Antec DARK FLEET DF-30 User Manual

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Now rest your case with the left side up. Here’s what we’ll be working with first:






A – Power supply mounts

B – 5.25” drive bay area

C – 3.5” drive bay area

D – Front panel wiring

E – I/O panel

Note: Do not use your fingernails to pry or lift the panels. Damage to the panels or injury to your fingernails may result.

Note: This manual is not designed to cover CPU, RAM, or expansion card installation. Please consult your motherboard manual for specific mounting instructions and troubleshooting.



Before proceeding:

-Check the manual for your CPU cooler to find out if there are steps you must do before installing the motherboard

-Make sure you have the correct I/O panel for your motherboard. If the panel provided with the case isn’t suitable, please contact your motherboard manufacturer for the correct I/O panel.

Make sure you have the correct I/O panel. This mismatched I/O panel can cause difficulties down the road.

1.Lay the case down, with the open side facing up. The drive cages should be visible on the right side of the case, with the power supply in the upper left.

2.Now insert your motherboard, aligning your motherboard with the standoff holes and remember which holes are lined up.

Installing the motherboard, step 2. Note that not all motherboards will match with all the provided holes; this is normal and won’t affect functionality.


3.Now remove your motherboard by lifting it up.

Lift your motherboard out to install the standoffs.

4.Install standoffs as needed and put the motherboard back in.

5.Screw in your motherboard to the standoffs with the provided Phillips-headscrews.

Caution: Make sure to remove any unused motherboard standoffs. They may come into contact with the back of the motherboard and may electrify your case exterior if left connected.

Step 5: Screwing in the motherboard after standoffs are installed


Note: The DF-30comes with a CPU cutout on the motherboard tray, which will allow you to change your CPU heatsink without removing the motherboard.


The DF-30can accommodate astandard-sizeATX power supply.

1.With the case upright, place the power supply on the bottom of the case.

PSU resting on the standard PSU mount.

2.Push the power supply to the back of the case and align the mounting holes.

3.Attach the power supply to the case with the screws provided.


Use these screws to secure your power supply to the case.

Note: Power supplies with fans on the bottom of the power supply will need to be mounted so that the fan is facing the top of the case. The DF-30provides mounting holes for power supplies with standard mounting layouts to be installed right side up or upside down.


There is a cable management compartment behind the 3.5” drive cage. You can tuck or route excess cables in this compartment.

1.Locate the cable management compartment with cable ties located behind the walls of the 3.5” drive cage.

2.Tuck or route your excess cables to the compartment. This will keep the cables from interfering with airflow in your case and help with cooling.

3.Use the cable ties provided to hold them in place.



The DF-30includes twoFleet-Release™access doors. With the front bezel facing you, they are located by default on the bottom nine drive bay slots (each door covers three drive bays).

1.Open the Fleet-ReleaseTM access door.

Opening the Fleet-Release™access door by gently pressing the left side to release it, and then swing it open.

2.Insert your 3.5” device into the 3.5” drive cage from the front of the case. You will feel resistance from presstabs on either side of the drive cage which will create friction against the drive. Push gently until the drive’s mounting holes align with the screw holes in the cage.


Installing a 3.5” internal device

3.Fasten the device in place with the provided screws on both side of the drive cage.

Make sure to install screws on the left side…

…as well as the right side.

4.Mount any other 3.5” HDD devices accordingly.

5.Connect the appropriate power and data cables to the device(s), using cable routing as desired.

6.Close the Fleet-Release™access door.



There is one external 3.5” drive bay under the 5.25” drive bays.

Remove this drive bay cover.

1.Carefully remove the 3.5” drive bay cover from the bezel. Load the drives from the front, lining them up to the front of the drive cage.

Insert your drive as shown.

2.With one hand supporting the drive, fasten the drive with the screws provided.

3.Find a small 4-pinwhite connector on the power supply and connect it to the male4-pinconnector on the floppy drive.



The DF-30’stop 2.5” hard drive bay ishot-swapcapable. To use thehot-swapfeature, ensure that your motherboard is configured forhot-swap.Make sure to install all related drivers that come with your motherboard and turn on the AHCI function in the BIOS to activate the hot swap feature.

Using the top 2.5” hot-swapdrive bay


1.Align your SATA HDD with the drive bay with the connector facing the case.

2.Push the HDD all the way into the bay until it locks into position.


1.Ensure that your HDD is not in use.

2.Carefully pull the HDD out of the hot-swapdrive bay.



There are three externally accessible 5.25” drive bays. Before you begin, remove both side panels.

1.First, remove the drive bay faceplate and metal cover plate as shown below.

The plastic drive bay faceplate should pop free.

A screwdriver may be needed to remove the metal cover plate.

2.Slide your 5.25” device into the bay from the front of the case.

5.25” device installation

3.Secure the drive into position in the drive bay using the provided screws on each side of the drive.

4.Mount any other 5.25” devices accordingly.

5.Connect the appropriate power and data cables to your device(s).

6.Replace both side panels.