ADC WiMAX Single-sector Base Station WMX 3000 User Manual

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FlexWaveWMX 3000

WiMAX Single-sector Base Station

The FlexWaveWMX 3000 delivers industry leading WiMAX technology into a single-sector “stackable” form factor. For service providers seeking entry into the WiMAX market or those expanding coverage of an existing network, the FlexWave WMX 3000 is an economical and elegant solution. Its space-saving design allows operators a carrier-grade platform from which to launch premium voice, multimedia and data services.

The FlexWave WMX 3000 operates seamlessly within a heterogeneous network by synchronizing with other FlexWave WMX base stations in the same cell. The system offers a broad range of deployment options including operation as a single-sector base station or operation within a multi-sector cell site configured through WaveCenter EMS Pro provisioning. Fully compliant with the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard, FlexWave WMX 3000 supports fixed and nomadic WiMAX applications and seamlessly integrates into a network consisting of mobile 802.16e-2005 WiMAX.


Comprehensive 1U indoor unit

Split design compatible with all FlexWave WMX outdoor radios

Per-subscriber link management

Stackable design supporting pay-as-you-grow business model

Seamless co-location with multi-sector base stations for expanded network coverage

Spec Sheet

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FlexWaveWMX 3000

WiMAX Single-sector Base Station

The FlexWaveWMX 3000 operates in licensed and license-exempt bands under virtually all wireless conditions including LOS, OLOS, and NLOS, giving providers a versatile platform for maximizing

WiMAX revenue opportunities. The FlexWave WMX 3000 is an effective wireless access point for hundreds of simultaneously active subscriber units serving both outdoor and indoor applications.

The FlexWave WMX 3000 uses a split IDU/ODU design with the 1U rack mountable indoor unit performing IP networking, backhaul and radio control functions. The outdoor unit consists of a spectrum-specific radio and antenna connecting to the indoor unit via coax cable carrying power, timing, and control signals.

Typical Applications

Last mile, carrier deployments supporting small initial roll outs, growing to support hundreds of subscribers

Converged fixed-mobile service offering including multi-user, multi-application, and multi-service simultaneously

Scalable VoIP service with per-flow QoS and dynamic link adjustment

Wireless applications desired by indoor consumers of WiMAX including DSL bypass and extended Wi-Fi coverage

Fixed WiMAX service evolving to support mobile subscribers

Bandwidth hungry video and data applications requiring low latency and predictable performance

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