3M TRIZACT DIAMOND FOR FIBER OPTICS, 60-4400-7180-5 User Manual

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Diamond Lapping Film for Connector Polishing

for improved productivity

Designed for polishing zirconia and other ceramic UPC connectors.

3MTM TrizactTM Diamond Lapping Film is comprised of tiny structures, produced with 3M’s microreplication technology. These structures contain precisely graded diamond particles. As these structures wear down, fresh

mineral is continually exposed resulting in a consistent, high cut rate through the long life of the abrasive.

Compared to conventional diamond lapping films, 3MTM TrizactTM Diamond Lapping Film provides:

• Superior durability

• Higher cut rate

• Finer finish

• Less subsurface damage

• Better clad edge quality

• Improved productivity

• Improved yield

3M Trizact Diamond Lapping Film, 661XA is available in 9, 2, and 0.5 micron grades for angle grinding and ferrule radiusing. Discs and sheets are available for use on a variety of polishing machines.

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