Abit GF4 TI4600 User Manual

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Utility Setup






4.Read the license agreement. Click “Yes” to continue.

5.Setup will install E-ColorSoftware in the following folder. To install to this folder, click “Next>”. To install to a different folder, click “Browse…” and select another folder.

6.The 3Deep Color Wizard appears. Click on the icon of your monitor type from CRT and Flat Panel.

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Chapter 4





7.Set the brightness control of your monitor to maximum, and then reduce the brightness control until the farthest monster image disappears.

8.Click on the blue, red, and green patches where you see just a hint of color. Do not change the monitor brightness now.

9.Click on the blue, red, and green squares that appear to be blended into the background.

Siluro GF4 Ti4400/Ti4600

Utility Setup






10.Click on the blue, red, and green squares that appear to be blended into the background.

11.Click “Finish” to end the 3Deep Color setup.

12.This tab explains the meaning of each different icon appears in the taskbar.

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13.Select the item you would like to activate. Click “Next”.

Siluro GF4 Ti4400/Ti4600

Utility Setup






4-6.Display Tray Icon

After installation of display drivers, you will find a display tray icon on the taskbar’s status area. Clicking this icon opens this Display Tray, showing a menu composed of shortcuts of the graphics board’s enhanced and other functions.

Note: Besides clicking this display tray icon to control the display properties, another way to do this is toright-clickthe Windows desktop area, clickProperties Settings

Advanced, and then click the appropriate tab to change your display settings.

1.Right-clickthis display tray icon on the taskbar’s status area.

2.A menu pops up. Move the cursor to “More Resolution” item to see the entire resolution table. Here you can directly choose the display resolution you want.

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3.If you want to change the refresh rate of display adapter, move cursor to “Refresh Rate”, here you can directly choose the display refresh rate you want.

Note: Make sure your display monitor supports the higher refresh rate you choose; otherwise, your monitor may not display normally. Please refer to your display monitor user’s manual for detailed specifications.

4.Click “Windows Display Properties…” to start setting up your display properties.

5.Choose “Exit” to leave this program.

Siluro GF4 Ti4400/Ti4600

Utility Setup






4-7.BIOS Flashing Utility

You may update the newest Siluro GF4 Ti4400/Ti4600 drivers or BIOS files from your dealer or directly download from our WEB site at http://www.abit.com.tw.

Note: When you use the flash utility to flash the BIOS, the screen will be blank for about 10 seconds. This is a normal situation, not a malfunction. Do not reboot your computer during this period, or you may cause the flash to fail.

1.Reboot your computer into DOS environment, or open a Windows® 95/98 window to the DOS prompt.

2.Insert the Installation CD into your CD-ROMdrive.

3.Copy CWSDPMI.EXE and NVFLASH.EXE to a new directory from path D:\NVFLASH. (D: refers to the CD-ROMdrive letter)

4.Copy the new BIOS binary file to the new directory.

5.Change to the new directory and type the following command:

NVFLASH –F[Filename]. ([Filename] refers to the name of BIOS binary file.)

Then press the “Enter” key. The program will begin flashing your display card BIOS.

6.When the flash is complete (the screen will display images again), you must reboot your computer system to make flash take effect.

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Chapter 4





The following commands are for the NVIDIA Flash ROM programming utility V4.13, for your reference only.

NVIDIA Flash ROM utility v04.13 Commands List:

Example of use: NVFLASH -s4–fBIOS.ROM-l

-f<filename>Flash the ROM using <filename>, then do compare and ~CRC32. b <filename> Read ROM and save to <filename>.

k <filename> Read ROM and compare with <filename>.

x <filename> Transfer TV data from file to EEPROM.

v <filename> Display file version and ~CRC32 (if no filename, acts on ROM).


Erase the ROM. -eErase the ROM.

d [bytes]

Display 256 the first bytes of the EEPROM (default is 256 bytes)


Check for supported EEPROM.


Don't light keyboard LEDs.


Don't pause if file & chip PCI VenID/DevID mismatch.


Don't pause if file & chip PCI subsystem ID mismatch.


Reboot the PC after other tasks completed..


Write protect ROM (only works on some ROMs).


