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3Application Profile

Market: Furniture (Office Equipment)

Account Type: Office Equipment – For hanging acrylic holders to office panels

Fabric Cover Office Panel

Side of File Cabinet

Application Description:

3Mä Dual Lockä Low Profile Reclosable Fastener SJ4570 is attached to acrylic holders. Acrylic holders are for files, CD's, laptops and other attachments. The holder can then be attached to fabric covered office panels by applying SJ4570 to the back of the holder. To apply the holder to a rigid surface, like a file cabinet, apply additional mating pieces of SJ4570 to the rigid surface. This approach allows for no-tools removal and easy reattachment of the acrylic holders.

Key Application Requirements:

Easy to use / quick to apply, temperature resistant to 158° F, clear, strong bond to fabric.

Product or Process Replaced:

Woven hook

Benefits / Advantages to Customer:

Easy to use / quick to apply: The 3M Dual Lock Low Profile can be applied to the acrylic holders directly from the roll or it can be die cut to the exact dimensions needed. Clear product does not interfere with custom design. The adhesive bonds quickly to the surface of the acrylic holders. The product is sold with a die-cuttable liner.

Resists environmental conditions: The adhesive withstands the elevated temperatures that maybe seen in an office environment overnight and on weekends when the HVAC maybe shut off. UV performance of adhesive is also important.

Aesthetically pleasing: The 3M Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable Fastener is clear and resists yellowing;

Adhesive performance: The 300 LSE adhesive technology is used on SJ4570 gives strong adhesion to acrylic.

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