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Contact Cleaner for Fiber Optic

Connector Cleaning


Cleaning fiber optic connectors is an


important part of any fiber optic network



assembly operation. The goal is to prevent


damage to the fiber during mating of the fiber


optic connector ends.


3M™ Novec™ Contact Cleaner uses an


advanced 3M solvent technology that effectively


cleans fiber optic connectors. Typical uses include:


during and after processing; prior to inspection; before


shipping; or during field installations. The cleaner offers a number of


significant advantages over many conventional spray cleaners, including:


• Fast drying


• Streak free


• Low in toxicity


• Non-flammable


Novec Contact Cleaner also features an excellent environmental profile. The


product is non-ozone depleting, is exempt from the U.S. EPA’s and most state and


district definitions of a volatile organic compound (VOC) and contains no nPB or


HAPS. It is based on a sustainable technology and offers an alternative for cleaners


containing HCFC-141b or HCFC-225.


Novec Contact Cleaner is also a useful tool to help meet commitments for reducing


greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)


associated with many traditional contact cleaners.

Features Novec Contact Cleaner can be applied directly to the connectors in or out of the fixture or onto a 3MHigh Performance Wiping Cloth before cleaning the

connector ends. It is ideal for use after processing your connectors with 3M’s Diamond Lapping Films and 3M’s Final Polish products on all types of connectors.

Removes particulates, oils, light grease, silicones, dust and other soils from connector end faces

Quick drying and non-corrosive

Safe for plastics and metals

Novec Contact Cleaner offers a wide margin of safety in its intended applications. The product is low in toxicity, non-flammable and non-conductive, allowing it to be safely used on energized electrical components and circuits. It is odorless, and will not dry out skin like many other solvents.

Novec Contact Cleaner makes a convenient addition to field kits. With its fast drying, streak free and effective cleaning performance, it provides clean end faces, while minimizing risk of fiber damage. The user should determine the best method for use.

3MNovecContact Cleaner

Performance Information

The photos below compare identical connectors that were wiped with isopropanol (IPA) and Novec Contact Cleaner. The Novec Contact Cleaner does not leave residual contamination on the surface that can affect fiber optic circuit performance.

Ceramic Connector

Ceramic Connector

Cleaned with IPA

Cleaned with Novec Contact Cleaner

MT Connector

MT Connector

Cleaned with IPA

Cleaned with Novec Contact Cleaner

Examples of Application Methods

In method #1, the cleaner is applied to a wiping cloth; the cloth is then used to wipe the connectors clean. This can be done in the fixture or on individual connectors during inspections. If cleaned in the fixture additional cleaning at inspection is all but eliminated.

This technique is similar to current practices with alcohol. The advantages of cleaning with Novec Contact Cleaner are that the cleaning is more complete, with no residual left behind; no odor; and minimal irritation to skin. In addition,

Novec Contact Cleaner is non-flammable. The cleaner is fast drying, which also aids in both visual and interferometric inspection.

Method 1:




Applying contact cleaner to cloth.



Wiping connectors in fixture


with cloth and Novec Contact Cleaner.


3MNovecContact Cleaner

Performance Information


Examples of Application Methods

The second technique can be used to

Method 2:

effectively clean a complete fixture





with connectors. This technique is



appropriate for MT style connectors



that can have excessive debris. The



ferrules should be wiped clean after



the initial spray of the cleaner.






Applying contact cleaner to fixture with connectors.

Environmental and Safety

Properties and Exposure


Data compiled from published information

Not for specification purposes



Novec Contact Cleaner



Ozone Depletion Potential1–ODP





Global Warming Potential2–GWP










Atmospheric Lifetime–ALT (yrs)











Flammability Range in Air





Exposure Guidelines, ppm (8 hr. time-weighted average)





Exposure Ceiling (ppm)





Acute Toxicity

(4 hr. LC50 [Rat])







1 CFC-11 = 1.0

2 GWP–100 year Integration Time Horizon (ITH)

3 Vol % by ASTM E681-94 @ 100°C

Toxicity Profile


The toxicological testing completed on Novec Contact Cleaner shows the overall



toxicity is low. The material is practically non-irritating to the eyes, minimally




irritating to the skin and is not a mutagen. It is rated “practically non-toxic”



through inhalation. A 90-day inhalation study has helped establish a



recommended exposure guideline of 750 ppm for an eight-hour average worker



exposure per day. This exposure guideline was established by the American



Industrial Hygiene Association. When used as directed, in its intended



applications, there is a large margin of safety between anticipated exposures and



the exposure guideline.



Novec Contact Cleaner is nonflammable and does not exhibit flammability

Safety and Handling




characteristics under normal operating and storage conditions. This fluid is highly





resistant to thermal breakdown and hydrolysis in storage and during use.



Recommended handling procedures are provided in the product Material Safety



Data Sheet which is available from your local 3M representative upon request.


3MNovecContact Cleaner



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