Remove ROM Write protect. (only works on some ROMs).


List all NVIDIA display adapters found in the system.

i <index>

Force a specific device index.

?Display this screen.

s <level>

Silence level:



All beeps.

#=4 (or 2)

No progress beeps.

#=5 (or 1)

No beeps.

o <level>

Override safety check level:



EEPROM | NV chip aborts application.



EEPROM acceptable for read operations.



NV chip acceptable for read/write operations.


Combined effect of 1,2 (cannot write to unknown EEPROM).

Siluro GF4 Ti4400/Ti4600

How to Get Technical Support






Appendix A. How to Get Technical Support

(From our website) http://www.abit.com.tw (In North America)http://www.abit-usa.com (In Europe)http://www.abit.nl

Thank you for choosing ABIT products. ABIT sells all our products through distributors, resellers and system integrators; we have no direct sales to end-users.Before sending email for tech support please check with your resellers or integrators if you need any services, they are the ones who sold you your system and they should know best as to what can be done, how they serve you is a good reference for future purchases.

We appreciate every customer and would like to provide the best service to you. Providing fast service to our customers is our top priority. However we receive many phone calls and a huge amount of email from all over the world. At the present time it is impossible for us to respond to every single inquiry. Therefore it is quite possible that if you send an email to us that you may not receive a response.

We have done many compatibility tests and reliability tests to make sure our products have the best quality and compatibility. In case you need service or technical support, please understand the constraint we have and always check with the reseller who sold the product to you first.

To expedite service, we recommend that you follow the procedures outlined below before contacting us. With your help, we can meet our commitment to provide the best service to the greatest number of ABIT customers:

1.Check the Manual. It sounds simple but we have taken a lot of care in making a well-writtenand thorough manual. It is full of information that doesn't only pertain to motherboards. TheCD-ROMincluded with your board will have the manual as well as drivers. If you don't have either one, go to our Program Download Area of the Website or FTP server.

2.Download latest BIOS, software or drivers. Please go to our Program Download area on our Website to check to see if you have the latest BIOS. They are developed over periods of time to fixes bugs or incompatibilities. Also please make sure you have the latest drivers from your peripheral cards makers!

3.Check the ABIT Technical Terms Guide and FAQ on our Website. We are trying to expand and make the FAQs more helpful and information rich. Let us know if you have any suggestions. For hot topics check out our HOT FAQ!

User’s Manual


Appendix A





4.Internet Newsgroups. They are a great source of information and many people there can offer help. ABIT's Internet News group, alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.abit, is an ideal forum for the public to exchange information and discuss experiences they have had with ABIT products. Many times you will see that your question has already been asked before. This is a public Internet news group and it is reserved for free discussions. Here is a list of some of the more popular ones:

alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.abit comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.chips alt.comp.hardware.overclocking alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt alt.comp.hardware.pc-homebuilt

5.Ask your reseller. Your ABIT authorized distributor should be able to provide the fastest solution to your technical problem. We sell our products through distributors who sell to resellers and stores. Your reseller should be very familiar with your system configuration and should be able to solve your problem much more efficiently than we could. After all, your reseller regards you as an important customer who may purchase more products and who can urge your friends to buy from him or her as well. They integrated and sold the system to you. They should know best what your system configuration is and your problem. They should have reasonable return or refund policies. How they serve you is also a good reference for your next purchase.

6.Contacting ABIT. If you feel that you need to contact ABIT directly you can send email to the ABIT technical support department. First, please contact the support team for the branch office closest to you. They will be more familiar with local conditions and problems and will have better insight as to which resellers offer what products and services. Due to the huge number of emails coming in every day and other reasons, such as the time required for problem reproduction, we will not be able to reply to every email. Please understand that we are selling through distribution channels and don't have the resources to serve every end-user.However, we will try to do our best to help every customer. Please also remember that for many of our technical support team English is a second language, you will have a better chance of getting a helpful answer if your question can be understood in the first place. Be sure to use very, simple, concise language that clearly states the problem, avoid rambling or flowery language and always list your system components. Here is the contact information for our branch offices:

Siluro GF4 Ti4400/Ti4600