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Properly maintaining your boat protects your investment and helps keep it looking new longer. There are many reasons for performing your own boat maintenance, but the best reasons are the time and money you will save.

Cleaning and repairing are not that difficult. Using the right tools and supplies for the job, boat maintenance can be accomplished relatively quickly, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your boat with family and friends.

Bringing your boat back to peak condition is best accomplished by breaking tasks into manageable pieces and using quality products.

3M offers a complete line of marine products that work in harmony with each other and are specifically formulated for the demanding marine environment. 3M marine products provide professional results that will save you time — and money — in the long run.


sealant won’t adhere prop-

Before sprucing up your

erly to a dirty surface.

boat’s appearance, make

Washing The

sure it’s clean — and not

just soap-and-water clean.

Boat’s Surface

You can apply all the best

Begin the cleaning process

waxes and protectors, but

by using soap and water —

if the fiberglass, gelcoat,


paint or aluminum sur-


faces aren’t squeaky clean


to begin with, your boat


will never look its best.


Your boat’s surface also


must be clean before you


perform gelcoat work, fix


cracks or even add or


replace hardware. A sur-


face clean of all wax and


dirt results in a truer color


that will better match paint


or gelcoat.


If you will be adding or


replacing hardware, make


sure you clean well before


doing these tasks, as the



but not just any soap. Household detergent can harm many boat surfaces, as well as the environment. Household soaps may appear to do an adequate job, but your boat’s finish can become oxidized in a matter of weeks.

Begin washing your boat with 3M™ Marine Boat Soap. This versatile product features a concentrated formula that quickly cleans the hull, decks, carpet, canvas — even the engines. Just mix with water to achieve the desired cleaning strength.


Black Streaks

It is especially difficult to remove black streaks because water — mixed with sea spray and dirt — is constantly channeled down the same place on the boat. Regardless of whether the water is from a rainstorm or overnight condensation, dirt and grime are usually concentrated in one or two areas, causing the streaks.

Boat soap will do a good job of removing many of those unsightly black

streaks. However, it takes an extra-strong cleaner to remove stubborn streaks.

Don’t waste time scrubbing those unsightly streaks. Use 3M™ Marine Black Streak Remover. This product is specifically formulated to quickly clean tough streaks without harming your boat’s surface. Black streak remover is strong, yet safe to use on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. It attacks the streak without leaving a residue or making it obvious where you wiped the streak away.

Cleaning The

Hull And Deck

Once you have completed washing the boat, there may still be work to do on the hull. 3M™ Marine Boat Wash is an excellent choice to use on the tough stuff — algae, grime,

oil, fish blood and dirt. Boat Wash is also ideal for cleaning fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. This cleaner can be used at the waterline to remove slime and stains that other cleaners cannot remove.


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