Acer FERRARI 1000, FERRARI 1004WTMI User Manual

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LED indicator

In pairing mode or when linking with the notebook the LED indicator on the body of the mouse blinks every second. If the mouse is not functioning correctly, press the "Bluetooth connection/pairing" button on the bottom of the mouse to re-initializethe Bluetooth connection.

In the low battery mode, the LED indicator flashes.

Using Acer external IEEE 1394 optical drive

Use the IEEE 1394 cable in the accessory box to connect to the IEEE 1394 port.

Press the drive eject button to eject the optical disk when the drive is connected to the computer and the computer is on.




Using Acer Bluetooth VoIP phone

Getting to know your VoIP phone

LED indicators












The phone is in pairing mode.





pairing indicator





Blinking slow

The phone is linking with the














The phone is not paired or




linked with the notebook.








The phone is charging.







The phone is fully-charged.










The phone needs to be









Charging the phone

You need to charge the phone before initial use. It takes approximately four hours for a full charge.

To charge the phone:

1.Turn the notebook on.

2.Locate the PC Card (PCMCIA) slot.

3.Insert the phone to the slot label up. Make sure that the phone is completely pushed on the slot.

Note: The notebook detects the device and displays a New Device Wizard window. Click No, not this time, then close the window.


4. The power/charge indicator lights up during charge and turns off when the battery is full. Eject the phone from the PC Card slot when charging is finished.

Connecting the phone to your notebook

The Acer VCM (Voice Connection Manager) Bluetooth Headset Connection Center is a convenient tool to connect the phone to your notebook.

To connect the phone to your notebook:

1.Eject the phone from the PC Card slot, if necessary, then press the phone power button for three seconds. The phone beeps twice and the charge/power LED flashes to indicate that the phone is on.

2.Press the Bluetooth connection/pairing button for three seconds to put the phone in"pair-linkmode". The phone beeps, and the connection/pairing and charge/power LEDs flash alternately.

3.Right-clickthe Acer VCM iconon the taskbar, then select Bluetooth Headset Connection Center... from thepop-upmenu. If you have not paired any Bluetooth headset devices with the notebook previously, Acer VCM automatically scans all Bluetooth headset devices within range, then displays them in the Bluetooth Headset List with a New status. Otherwise, any previously paired Bluetooth headset device shows "Read to Use".


4. Click the Acer Bluetooth VoIP Phone from the list, then click Connect. Acer VCM automatically pairs the phone to the notebook, then changes the phone status to "Default Use".



Note: Click "Rescan" if the Acer Bluetooth VoIP Phone does not appear on the list. After pairing, Acer VCM automatically connects the phone to the notebook each time you turn the phone on. There is no need to connect the phone again.


Using the phone

You can use the phone in handheld or hands-free(speakerphone) mode. When you receive an Internet call from your Instant Messaging service (i.e. MSN® Messenger, Skype), press the Bluetooth connection/pairing button. The

incoming call voice automatically diverts to the phone speaker so you can receive the call.

Note: You can only receive/answer Internet calls through the phone when it is linked to the notebook. Every time you turn the phone on, Acer VCM automatically links it to the notebook. When linked, the Bluetooth connection/pairing indicator on the phone blinks slowly.

To switch to hands-freemode, rotate the phone flip counterclockwise, then press the speakerphone button. Refer to the illustration.




Using a computer security lock

The notebook comes with a Kensington-compatiblesecurity slot for a security lock.

Wrap the computer security lock cable around an immovable object such as a table or handle of a locked drawer. Insert the lock into the notch and turn the key to secure the lock. Keyless models are also available.



The computer comes with 32-bitHigh-Definitionaudio, andbuilt-instereo speakers.

Adjusting the volume

Use hotkeys to easily adjust the volume on your computer. See "Hotkeys" on page 31 for more information on adjusting the speaker volume.




Acer InviLink Nplify wireless technology

Acer InviLink Nplify wireless technology uses multiple radios to create a robust signal and deliver advanced wireless networking performance in addition to all- in-onecompatibility.

Nplify supports Acer SignalUp technology and 802.11a/b/g (dual-bandtri-mode)access points.

To enjoy Nplify performance, please refer to the Access Point user manual to optimize your wireless channel settings.


Acer OrbiCam

The Acer OrbiCam is a 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera appropriately mounted on top of the LCD panel. The camera's 225-degreeergonomic rotation allows you to capturehigh-resolutionphotos or videos up front or at the back of the LCD panel. The Acer OrbiCam fully supports the Acer Video Conference technology so you transmit the best video conference quality over an Instant Messenger service.

Getting to know your Acer OrbiCam


2 3



2Power indicator

3Rubber grip

Rotating the Acer OrbiCam

The Acer OrbiCam rotates 225 degrees counterclockwise to achieve the desired angle. Refer to the illustrations below.

Note: DO NOT rotate the camera clockwise to prevent damage to the device.

For your convenience, the camera snaps to 45 degrees to match the position of your face in front or at the back of the LCD panel.




Launching the Acer OrbiCam

Click Start > All Programs > Acer > Acer OrbiCam. The Acer OrbiCam capture window appears.

Changing the Acer OrbiCam settings


To change the capture resolution, click the displayed resolution at the bottom right corner of the capture window, then select the desired resolution.

Note: Setting the camera resolution to 640 x 480 or larger does not change the capture window size.