ADTRAN 4200659L7, 4175043L2, 1200287L1, 1200291L1, 1200657L2, 4200659L2, 4200659L5, 4200659L8, 4200659L3, 4200659L1, 4200659L6, 4200659L4 User Manual

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Power Fail 4-5

Power Low 4-5

Temp Critical 4-5

Temp High 4-5

Power Supply State menu 4-5 power up

AC version 2-2 DC version2-2

PRF LED, active cards 2-14 PRF LED, standby cards2-15 protection

circuit failure 7-1 network failure7-1

Protection Configuration menus 3-5 Protection menu4-7

protection mode 4-7 Circuit4-7

circuit failure recovery 7-3, 7-4 Network4-7

network failure recovery 7-4 None4-7

non-redundant7-2 Protection Threshold3-11

PWR FAIL, DC connector symbol 2-3 PWR LED2-13


rackmount installation 2-5

Read Community Name address 3-25 rear panel description2-7

receiving inspection 2-1 redundancy7-1

circuit and network failure recovery mode 7- 4

circuit failure recovery mode 7-3 non-redundantmode7-2

RET, DC connector symbol 2-3

return material authorization (RMA) vi RMA requestsviii


Save Configuration menu 3-43 Save on Logout menu3-38 self test results3-39

service viii

service interruption 7-3

Set Multiple menu selection 3-9 setting the baud rate3-17 setting the date3-35

setting the password 3-35 setting the time3-35

Severely Errored Framing Seconds (SEFS) 5-7, 5- 18

Severity Level menu 3-36 shipping, contents2-1 short line length3-3

SNMP Management Options 3-25 SNMP, overview1-5 specifications, MX2800B-1 Stand By, Card A/Card B4-6 State menus, T1/E13-8

Statistics menu 5-1

24 Hour Alarm History (DS3) 5-2 Performance Parameters (DS3)5-6, 5-16

Statistics menus 5-1 status LEDs2-13 Status menu4-1

Acknowledge Alarms (ACO) 4-12 Alarm (System State)4-5

Card A/Card B 4-6 Card Comm4-7 DS3 State4-2

Power Supply State 4-5 Protection4-7

System State 4-5 Status menus

DS3 State 4-2 Subnet Mask menu3-14

Supply Failure, System State Alarm 4-6 switch cards, forcing the controller to3-5 Switched, System State Alarm4-6 Syslog Setup menu3-36

system alarms 3-23

System Management menus 3-13 system reset3-43

System Security menu 3-35 System State Alarm

Card Failure 4-6 Excessive Switches 4-6


MX2800 STS-1User Manual



Supply Failure 4-6

Switched 4-6

System State menu 4-5


T1/E1 menus State 3-8

T1/E1 Status LEDs 2-15 Telnet, overview1-6

Temp Critical, Power Supply State 4-5

Temp High, Power Supply State 4-5 Temperature Critical, Power Supply Alarm3-24 Temperature Critical, Power Supply Alarm Traps3-34

Temperature High, Power Supply Alarm 3-24 Temperature High, Power Supply Alarm Traps3- 34

terminal connection, establishing 2-10 TFTP updates3-41

time, setting 3-35 Timing menu3-3 TL19-1

alarm events 9-10

autonomous messages 9-10, 9-12 commands9-5

error codes 9-13 informational events9-12 messages9-2

overview 9-1 responses9-2

Transmission menu 3-36

Trap Community Name menu 3-34 Trap Generation menu3-25

Trap IP Addresses menu 3-25 traps

for calls between primary and secondary numbers 3-15

for redialing 3-15 Tributary loopback6-2


UL information (DC version) 2-4 unpacking the unit2-1

updating software

via xmodem 3-40 Utilities menu3-38


viewing statistical information, display options for 5-1


Write Community Name 3-34


XCV Threshold menus

DS3 Configuration 3-4

XMODEM updates 3-40


MX2800 STS-1User Manual