjustable type.



DVE–125THRU 10,000

DHE–200THRU 10,000


Color coded circuitry for easier servicingAnode rods for maximum corrosion protectionStandard voltages include 208, 240, 480, 600 volt single orthree-phase.For other voltages consult factory.Factory installed terminal block(s)Cabinet has baked enamel finishPrewired element terminal leadsTemperature and pressure relief valve2" dial temperature gaugeImmersion type thermostat and high limit for faster response.


Provides emergency back up energy source or winter/summer boiler operation. Can be specified with optional water to water or steam to water heat exchangers. Both single and double wall heat exchangers are available. Complete control packages can be factory installed for hook-upand run capability.


If the tank should leak any time during the first three years, under the terms of the warranty, A. O. Smith will repair or replace the heater; installation, labor, handling and local delivery extra. THIS OUTLINE IS NOT A WARRANTY. For complete information, consult the written warranty or A. O. Smith Water Products Company.

Warranty does not apply to product installed outside of the United States of America or its territorial possessions and Canada.

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Not Recommended

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The heater(s) shall be A.O. Smith Dura-PowerCommercial Electric Model Number ___________________ or an approved equal. Heater(s) shall be rated at _______ KW, _______ V, _______ phase, 60 cycle AC. The heater shall be for (vertical/ horizontal) installation with lifting lugs and channel skid base. Vessel shall be constructed to Section IV of the ASME Code for 125 psi working pressure. Vessel shall beglass-linedwith anodic protection. Entire vessel and electrical controls are to be encased in a rectangular sheet metal enclosure with baked enamel finish. Tank to be insulated with fiber glass insulation. Separate 2" dial type temperature gauge will be mounted on the front of the enclosure. Enclosure to have hinged locking door over electric controls. There shall be ____________ individually replaceable _______ KW, 4 bolt flange mounted, incoloy sheathed heating elements each complete with prewired terminal leads. These elements will be switched by magnetic contactors which are operated by a 120V fused control circuit protected by manual reset high limit. Control circuit is activated by a master pilot switch and electronic low water cutoff. The thermostatic control of the contacts shall be in _______ stages through solid state modulating step control which will balance the water heating input to the demand. This control shall prevent the entire electrical load from being switched on instantaneously. The control shall have even load progressive sequencing which utilizes the "first on, first off" principle thereby equalizing the operating time of heating elements and contactors. Each magnetic contactor and heating element circuit will be protected by a maximum of 60 amp cartridge type fuses with a minimum of 100,000 amp interrupting capacity. The entire water heating package shall be prewired to solderless terminal lugs, factory tested, complete with ASME temperature and pressure relief valve and bear the Underwriters' Laboratories label. Heater(s) shall have a 3 year limited warranty as outlined in the written warranty. Fully illustrated instruction manual included.


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CEMENT – A special formulation of cement providing excellent corrosion protection. Available on 200 gallon and larger tanks.

EPOXY – A solventless two component epoxy lining applied to a minimumten-mil(.010") dry thickness. Available on 200 gallon and larger tanks.

GOLDENROD ELEMENTS – Available with Optional Goldenrod Elements - All DVE/DHE models are available with the Goldenrod 24K gold plated elements (patent pending). Goldenrod Elements providelong-lifeand five times the scaling resistance of standard incoloy elements. Goldenrod Elements carry athree-yearwarranty against failure due to scale.


SILICON BRONZE VESSELS – Are available for special applications or very corrosive water conditions. Consult factory for specific sizes.

STAINLESS STEEL VESSELS – Are available for deionized water. Built with stainless steel under rules of Section IV of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code for operation on deionized water having a minimum specific resistivity of 10 megohm/cm.

150 OR 160 PSI WORKING PRESSURE – Must be specified at time of order.


TEMPERATURE AND PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES – For working pressures other than standard; consult factory.

HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL – See specifications, most gallon capacities may be obtained in vertical or horizontal construction.

CIRCULATING PUMP PACKAGE – Circulating pump and piping sized to turn over entire storage capacity of tank once each hour. Recommended to optimize available water at temperature in horizontal tanks particularly where low draw conditions are anticipated.

OPTIONAL INTERNATIONAL VOLTAGES – 380 and 415 volts three phase.

3-1/2"DIAL TYPE PRESSURE GAUGE– Factory installed.

3-1/2"DIAL TYPE TEMPERATURE GAUGE– Factory installed.

11" x 15" MANHOLE – Available as option on tanks 700 gallons or smaller.


COPPER TUBE TANK HEATER – Double wall copper tube tank heaters are designed for heating potable water with both potable ornon-potableliquids or steam, and are specifically engineered for installation in models DVE and DHE for dual energy applications. Tank heaters have a positivefail-safemeans of leak detection in the event of either tube failure to prevent mixture of heating medium and potable water. Single wall heat exchangers are also available. Refer to pages A 412.3 and A 412.4 for more information.

THERMOSTATIC STEP CONTROL – The simplest form of modulation. Allows elements to be stepped on in groups by specifying additional thermostats (up to one per contactor). It is recommended that number of thermostats not exceed five.

SOLID STATE MODULATING STEP CONTROL – Solid state electronic control device that modulates input to match load through progressive sequencing of steps (up to 20 steps with maximum of one per contactor).

SEQUENCER – Up to 5 stage time delay sequencer provides for stepping of elements in groups or individually (maximum of one step per contactor). Units supplied with this option will have a 120/24 volt control circuit.

TERMINAL BLOCKS – Allows for remote connection to building demand limiter or other functions.

AUTOMATIC RESET HIGH LIMIT – A control that in the event of high temperature, interrupts power,de-energizingelements, automatic reset. (Standard with modulating step control).

INDICATING LIGHTS – Denotes heating stage(s) in operation. Up to one light per contactor is available.

OVERRIDE SWITCHES – A simple means of load control allows all or part of unit input to be controlled manually. Up to one switch per contactor is available.

SAFETY DOOR INTERLOCK – Prevents opening of control panel door when heater power supply is on. NOTE: Once door is opened heater may be energized if necessary for service diagnosis.

SHUNT TRIP CIRCUIT BREAKER – A safety device (circuit breaker) which disconnects power to heater in the event of overcurrent, high temperature or low water level, breaker must be manually reset.

CIRCUIT BREAKER – A safety device which disconnects power to the heater in the event of overcurrent.

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