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Application Profile

Market: Metal Fabrication

Application Description: Grinding and finishing right angle welds in confined areas on fittings, manways, frames and bracing.

Key Application

Primary application is stainless steel fabrication.

Products Replaced

Type I grinding wheels, rubber bonded & cotton impregnated cut down wheels, coated abrasive square and cross pads, convolute and unitized surface conditioning wheels.

Application Advantages/Benefits To Customer

Access to right angle welds – Narrow tool and belt profile provide a localized access to repair area. The access does not change during life of abrasive.

Faster weld stock removal – Belts featuring 3MCubitronAbrasive Grain typically have higher cut rates than grinding wheels, rubber bonded or cotton impregnated wheels.

Minimize undercuts – 4" diameter contact wheel less prone to undercuts common with small diameter (<1") wheels found on most portable belt grinders.

Overall reduced finishing costs – Full utilization of abrasives, quicker initial stock removal, reduced abrasive change-over time, more localized, smaller repair area.

One tool for complete finishing system – Elimination of multiple tools needed for cut-down wheels, square pads, and surface conditioning wheels.

Improved consumption of abrasive article – Square pads are ineffective when corners become worn, access diminishes when surface conditioning wheels wear.


3MBelt 977F,

1/4" x 24", Grade 50 (051135-14206-6)

3M Belt 777F,

1/2" x 24", Scalloped Edge, Grade P120 (051144-94190-2)

Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning LS Belt, 1/4" x 24", Grade A MED (048011-90642-3)


Dynabrade® Dynafile III

Model 15420

3M Industrial Business

Market: Metal Fabrication

Application Description: Grinding and finishing right angle welds in confined areas on fittings, manways, frames and bracing.

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Versatility of alternate contact wheels – Ability to match weld width and desired finished radius with custom shaped contact wheels on the same tool.

Improved safety and ergonomics – Grinding wheels need guards, some rubber bonded and cotton impregnated wheels give off an odor during use.

Constant diameter of abrasive – Wheel diameter does not change as abrasive belt wears, leading to more repeatable finishes and a constant abrasive belt speed.

Large portfolio of belts available to match weld finishing applications – Large variety of abrasive belt widths, backings, grades, and minerals are available.

Process Information

3M offers a complete system using coated abrasive and surface conditioning belts on a Dynabrade® Dynafile III tool for leveling, blending and finishing right angle welds on stainless steel. The advantages of this system are easier access,

faster stock removal and less undercutting than other methods such as grinding wheels, cut down wheels, coated abrasive square and cross pads and other products frequently used to finish fittings, manways, frames and bracing.

A variety of belt sequences can be used on a single Dynafile III Abrasive Belt tool to achieve a wide variety of industryregulated finishes fast and conveniently – making full use of the abrasive while getting at those hard-to-reach areas.

Tech Tip: A Dynabrade tool is recommended because it allows the complete usage of the abrasive and constant access to confined work areas without interference from the tool.

Step1: Weld Cut Down

Begin the process by using a 1/4" x 24" 3MBelt 977F, grade 50, for cutting down the weld. This belt contains 3MCubitronAbrasive Grain and a grinding aid for fast cuts and cooler running on stainless.

Tech Tip: Keep tool moving to reduce undercuts, work in the center of the weld leaving a slight transition line of material, or witness, on both sides of the weld.

Step 2: Refinement

Use a 3M Belt 777F grade P120 with a scalloped edge to remove the witness lines and refine the finish.

It is critical to leave only a slight transition line during step 1 so the finish can be refined with the 777F P120 without undercutting.

Tech Tip: 777F works better under lower pressure. It is critical to leave only a slight transition line from step 1 as removing too much material in step 2 can lead to undercutting.

Step 3: Final Finishing

For the final finish, select a Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Belt.

Tech Tip: Grade A MED is good starting point.

Optional Step 4: For Other Finishes

To achieve a pharmaceutical finish, choose 3MTrizactBelt 237AA in a series of grades A100, A45, and A16. To achieve a surface finish of less than 32 micro-inch for dairy applications, refine the repair area after step 2 with a Trizact237AA grade A100 scalloped edge belt followed by a forth step of Scotch-Brite Surface Conditioning Belt in grade AVFN.

Contact your 3M Representative for more details.

Market: Metal Fabrication

Application Description: Grinding and finishing right angle welds in confined areas on fittings, manways, frames and bracing.

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Safety Information

Always read and follow all safety information included with the product. Do not exceed maximum operating RPM’s. Use guards provided with machine. Follow safety operation procedures posted in work areas.

ForAdditional Information

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