3M X62W Quick Start

2.17 Mb

3MDigital Projector X62w


2500 lumens*

Wireless EEE 802.11b/g

Wired LAN

Multi-image display (up to 4 PC images simultaneously)

Optical Zoom

Full Connectivity

Quick Start and Instant Off

Auto Vertical Keystone

Input source naming

With its 2500 lumens* crisp video and data image display, the 3MTM Digital Projector X62w, featuring wireless and wired LAN capabilities, is ideal for business, education, multi-media and multi-purpose environments. Advanced features like personalized settings, video enhancements and anti-theft deterrents, make the 3M X62w a great tool for presenting a professional image.

“My Button” personalized settings

Whiteboard and Blackboard modes

PC-less Presentations using:

USB Slot

SD Memory Card Slot

Anti-Theft using:

Security Bar


My Screen Lock

Transition Detector

*indicates maximum lumens rating

X62w Projector Digital 3M

3MDigital Projectors deliver crisp and bright presentations that help capture the attention of the audience and leave a lasting impression. Using wireless and networking technology, 3M has taken digital projection to the next level in ease of use and maintenance for the business, organizational and educational world.

Wireless Connectivity

When a meeting or classroom requires multiple source presenters, having the ability to display clear images without switching RGB cables between computers, puts the focus on the presentation and takes it off the cabling and time-to-connect issues. With the 3M X62w projector, the Wireless Connectivity feature, with the included SDWireless Card or the direct LAN connection, is the easiest, cleanest and most hassle-free way to present. It’s even possible to simultaneously project up to four images from wireless computers, allowing even more

advanced and interactive presentations.

PC-Less Presentations

By using an SD memory card or a USB memory device, you can present .jpg, .png, .bmp and mpeg4-SP files from the projector without being connected to a computer. This is an ideal feature for those who make mobile presentations and for those who have security concerns about carrying their PC to different locations.

Just store your digital camera pictures on an SD card, or store .jpg data files on a USB memory device and insert either into the designated slot on the

projector connection panel, and you’re ready to display.

PC-Less Presentations

Storage devices: SD Memory card and USB memory stick. Compatible file formats: .jpeg,

.png, .bmp, & .mpeg4-sp* Maximum Memory Size: 2 GB (MPEG-SP is MEG4 Simple Profile and resolution is up to VGA and data rate is up to 1 Mbps)

Feature Descriptions

Quick Start and Instant Off: The image will appear in just 3 seconds after Power On and the unit can be instantly powered off after a presentation.

Input Source Naming: Change the name of any input to one of your own choosing for easier use (i.e. change “RGB Input” to “Computer” or “Audio Out” to “Speakers”.)

Auto Vertical Keystone: Automatically performs keystone correction for an ideal screen setting, simply by pressing the button.

My Button: Two user-programmable buttons on the remote control that may be set with any command.

Resolution Preset: Recognizes and resizes special resolutions, such as WXGA, and places them in the optimum position. User’s own resolutions can also be stored as custom modes.

Whiteboard and Blackboard modes: Whiteboard mode helps reduce peak white brightness of projection on a whiteboard, reducing the health and safety risks of looking directly into reflected light. Blackboard Mode helps provide better color balance when projecting onto a colored background.

Anti-Theft Security Bar: Serving as both a visible and actual deterrent, a steel security bar is connected to the chassis to help provide a strong anchor point for a lock chain.

Pin-Lock: A user preset key sequence must be input before the projector can be activated.

My Screen Lock: Users can personalize the start-up screen with a warning or ownership message and lock this screen with a pin code number.

Transition Detector: Locks the projector from use if the projection angle or settings are changed from the installed position. Requires a user-set numeric code for reactivation.

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