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Product Features

8-port EFM bonded e.SHDSL

Up to 45 Mbps of resilient Carrier Ethernet service

Certified MEF9, 14 Traffic Management Compliant

1 RMU stackable with wallmount or rackmount options

Rapid deployment via EZ-Ethernet Provisioning

Standards based OAM supported

Monitoring, fault detection, and loopback functions

TScan advanced loop diagnostics

Flexible Bandwidth management

Performance monitoring with threshold alarms

Configurable Queuing for CoS support

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Traffic storm protection to prevent service interruptions due to broadcast, multicast, unicast or L2CP traffic

Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) 1000Base-X Ethernet

Autosensing 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connections

Industry-leading warranty


NetVanta 838

Carrier Ethernet Network Termination

Ethernet is the undisputed, global choice for Metro Access Networks (MANs) and Local Access Networks (LANs). However, existing copper access networks do not facilitate an end-to-end high-bandwidth connection, creating a bottleneck. This bottleneck is the first mile of access. This refers to the access link (most often a TDM-based copper circuit) from the business customer’s office LAN

to their service provider’s MAN. ADTRAN affords service providers the ability to remove this bottleneck through the utilization of an improved data transmission standard. This standard, ITU-T G.998.2, is known as Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM). ADTRAN EFM over Copper (EoCu) defines a way to effectively and universally bond together, lower bandwidth copper loops or pairs of wires creating a Carrier Ethernet access connection.

This innovative EoCu solution enables service providers to extend packet-based business-class services beyond the reach of their fiber network by leveraging the existing investment of copper-based TDM business services assets. This means leveraging the full advantages of TDM, the most understood, successful, and ubiquitous business service infrastructure. Due to budget restrictions and time to market requirements, deploying fiber to address uneven or disperse service demand is not feasible, leaving a large percentage of businesses to rely on copper business access.

The ADTRAN EoCu solution is comprised of the NetVanta 800 family of NTU and can be launched from our Total Access 3000 and Total Access 5000 platforms. The NetVanta 830 Series NTU delivers enhanced

data rate capabilities to deliver up to 45 Mbps of Ethernet service over bonded e.SHDSL. The NetVanta 810 Series NTU leverages the existing copper-based TDM business services assets to rapidly extend Ethernet service to any customer who currently uses DS1 or

E1 service. The NetVanta 873 can EFM bond up to three DS3 connections to deliver up to 134 Mbps of Carrier Ethernet service.

Quality of Service Flexibility and Assurance

The NetVanta 800 Series deliver packet flow capabilities certified compliant per the Metro Ethernet Forum. These packet flow capabilities offer the traffic classification and bandwidth profiling capabilities required

to offer customers a flexible, tiered service offer. In addition to this highly configurable, granular bandwidth selection toolset enabling Quality of Service (QoS) options, these same network termination points support the standards-based measurement and monitoring capabilities required to maintain a carrier-grade Ethernet network. All of this allows providers to create and meet customer SLA agreements.

Reliable Service Connection Mechanisms

In the event a single loop fails, the NetVanta 800 offers resiliency, maintaining traffic over the remaining active loops in order

to maintain service. Once the failed loop

is operational again, the NetVanta will automatically detect its availability and return the loop to the bonded group, providing the original provisioned customer bandwidth. When deployed through the Total Access 5000, these NTUs tap into an unparalleled array of copper loop diagnostic tools that afford an even greater service assurance level.

Simplified Service Delivery

In order to improve service time to market and reduce deployment costs, the NetVanta 800 Series delivers a feature set designed to simplify service deployment and maintenance. ADTRAN Total Access EMS employs EZ-Ethernet Provisioning, minimizing the number of steps to provision a new service. The EIA-232 craft port enables local access for configuration and status information. A management VLAN is used to remotely configure and collect status information.

The compact chassis and flexible deployment options offer wallmount or rackmount for superior flexibility. When wallmounted, any NetVanta 800 only occupies a 17-inch by 10-inch area of the customer’s telephone wiring closet. For rackmount installations, custom 19-inch rackmount shelves

are available.

Smart Solutions for a Connected World.


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ADTRAN is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and a TL 9000 certified supplier.

I61200633G4-8A January 2008

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All rights reserved.

NetVanta 838

8-port EFM over e.SHDSL

Total Access 5000 (ETSI)



Metro Ethernet





& IP Core



10 RU








Total Access 838

1– 8 EFM Bonded



1-8 EFM Bonded


e.SHDSL Pairs







e.SHDSL Pairs








NetVanta 838



NetVanta 838



4 x 10/100Base-T



4 x 10/100Base-T


or GigE SFP



or GigE SFP














Product Specifications



Physical Interface

Network Interface: e.SHDSL – RJ21

Customer: Four autosensing 10/100Base-T Ethernet





Gigabit Ethernet Interface

Interface Type: 1000 Base-X

Connector: Single SFP

Compliance: 802.3, 802.1D, 802.1Q

Management: Console port



Management & Administration

Craft interface (local, EIA-232)

Remote firmware upgrades

Local: YMODEM through craft port

Remote: Managed through Total Access 3000, Total Access 5000

Flow through provisioning via Total Access EMS

Supports OAM management status and loopback messaging

Configuration script download


Operating Temperature: -40 C to +65 C

Storage Temperature: -40 C to + 85 C

Relative Humidity: Up to 95%, noncondensing

Diagnostic LEDs


Power/Alarm LED

Dimensions: 44 mm H, 437 mm W, 254 mm D

SHDSL loop status for each loop

Weight: 3.6 kg

Ethernet LED

DC Power: -48 VDC or +/-24 VDC (A or B power feed)


E-Line support

Mini jumbo frame support (1700 Bytes)

Efficient EFM bonding

Q in Q

Flexible bandwidth profiles for rate limiting

Traffic classification options include CE-VLAN, port, p-bit, DSCP

SNMP support

Standards Compliant

IEEE 802.1p priority marking

IEEE 802.1d dynamic/transparent bridging

IEEE 802.1q VLAN tagging

IEEE 802.3-ah EFM standard

IEEE 802.3u Ethernet

MEF 9,14

Agency Approvals

FCC Part 15 Class A

FCC Part 68

UL 60950, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950

EN 60950, IEC 60950, AS 3260/ AS NZS60950

NEBS Level 3


ITU-T K21:2000 Basic

Ordering Information


Part #



NetVanta 838


48VDC Power Supply, US Cord




48VDC Power Supply, Eu Cord


48VDC Power Supply, UK Cord




48VDC Power Supply, US Cord


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