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Application Profile

Market: Communication Base Stations

Application Description: Radome Attachment to Aluminum Tray with Printed Circuit Board.

Assembled Antenna



Aluminum Tray

with PCB inside

Application Method

Typically done manually.

Key Application Requirements

Seal, adhesion, UV and moisture resistance.

Product Replaced

Rivets or other mechanical fasteners.

Benefits/Advantages To Customer

Excellent adhesion and seal: Holds thin-walled fiberglass radome securely in place and provides cost-effective waterand air-tight bond line.

Temperature resistant: Acrylic adhesive resists high temperatures that may be encountered in outdoor environments.

Quick and easy handling: 3MVHBTape is easy to apply with a film liner, eliminating the need for drilling and riveting.

Cleanliness: VHB Tape is clean, eliminating the drilling residue on the Printed Circuit Board (which could distort microwave energy). VHB Tape is cleaner to apply than most silicones.

Helps improve productivity: Using VHB tape in the production process can help improve rates over many typical mechanical fastening methods.


3MVHBTape 4941F

3M Industrial Business

Surface Preparation

IPA/Water should be used to clean all surfaces to be bonded. Abrasion is sometimes suggested, depending on the adhesion level determined in testing. Testing for adhesion levels is very important.

Note: Follow solvent manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when using cleaning solvents.

Related Application Idea

Tray to tray attachment.

Key Decision Makers

Manufacturing and Production Engineers

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