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Assembly Solutions for Medical Devices

Unlimited solutions to help you improve design and production


Technology and service to help speed your way to market with a more competitive device

3M Assembly Solutions represent more than 50 years of helping companies worldwide improve product performance and appearance, increase production efficiency, and capitalize on windows of opportunity. Today you can rely on 3M for the most versatile and comprehensive line of adhesives, bonding tapes, reclosable fasteners, and label materials available.

On the following pages, you’ll find 3M solutions for assembling medical device materials ranging from metal and rubber to glass and low surface energy plastics. And you’ll find all of the following to help speed your way to market with a more competitive device:

Holding strength matched to the job

Virtually invisible fastening

Increased material options

Increased manufacturing options

Solutions through service

-3M representatives are located throughout the United States, Canada, and 50 other countries for convenient sales assistance.

-Highly trained technical service team is ready to help you evaluate products for specific applications.

-National authorized distributor network provides sales assistance and local product availability.

-Authorized converters help you adapt many 3M products to meet special requirements for shape, size, and production.

Knowing when to use 3M adhesives and tapes to improve your product and process

Based on your answers to the following questions, you can decide if it will be worth your time to evaluate specific 3M adhesives and tapes for your medical device.

Q.Can adhesives hold together the materials you want to join with the strength you need?

Some materials are harder to bond than others. But with 3M adhesive and tape technology, even many materials once defined as “hard-to- bond,” such as low surface energy plastics, can be bonded with strength greater than the materials bonded.

Q.Do you want to eliminate the stress concentration caused by screws or other mechanical fasteners and maintain surface integrity?

Adhesives distribute stress evenly over the entire bonded area. A screw hole in the substrate concentrates stress at the hole and can decrease physical properties of the substrate. With uniform stress distribution of adhesives and tapes, lighter, thinner materials can be used without concerns about distortion, splitting, or crazing at the mechanically fastened site.


Replacement for mechanical fastening – At 250 psi, overlapped plastic panels elongate at the rivets. With 3MScotch-Weld Structural Adhesive DP-8005, stress is distributed evenly and panels maintain continuous contact.

Q.Would invisible fastening improve your device’s appearance?

3M adhesives and tapes are generally hidden between the bonded substrates. Surfaces stay smooth and clean for a more attractive appearance and less surface refinishing.

Q.Do you want to attach dissimilar substrates?

Laminates of dissimilar material can often produce combinations superior in strength and performance to either substrate alone. The flexibility of many 3M adhesives and tapes compensates for differences in the coefficients of expansion and also provide a film barrier to reduce or prevent bimetallic corrosion that often occurs in bonding two different types of metal.

Q.Will your device be subjected to vibration?

Many 3M adhesives and tapes provide a viscoelastic response to a dynamic stress which can attenuate resonant vibrations, resist fatigue, and impart flexibility to a joint or bonded area.

Q.Do you want to bond and simultaneously seal between the substrates?

With many adhesives and tapes, continuous contact between mating surfaces effectively bonds and seals against dirt, dust, water, and other environmental conditions.

Q.Will your finished assembly be exposed to harsh environmental conditions?

Some adhesives do not hold well when exposed to very low or very high temperatures, high humidity, chemicals, or even water. Other adhesives are specially formulated to resist harsh environments.


Assembling the more competitive device

Q. Do you want to cut costs, increase production and simplify your operation?

With 3M adhesives and tapes, you can see cost reduction through reduced material requirements, weight reductions, and elimination of drilling, screwing, finishing, and similar operations. In most cases, adhesives require minimal training. And many adhesives and tapes require little or no investment in major equipment.

Instruct and warn with 3M

Performance Label Materials.

Certification and identification with 3MPerformance Label Materials.

Bond and seal LCD lens with 3MVHBTape.

Inventory tracking and control with 3M

Performance Label Materials.


Bond and seal monitor housing

components with 3MScotch-Weld Structural Adhesives or 3MVHBTapes.

Assemble membrane switches top to bottom with 3MAdhesive Transfer Tapes and 3MMembrane Switch Spacers

Bond and seal control console to cabinet with 3MScotch-Weld Structural Adhesives or 3MVHBTapes.

Temporarily hold remote controller

or other removable components with 3MReclosable Fasteners.

Nameplate attachment with 3MAdhesive Transfer Tapes.

Bond and seal cabinet to base

with 3MScotch-Weld Structural Adhesives.

Bond wheel assembly to cabinet base with 3MScotch-Weld Structural Adhesives.


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